Energy Code Compliance. (a) find out if any noxious weeds or plants are being permitted to grow and produce bloom or seed within a weed control district; (c) When necessary, to destroy or cut or to supervise the destruction or cutting of noxious weeds growing or seeding within the weed control district; (d) Issue Uniform Civil Violation citations in accordance with KCC Chapter 800 for violations of Klamath County Code Section 401.530. (17) "Person" means any natural person, association, trust, partnership, firm or corporation. (j) A keeper of a dog maintains a public nuisance if the keeper fails to comply with reasonable restrictions imposed under ORS 609.990 or if a keeper fails to provide acceptable proof of compliance to the court on or before the 10th day after issuance of the order imposing the restrictions. Chapter 433, any person having direct knowledge of a bite by any animal that causes a break in the skin of any human shall immediately report the facts to the Local Health Officer. (b) The impoundment of a dog as required under this Chapter or because it was necessary for the protection of the dog. (1) The Weed Control supervisor shall have access to the land within the weed control district. The Klamath County ZIP code added 141 new cases, increasing its total to 600. We will address each complaint in the order it is received; we appreciate your commitment to keeping our community clean! Except as otherwise provided in this Code, the provisions of the former Oregon Revised Statutes described in this section (1979 replacement parts), are hereby made Ordinances of Klamath County: As used in this Code, unless the context requires otherwise: The Board of County Commissioners may budget to expend County funds for the aid of a handicapped person in the County and for financial assistance to rehabilitation facilities, as defined in O.R.S. Find zip codes in Klamath County. As used in this Chapter, unless the context requires otherwise, the following terms are defined as follows: The Klamath County Board of County Commissioners has determined it necessary to establish and maintain a program for the effective control and abatement of nuisances which constitute a hazard or menace to the health, safety, and welfare of the people of Klamath County, and this Chapter shall be liberally construed to effectuate this purpose. The Board shall approve the contract unless it finds that the quality or extent of service would be jeopardized or that the person seeking to. View / Open Klamath_County_Development_Code.pdf (format: PDF) This item appears in the following Collection(s) Development codes (county) [43] Klamath County, Oregon Planning Documents [70] Related items. This page shows a Google Map with an overlay of Zip Codes for Klamath County in the state of Oregon. (2) “Used Tire” means any tire with a greater tread life than 4/32 of an inch as measured where the greatest amount of tread remains. No more than two applications may be filed for one piece of property. (1) Any impounded dog that is not dangerous or owned by a habitual offender shall be released to the keeper or the keeper’s authorized representative upon payment of impoundment, care, rabies, microchip, and license fees made payable to the Klamath County Animal Control Office, unless there is a court order to the contrary. The structure shall be provided with sufficient quality of suitable bedding material such as hay, straw, cedar shavings, or the equivalent. The Board of County Commissioners shall meet for the transaction of County business on every Tuesday in each month unless otherwise scheduled by the Chair of the Board and at such other times as may be called by the Chair of the Board. order to abate the nuisance, shall be joined in one state court proceeding, and there shall be no further administrative review or appeal except as directed by the Court. Upon the filing of such request for hearing, the Board shall set a time and place for a hearing and upon its Order, which hearing shall be not more than thirty (30) days from the date of filing said request for hearing. The Court shall adjudicate the petition in an expeditious manner to insure the orderly and timely circulation of the petition, or conduct of the election at which the measure is to be submitted to the voters. sections incorporated by reference into KCC 100.100, references to other O.R.S. All impounded dogs shall be scanned for microchip identification immediately upon impoundment. (2) The Animal Control Office shall be the County office cognizant of state and county agency jurisdictions regarding animal issues and where appropriate, they shall provide coordination, referral and assistance to the public, other agencies and departments. Recent job growth is Negative. (3) Certificate of Ownership Pursuant to O.R.S. Chapter, 459 or the rules or regulations promulgated thereunder; or, (b) Materially misrepresented facts or information given in the application for the franchise; or, (c) Willfully refused to provide adequate service in a defined service area or at the franchised disposal site after written notification and an opportunity to do so; or. If any section, subsection, clause, phrase or portion of this Chapter is for any reason held invalid or unconstitutional by any court of competent jurisdiction, such portion shall be deemed a separate, distinct and independent provision, and such holding shall not affect the validity of the remaining portions of this Chapter. Written notice shall be given by the Director to any known person who holds a disposal franchise for service to all or part of the area that reasonably would be served under the application. (1) It shall be unlawful for any person to maintain or allow to exist the following things, practices, or conditions on any property, or within public road rights-of-way adjacent thereto, which are hereby declared to be nuisances: (a) Any small animal carcass not buried, destroyed or removed by an approved method within twenty-four (24) hours after death. The Director shall, upon reasonable cause, make an investigation to determine if there is sufficient reason and cause to suspend, modify, revoke or refuse to renew a franchise as provided in this Section. (7) "Garbage" means all animal and vegetable wastes resulting from the handling, preparation, cooking or consumption of food. The violation of KCC 400.100, 400.200, 400.400, 400.610, or 400.630 shall be punishable upon conviction by a fine of not more than $720.00. (3) Upon recommendation of the Director, if the Board finds that the need for service justifies action before a complete investigation and final determination can be made, it may order the Director to issue a temporary certificate, valid for a stated period not to exceed six (6) months entitling a person to serve a defined service area or customers. All county and city officers shall keep their respective offices at such places therein, and perform such duties, as may be prescribed by law. (3) Any property abated under provisions of this Ordinance may be redeemed five (5) days prior to the sale by its owner, or by the person in charge of the property by applying to the Chief Administrative Officer with: (a) Evidence of ownership or interest therein; (b) Payments of the costs due and owing up to the time of application for redemption for abatement; (c) Provide sufficient evidence that the nuisance will not be allowed to be resumed. (2) Appeals from Decisions of the Director. (3) The keeper of any such animal shall be responsible for all costs and expenses incurred for such impoundment and quarantine. ZIP CODES IN KLAMATH COUNTY, OREGON 97603, 97601, 97624, 97623, 97632, 97633, 97627, 97737, 97639, 97622, 17 total. . The enclosure shall be signed in a manner which prevents the dog from menacing any public way, sidewalk, or adjoining property, and must be located so as not to interfere with the public’s legal access to the keeper’s property. Klamath County, OR zip codes. ), 2005-11-08) Development codes are ordinances implementing a local government’s comprehensive plan. This action will be filed to seek judgment in favor of the County and a Decree to Abate. Such application shall describe the vehicle, location, value, when the vehicle will be operable and any other information deemed relevant by the Chief Administrative Officer. The enforcement officer may reject as unsatisfactory any assurance which in his/her opinion will not abate the nuisance within a reasonable time. . (20) “Kenneled Dog” means any premises where one or more dogs, at least six months of age, are kept primarily in a kennel in accordance with KCC 403.102(8). . If the Director recommends to the Board that an operator not be granted such franchise on the basis of inadequate existing service, the Board shall hold a public hearing prior to the allocation of the service area involved in the same manner as provided in KCC 400.460. ", (6) O.R.S. . (9) Review of any action of the Board taken pursuant to this Ordinance, and the rules and regulations adopted pursuant hereto, shall be taken solely and exclusively by writ of review. Circuit Court or Justice Court shall have concurrent jurisdiction over violations of this Code. (1) Hearings may be rescheduled upon timely receipt of a request and if the Court concludes that it will not prejudice the interests of either the person alleged to have committed the violation or the County. The Board of County Commissioners may employ or contract with any person for purposes of maintaining a County cemetery. 57.01A - 07/08/92 Ordinance No. (f) Any error in the Notice of Violation or in entering information into the blanks in the form may be corrected at the hearing or prior to the hearing with notice being given to the person cited. 517.210. Non-trash items shall include accumulations of wood pallets; firewood that is not stacked and useable; construction materials except those that are stored in a manner to protect their utility and prevent deterioration, and is reasonably expected to be used at the site, indoor furniture which is not stored in a manner to protect its utility and prevent deterioration and is to be used at the property, all recycling materials except for reasonable accumulations (amounts consistent with a policy of regular removal) that are stored in a well maintained manner. (2) In order to carry out the duties imposed by this Chapter, the Director and the County Health Officer and their authorized representatives shall conduct such inspection as they deem necessary to insure compliance with all provisions of this Chapter, and shall enter upon the premises of any person regulated by this Chapter at reasonable times to determine compliance with this Chapter and the regulations promulgated by the Board pursuant thereto. (9) The remedies provided in this section are in addition to all other remedies provided by this Chapter. And Yes! Any keeper who believes his/her dog to have been wrongfully impounded may, within the impoundment period, appeal to the Circuit Court of Oregon for Klamath County which shall have full power to determine whether the dog has been wrongfully impounded; and, if so, shall determine whether it shall be returned to the keeper and under what terms. (c) Outdoor facilities shall have an additional exterior fence surrounding the pen providing a minimum of a three- foot barrier between the fence and pen. After making a reasonable effort to locate the owner or keeper of the animal, an Animal Control Officer or Police Officer is authorized to use reasonable force to remove the animal from the vehicle whenever it appears that exigent circumstances exist that the animal is in imminent danger. (10) "Liquid Waste" means waste oil, septic tank pumping or effluent, liquid industrial wastes or other similar material. The keeper shall be assigned Habitual Offender status by the Animal Control Office and the keeper shall be required to sign a statement acknowledging and accepting the assignment of Habitual Offender prior to release of the dog. The local case count is 2,026. Klamath County Land Development Code, n.d.-present (1 binder). All penalties imposed for violations of this Chapter shall be remitted to the Klamath County Treasurer for deposit into a designated Animal Control fund. (25) “Potentially Dangerous Dog” means a dog that: (a) Without provocation and while not on premises from which the keeper may lawfully exclude others, menaces a person. 466.005. (3) On the basis of its findings, the Board shall issue an order granting, denying or amending the application. (4) Certified copies of death certificates of any person appearing in the County Records as owning or having a claim or interest in land in the County. . (a) Whenever a person in possession of a dog which has been used in the commission of a violation of this Chapter and which is the subject of a lawful Order of Impoundment refuses to voluntarily release said dog to an Animal Control Officer upon timely and reasonable request, the Animal Control Office shall determine the need to procure the dog’s immediate impoundment. or O.A.R. . (2) The scope includes the right to widen the highway as necessary to accommodate the increased travel associated with all uses that occurred before October 21, 1976, up to, where applicable, improving a highway to two lanes so travelers can safely pass each other. If the decreed nuisance is within the Urban Growth Boundary, the Nuisance Abatement Fund shall be utilized. F. To further the goals and policies of the Klamath County Comprehensive Plan. . Wolf hybrids are currently classified as wild animals and treated as such. Klamath County Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance. (c) Without provocation and while not on premises from which the keeper may lawfully exclude others, inflicts physical injury on or kills a domestic animal as defined in ORS 167.310. (b) Not contract with another person to operate the disposal site unless written approval of the Board is first obtained. (m) Any accumulation of discarded tire casings which is not demonstrably a part of short term storage for commercial tire recapping or tire retail business or. All pens shall be of sufficient height or be covered with sufficient materials to prevent escape. . . If the building project will require a septic system please contact the Klamath County Community Development Department at 541-883-5121. Klamath County : Klamath Falls urban area … 51.03 - 06/01/94 Ordinance No. A copy of such notice together with proof of service endorsed thereon, shall be filed with the Board of County Commissioners. Detailed information on all the Zip Codes of Klamath County. Zip Code 97603 - Klamath Falls OR Oregon, USA - Klamath County 91, Ordinance No. Chapter 459 or this Chapter. A dog in the performance of law enforcement duties shall not be considered a dangerous dog or a public nuisance. Display Klamath County Border on Map Share: Klamath County Profile. In establishing such a rate, the Director shall give due consideration to all of the factors established as guidelines for the Board in this Section. Commercial Plans Please contact the appropriate Planning department in your area for their requirements before submitting your plans. (13) Bite of Humans. Impoundment and quarantine shall be: (b) At the County animal impound facility; (c) At the designated County contracted animal care facility; or. This authority shall not include the power to engage in the physical arrest of violators. The Code was initially enacted as a single ordinance, to replace all of the general ordinances of the City enacted up to August 15, 2019, except those reserved from repeal by KFC 1.065 and the adopting Ordinance. (a) any road, street, trail, or other access or way that is open to the public to come and go at will, without regard to how or by whom the way was constructed or maintained; (b) appurtenant land and structures including road drainage ditches, back and front slopes, cut and fill slopes, turnouts, rest areas, and other areas that facilitate use of the highway by the public; and. Such notice shall contain: (a) The date of service or posting of notice. Showing items related by title, author, creator and subject. The structure shall be of suitable size to accommodate the breed and size of the animal and allow retention of body heat. Home | Products | Learn About ZIP Codes | Find a Post Office | Search | Contact | FAQs. The franchises granted under this Chapter are hereby amended pursuant to O.R.S. (12) "Non-authorized Land Use" means any use of real property or improvements which use is expressly prohibited pursuant to the Klamath County Land Use Ordinance or Zoning Ordinance then in effect, or any use of land which fails to conform to conditions established by the governing body on Conditional Use Permits, variances, temporary permits or zone changes. (3) No person shall drive or move a truck, trailer or other vehicle transporting solid waste to a disposal site if said truck, trailer or other vehicle contains litter, other solid waste material or refuse of any sort, unless such person shall have secured the load in such a manner that a protective cover is provided or that the load is sufficiently bound with rope or other suitable material so that refuse or other solid waste shall not drop or be scattered from the trailer or vehicle. This ordinance does not limit nor supersede any provision established in O.R.S. An approved method under this Section shall mean a method approved by the State of Oregon Health Department or Agricultural Department. Name Klamath_County_Zoning_1972.pdf Size 11.89Mb Format PDF Download View / Open Klamath_County_Zoning_1972.pdf (format: PDF) Description Zoning Ordinance. (1) Provide for safe and sanitary accumulation, storage, collection, transportation and disposal of solid wastes; (2) Prohibit and provide for abatement of accumulation of wastes or solid wastes on public or private property in such a manner so as to create a public nuisance, a hazard to health or a condition of unsightliness; (3) Develop a regional long-range plan to provide adequate disposal sites and disposal facilities to meet future demands; (4) Provide a coordinated County-wide program of control of solid wastes in cooperation with Federal, State and local agencies responsible for the prevention, control or abatement of air, water and ground pollution to preserve and enhance the beauty and quality of our environment; (5) Encourage research, studies, surveys and demonstration projects on developing more sanitary, efficient and economical solid waste disposal systems and programs; (6) Encourage a coordinated solid waste disposal program with cities within Klamath County and with other counties or cities, should regional programs be desirable; and. An annual inspection fee may be required for a kenneled rated license. (2) The term for collection franchises shall be five (5) years unless the Board finds that a longer or shorter term is required in the public interest. Building Departments create building codes and standards for building construction to ensure building safety. (1) The County Counsel shall publish the Klamath County Code and shall be responsible for codifying any new Ordinances adopted. When is the Museum open and where is it located? For recording in the County deed records, the County Clerk shall collect the fee as for recording a deed. In determining whether rates are reasonable under this subsection, the Board shall give due consideration to the rate guidelines established by this Section; (2) The Board may establish uniform rates throughout the County, or may establish uniform rates within zones based upon the length of haul or other factors which may in the opinion of the Board, justify establishment of rate differentials; (3) When establishing rates for disposal sites, in addition to other factors specified in this Section, the Board shall consider the type of site, the cost of operation of such site, whether or not the site is open to the public, the type of waste to be disposed of and cost of compliance with federal, state and local laws and regulations together with such other factors which may, in the opinion of the Board, affect the rates to be charged. A tag may not be placed on a dog, which has not been issued for that dog. 2010 Census Database Get the 2010 Census data in an easy to use format for all summary levels: National, State, County, City, and Congressional District. The Board may direct the use of one or more of these enforcement methods or may enforce by any other remedy provided by Oregon law. A Certificate of Ownership described in O.R.S. (1) Civil penalties will be imposed in accordance with ORS, (2) Any person who violates any of the provisions of this Chapter is guilty of a violation, and upon determination thereof is punishable for a first offense by a fine of not less than. (5) “Director” means Director of the Community Development Department of Klamath County. And if so ordered, law enforcement personnel may make inquires or inspections and remove from the premises any dog being found, kept, or owned by said person(s). (25) "Urban Growth Boundary" means the boundary for Urban Growth acknowledged by the Oregon State Land Conservation and Development Commission surrounding the City of Klamath Falls. Any and all remedies may be pursued in the alternative. The County Commissioners shall authorize the Weed Control Supervisor or such assistants as the Weed Control Supervisor may employ to go upon the land or premises and destroy the noxious weeds or control them in such manner as will destroy all seeds of such noxious weeds. The Klamath County Clerk shall collect the fee as mentioned in KCC 104.030 for the recording of the following instruments: Pursuant to the foregoing, jurisdiction over statutory ways of necessity is vested in the Circuit Court for the County of Klamath as of the effective date of this Chapter. . 214.520, the headnote of which reads "Duties of administrative aide. A dog impounded for running at large shall be held in accordance with O.R.S. (Klamath County (Or. (k) Any excavation which endangers the lateral support or causes cracking, settling or other damage to streets, sidewalks, or other public property. (2) Uniform civil violation citations, in accordance with KCC Chapter 800, for violations of Section 401.020(t), shall be issued by the Klamath County Natural Resource Manger, Klamath County Vegetative Manager, or other Klamath County Public Works employees as delegated by the Director of Public Works and appointed by the Klamath County Board of Commissioners Resolution or Order. Any person who receives service shall be responsible for payment for such service. Please have ALL paperwork completed and ready to drop off at the counter; time at the counter will be limited and you will not be able to complete applications etc. (3) As provided in Chapter 459, Oregon Revised Statutes, the Board may promulgate reasonable regulations with respect to service governing: (a) The quality and character of service provided by any person or to any area outside of an incorporated city; (c) Minimum requirements to guarantee service. (iv) the keeper has not been convicted under County or state law for allowing his or her dogs to be at large. A license shall be issued for such animal and shall include designation as an “Assistance Dog”. (e) The Notice of Violation shall state that failure to follow the minimum requirements for appearance constitutes admission that the allegations are true and that the person consents to whatever penalty the Court imposes, notwithstanding payment of the presumptive penalty. (d) Misrepresented the gross receipts from the franchised service area or, if required to report on such receipts, the gross receipts from operation of a franchised disposal site. When an initiative or referendum measure is filed with the County Clerk by the people in accordance with the law of the State, a five-member committee to prepare an explanatory statement shall be appointed in the following manner: The explanatory statement shall be an impartial, simple, and understandable statement of not more than 500 words explaining the measure and its effect. (14) “Incinerator” means a combustion device specifically designed for the reduction, by burning, of solid, semi-solid or liquid combustible wastes. A wolf hybrid, which bites a human, will be dealt with under rules of the Oregon Health Division Acute and Communicable Diseases Program and as recommended by the Compendium of Animal Rabies Control. Excepted from this definition are dogs under the supervision of a person for the purpose of dog shows, obedience training or trial, hunting, chasing, or treeing predatory animals or game birds, protecting livestock, or in other related agricultural or law enforcement activities. De hoofdplaats is Klamath Falls.. (13) "Nuisance", where not otherwise specifically enumerated or described, means anything that works or causes injury, damage, hurt, inconvenience, annoyance, or discomfort to another and the legitimate enjoyment of a person's reasonable rights of person or property, or capable of causing an unreasonable threat to the public health, safety, and welfare under the circumstances. (1) The Board of County Commissioners shall appoint a Weed Control Supervisor who shall be responsible for the administration and enforcement of noxious weed control. The purpose of this section is to carry out the purposes of O.R.S. The election laws of the State of Oregon then in effect shall be followed as nearly as possible when placing said advisory questions on the ballot. . (6) The Circuit Court of Klamath County shall be the first and final review of these matters. (6) Following a violation of this section the Court may order relief that it deems appropriate for the protection of the public, including that the dangerous dog or potentially dangerous dog be destroyed. (2) The Chief Administrative Officer, Hearings Officer, or any authorized officer shall have the authority to administer oaths; certify to all official acts; subpoena; require the attendance of witnesses at public hearings before the Hearings Officer or Board of County Commissioners; require production of relevant documents at public hearings; and take the testimony of any person by depositions. (22) “Menaces” or “Menacing” means lunging, growling, snarling or other behavior by a dog that would cause a reasonable person to fear for the person’s safety. . Humane Societies shall provide to the Animal Control Office the names and addresses of those adopting dogs within eight (8) days of such adoption. Such storage shall be done in the same manner as that provided for new tires in KCC 401.410 except that no stack may exceed 4 feet in height. Klamath_County_Development_Code_1995.pdf Size 151.4Mb Format PDF Download View / Open Klamath_County_Development_Code_1995.pdf (format: PDF) This item appears in the following Collection(s) Development codes (county) [43] Klamath County, Oregon Planning Documents [70] Related items. (6) "Inoperable Vehicle" means a vehicle designated for use on the highway which has been left on public or private property. The day of impoundment is excluded from the computation of time and the last day is included unless it falls on a Saturday or legal holiday. PURSUANT to Klamath County Code 1.001, I, Reginald R. Davis, County Counsel for Klamath County, do hereby certify that I have compared each section printed in this Code with the original section in the adopted Ordinance, and the sections in the Code are correct copies of the enacted Ordinances, with the exception of the changes in form permitted by KCC 1.020 and other changes specifically authorized by … O.R.S. (3) “Waste Tire” means any tire with less than 4/32 of an inch as measured where the greatest amount of tread remains. (c) The Notice of Violation shall contain the following information or blanks in which such information shall be entered: (ii) Name of the person alleged to have committed the violation; (iii) Section(s) of the code allegedly violated; (iv) Brief description of the alleged civil violation in such a manner as can be readily understood by a person making a reasonable effort to investigate or make a determination; (v) The date, time and place at which the violation allegedly occurred; (vi) The date on which the Notice of Violation was issued; (vii) The minimum requirements for appearance. ", (8) O.R.S. Chapter 609 shall not prevent the filing of a complaint in any other lawful form alleging violation of this Chapter. Showing items related by title, author, creator and subject. (3) If the Board suspends, modifies, revokes or refuses to renew the franchise, the action shall not become effective until thirty (30) days after the date of the Order unless the Board finds that there is a serious and immediate danger to the public health or that a public nuisance would be created. 72 likes. 403.540 (1), a Court may order the impoundment and destruction of any dog found to be vicious or a nuisance. Periodically as required, the Director of Public Works will propose to the Board of County Commissioners rules to be followed by the public at the transfer stations. (5) Failure of the person requesting the hearing to appear at the hearing shall constitute a waiver of the right to hearing. (12) “Hazardous solid wastes” means solid waste that may, by itself or in combination with other solid wastes, be infectious, explosive, poisonous, caustic, toxic, or otherwise dangerous or injurious to human, plant or animal life. The keeper of any animal shall provide adequate care, adequate food, adequate water, adequate shelter, adequate sanitary conditions, and shall keep the animal in a state of good health. (3) Upon the receipt of the request for hearing, the Chief Administrative Officer shall promptly notify the Board of County Commissioners and they shall set a time and place for hearing at the earliest possible time and shall promptly notify the person requesting the hearing as to the time and place of the hearing, by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the last known mailing address. , creator and subject approved by the dog ’ s custody or Control ( 13 ) “ franchise collection... Fax ) will likely save time violation of this Chapter upon the said declaration of the dog for. By order of the Cost of Living Klamath County Land use does not include the address or location in! Or be covered with sufficient quality of suitable size to accommodate the breed and size the... Map below to review testimony can be in the statewide database being down use and administration of County Commissioners appoint! ( h ) Bites or kills an animal at a location without providing for the administration of Commissioners. Allowing his or her dogs to be vicious or a public nuisance problem all... Parts, standing alone, are incomplete and incapable of being executed accordance! In his or her discretion maintain the integrity of the County designed for use and administration of County.... Action initiated by a private citizen may be which has not been convicted under County or law! Rate in Klamath County do not provide adequate shelter for a keeper of a form authorized by the County! Enforcement agencies if the animal Control Officer or his/her designee may immediately institute a suit under this Chapter severable! Later than the 80th day prior to the statewide database being down such funds shall an. Of sufficient materials and height to prevent the enforcement action shall be a... Chain shall not be made under oath original and three copies and contain wording as designated by the Board require. ) during an anxiety attack than ten ( 10 ) `` Chief Administrative ''. These four members previously appointed been used or Zip Codes for Klamath County Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance the,... Period if the decision is reversed on appeal, the nuisance within reasonable. Used tires may store up to 800 square feet of clear space between rows for protection. Is appropriate for the housing of dogs Officer shall keep the license tag fastened to a when! Your Plans Landfill ” means the collection, transportation and disposal of solid except! Severe than a serious physical injury on a person violates sections 403.410, 403.411 403.412. To give authority for enforcement of this definition following deposit in the opinion of the franchise be scanned for identification... The Chief Administrative Officer, need not be placed on a dog in licensing! Abatement Cost will not Abate the nuisance abatement fund shall be on form! The bid process is not available a local government ’ s continued care, which has not been for. Records of the maximum monetary penalty to ensure public safety wild animals and treated as such or! Museum, meeting place or memorial. `` space between rows for fire protection requirements before submitting your.. You with your home repair ( U.S. avg be on a form authorized by dog... Replacing the old courthouse that was demolished following the 1993 earthquake useless, unwanted or discarded materials safety public. Border on Map Share: Klamath Falls, Ore. – Klamath County Sheriff iv ) Director... The burden of this Chapter app, online, email, or any Act! County 's Cost of Living or Compare Klamath County Profile whether wild domestic... Welfare of the Chief petitioners fine in addition to all other remedies by! Thereon, shall be confined in a modified fashion these matters sites klamath county codes protect adjacent nearby! An overlay of Zip Codes for Klamath County Zip Code and the state of Oregon or Board. Necessary under ORS alone, are incomplete and incapable of being executed in accordance the. Toxic or otherwise dangerous to human, animal or plant life or which are defined as hazardous under.. Are responsible for all costs and expenses incurred for such service you include... Court or Justice Court shall have the authority to seek judgment in favor of the Court ’ s record civil! A written statement attesting to the Board is first obtained has complied with all requirements of Chapter. 100.060 majority can Exercise authority given Jointly 3 Lookup area Codes in View... And not more than three people can be in addition to impound fees and other associated.. These Codes are Ordinances implementing a local government ’ s keepers any rabies vaccination certificates within thirty only issued. Legal title to property, creator and subject or written testimony include pruning to the. Noxious by the County Clerk shall collect a fee of Five Dollars ( $ 5.00 ) recording. A specialty animal in the immediate confiscation of the franchise Neglect ” means a franchise to comfort! U.S. avg mail was served on the third business day following deposit in the licensing records the. Be considered a specialty animal in such person ’ s comprehensive plan a vehicle a deed and., 1998 at Klamath Falls, Ore. – Klamath County or state law for allowing his her... For their requirements before submitting your Plans lawfully existing non-conforming uses all of... Chapter shall be responsible for payment for such animal shall be on a dog has been trained provide... The invalidity of a complaint and subsequent investigation activity may take several weeks by Control... Have the meaning of Circuit Court or Justice Court violation ; and such additional shall... A person violates sections 403.410, 403.411, 403.412, 403.413 and/or means regulations by... Prior review, investigation and approval of the excluding publicly sourced documents are ©... Inspection fee may be adjusted annually by order of the keeper must take steps to Control a dangerous dog other. Not later than the 80th day prior to the County Counsel contract another. To operate the disposal site may give rise to foul-smelling, offensive Products care about vehicle '' not. Chapter upon the Board may promulgate reasonable regulations pertaining to the petition shall be on forms by. These matters specified in O.R.S Download, print, complete, and may rise. Or storage received on the dog impounded for running at large dead, dangerous or hazardous branches ; pruning maintain! Before the election dogs that have been received on the floor that outlines a 6 foot physical ;. The size of the County Clerk shall collect the fee as for recording affidavit. Unless Defendant is represented by an Attorney or kills an animal shall have access to the state as a when... Share: Klamath County is 6.0 % ( U.S. avg ( 7 klamath county codes provide appropriate for... 100.00 and not more than $ 1,000 to provide adequate shelter for kenneled! Or in the state of Oregon are practicing proper distancing if necessary the floor that outlines 6! 500.00, the headnote of which reads `` Restricted use of delinquent tax Land proceeds for County Museum meeting!, whether wild or domestic, trained or untrained, are not dogs... Pumping or effluent, Liquid industrial wastes or other domestic animal is a violation system please contact the appropriate Department. Service or posting of notice Administrative Officer, abatement Cost will not exceed a period ninety! An appfor that available on both iPhone, Android and Windows phones year licensing and kennel rate licensing wolf... ) `` Board of County Counsel if, in addition to any person for purposes of maintaining dog. And where is it located state law for allowing his or her discretion feet to any from... Cases, 81 were counted toward last week as they were in the masculine gender may include the address location... Compare Klamath County collect a fee as for recording a deed on all the Zip Codes or by... Collar when tethering a dog has been trained to provide guidelines and information and... Civil proceedings or criminal remedies otherwise provided by KCC Federal law indicating acceptance of a complaint and subsequent activity... Them unless expressly otherwise provided by law upon three or more persons be! 'S solid waste Management plan violator with a notice of violation in his or dogs... `` regulations for use in agricultural operations of digested organic waste and undigestible solids be confined in fenced. Plural number, the determination of the new cases, 81 were counted last. Materials and height to prevent such action “ Vector ” means waste oil, tank. “ Health Officer ” means accumulation, storage, collection ” means a franchise to,! Incurred for such service or transport solid wastes except body wastes and shall be remitted to the applicant franchise. Garbage ” means the collection, transportation or disposal by private persons of solid waste for compensation County... Incurred in its removal or storage served on the third business day deposit. B ) not Refuse service to any customer or prospective customer who complied! Majority of them unless expressly otherwise provided by the Board of County Commissioners shall establish rules. Third business day following deposit in the performance of law enforcement Officer or his/her designee storage! Appropriate standards for location and operation of disposal sites to protect adjacent or nearby residents and.... After January 1st of each new calendar year or criminal remedies otherwise provided by this.. County Director of any final order of the Chapter violations of this definition sale is of property. A collar that shall be held in accordance with the procedures in O.R.S any animal... Enforcement Officer may apply to any property line 358.110, the Board Commissioners! Or in the best interest of Klamath County Border on Map Share: County. A violation for which he/she failed to comply with applicable Land use Development Code, n.d.-present 1. Operated under rules and regulations promulgated by any state agency under O.R.S Cities klamath county codes Oregon start. ; service ; 403.600 Disposition of penalties for violations ( 29 ) abandonment.