P320 X-COMP production is based on customer demand, you may call to put your name on a build for 50% down as these are usually spoken for before they are complete. made specifically for the P320 by Parker Mountain Machine slowmethinks. The FLUX compensator, in the hands of a novice shooter, reduces recoil by 50%. SIG SAUER P320 PARTS PMM X-COMP PMM X-COMP Upper assemblies PMM X-COMP Lower assemblies Proudly powered by Weebly. I wasn’t quite sold on the system fully until I decided to take it to the range and put it through its paces. Things were great until I saw a used P320 compact for sale at $300. With all the hype about next generation pistol brakes, I decided to build a SIG P320 Compensated range gun. One of the 2 new shirts we will be launching next week. Still works great with the carry and compact grip module. ARC Division Arc Sparc Glock Gen 5 9mm Compensator . These compensators are specifically designed for the Sig P320 factory threaded barrels (M13.5 x 1 LH) to work with factory +p ammunition or 9mm major ammuntion. SIG P320 CUSTOM 9MM Description: This is a Custom Sig P320 9MM. Price $120.00. The Tyrant Designs CNC Sig Sauer P320 Compensator, known as the P320 T-Comp, dramatically reduces muzzle rise and sensed recoil, allowing much quicker target re-acquisition. Range18 Compensators. I can still holster the gun into a full size P320 holster and nothing changes about it. Velocity Comp Tuning Info Due to differences in metal composition and finishing processes, Killer Innovations cannot guarantee exact color matches among our accessory items. This design does not use set screws like most offerings, instead using a shim system similar to muzzle devices found on rifles. I’m an avid shooter and love educating whether it’s at my job or in the shooting community. SOME OF THE HARD DATA ON THE NEW PMM P320 XCOMP ULTRA PISTOL, THIS IS THE WORLDS FLATTEST SHOOTING 9MM PISTOL TO DATE THAT USES ALL FACTORY PARTS. I’ve been using my P320 X-Five for about two years without any complaints. Joined Sep 2013; Posts 149; EE Offline; MI, USA. We live in America, right? It is great for competition shooting. I have a few thousand rounds through the single port PMM compensator and I can honestly say I am quite a big fan of it. Jump to Latest Follow 41 - 49 of 49 Posts. PMM mates one of their custom compensators with a P320 Compact slide and a X-Five frame. Rail Scales From $26 @ PARKER MOUNTAIN MACHINE … Thanks ... Compensators, especially dual ported ones, usually require more pressure to recoil properly and to actually benefit from the compensator, otherwise not enough gas to mitigate recoil. .I’m active on Instagram on @fridgeoperator @just_pistols @thedailyrifle. shipping included. Agency Arms P320 OEM Dual Port Compensator. GrayGuns Competition Trigger System: we have utilized the GrayGuns enhancement trigger kit and flat face trigger. *Not for use with barrels threaded in 1/2 x 28. Things were great until I saw a used P320 compact for sale at $300. About AR15.COM. Next Level Armament Alice 9mm Compensator / Flash Hider. Custom stippled grip module with magwell (except EDC build): With forward reference points and 360 degree coverage, this frame has a "mild" texture with more traction than factory. Add to Cart. Compensator for Sig P320 Compact. I will stick to dpm for now and try the PMM comp today. Velocity Sig P320 Compensator $ 118.99. The Shorty is a … Posted: 7/15/2019 7:21:54 PM EDT post for feedback … Compatible with ½-28 threaded barrels our compensator requires no modification to your Sig P320, and once assembled fits most open ended holsters. Price $120.00. Range18 Gun Part. $70.00 $60.00. Occasionally at night time, you will get a decent amount of muzzle flash. Full compatibility within the P320 (upgraded) system, all sizes and all calibers, including the P320 X-Five. I’ve always been one to believe that a compensator for ordinary pistols was somewhat pointless since there’s not much recoil from the rounds, to begin with. PMM HK P30 Compensator For $100 . 2x 21 (15 or17rd for EDC build) round magazines included. The end of the compensator sits almost flush when you have a full size grip module , thus giving you a full size gun. Shirts are soft on the nips and made in the USA. [ARCHIVED THREAD] - PMM P320 Compensator. Sig P226 - compensator 1/2 x 28 RHT thread. 134 Used Today. SIG 9mm Compensator. Tyrant Designs T-Comp Sig Sauer Compensator, Model P320, Black/Nickel, TD-P320COMP-BLK/NIK 5 of 6 images. 100% Success; share; GET DEAL . Technology born from our PMM X-Comp pistol. In today’s video we review our custom built P320 X5 Legion with components from Norsso, Parker Mountain Machine and DPM Systems! Typically, I don’t think it’s worth it to throw a comp onto something like a full-size 9mm pistol, but this was something else. The JTTC system from Parker Mountain Machine fixes both of these issues. All UV maps have been optimized for visible texel density, so the interior of the magazine, slide, and frame for … Add to Cart. The time I had with the PMM JTTC compensator has been impacting and memorable, to say the least. $26 OFF DEAL. Made from USA sourced aluminum and anodized for a light weight, long lasting compensator to tame muzzle flip and soften recoil. I’ve been using my P320 X-Five for about two years without any complaints. PMM Compensator: Our own single or dual port design made of 7075-T651 Finished in a 8625 type 3 class 2 industry standard hardcoat with aesthetics to match the P320. I also plan on purchasing the dual-chamber compensator as well to compare them. As low as $85.45. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Home / Shopping Cart . Like an […] Read More … The post New Era of Compensated Pistols? Out of Stock. Buy Arc FLUX Compensator - 1/2x28 for Sig Sauer P320. Sig P320 Gun Art Stippling Revolver Shotgun Firearms The Great Outdoors Hand Guns Weapons. Price $220.00. Quick View Next Level Armament Heretic AR 9mm Compensator / Flash Hider. PMM cut the slide so that the finished length of the barrel and comp fit flush with the end of the dust cover; it makes for a nice, clean look. The, Let me know what you guys think of compensators on guns or if they are beneficial for shooting. The 419 Compensator is precision machined from high quality aluminum and features a seamless 1/2"-28. PMM has taken the P320 modularity and used it to benefit the shooter without adding weight or length to the overall pistol. Get the best deal and find the perfect pistol compensator. Stay tuned for a 3-month review on the brake in the coming months. The PMM JTTC ULTRA for the P320 uses a proprietary subcompact threaded barrel … This is a discussion on Compensator for Sig P320 Compact within the P250, P320, & P320 X-5 Pistols forums, part of the SIG Sauer Pistols category; Hello everyone! Let me know what you guys think of compensators on guns or if they are beneficial for shooting. Sig P320 9mm, Buy the best built, designed and functional Sig P320 9mm compensators on the market; Range18 Sig Sauer P320 9mm compensator. Tyrant Designs T-Comp Sig Sauer Compensator, Model P320, Black/Black, TD-P320COMP-BLK/BLK Tap Tap to Zoom. This combination of parts and features blurs the line between competition and … Member Joined Apr 2018; Posts 68; EE Offline; VA, USA . PMM comps for the full size are only being made in Micro configuration. Like an addict looking for a score, I had to jump on the deal and was now the proud owner of yet another P320. So that means if you already have a full-size P320 it’s really easy to switch over and still be able to use the same holsters. Price $120.00. Stay tuned for a 3-month review on the brake in the coming months. Essentially what PMM has done is developed a compensator for the P320 system that can use a Compact slide with a full-size frame to incorporate a compensator without adding length to the overall full-size profile.