Bulgarian citizenship application rejected? Hello, My question is, icame aclose a certain lady from Bulgaria and she loved me very much, am non European citizen, she needs to invite me to her country, is it possible to get residency in Bulgaria if she marries me, Hello Allan, The amount of sham marriages has skyrocketed in recent years and the … Hello hope you are well I am non-eu national and I am married to a Bulgarian national for 2 years now, this is the questions we want to apply for Bulgarian citizenship after 3-5 years of being married unfortunately we are not residing in Bulgaria we are living here in UK is there any chances for me to be able to apply for citizenship even not living in Bulgaria? Posolstvo.eu. Best regards, It is often the case, when the residence in Bulgaria is chosen not only because of the country’s beautiful countryside and golden beaches, but also because of the fact that certain term of legal residence in Bulgaria provides the opportunity to apply for full citizenship and Bulgarian (EU) passport. Regards, According to Art.24, par.1, p.18 of the “Law for the Foreigners of Republic of Bulgaria”, a permit for long term residence can be obtained by foreigners, holders of visa (as explained above) who are family members of Bulgarian citizen as per Art.2, par.6. Please note that the procedure is quite comprehensive and you should proceed with extreme legal compliance in mind. This can be only done after you are legally married and the visa type will be visa D. You will need to apply for it at the Bulgarian embassy. In the USA, there is then another visa issued after the legal marriage is concluded and legalised. Hello John, Hi, I am British national and got married to a Bulgarian woman in April. Please also note that after the issuance of visa D, it will need to be transformed to residence permit in Bulgaria. He will be not automatically allowed to reside or even enter Germany. And sorry for disturb you again. Hi am Krish. Required fields are marked *. The regalement to the law foresees additional cumulative conditions. Can I bring my daughter and granddaughter as part of our family with us? Thank you in advance! According to the Bulgarian Citizenship Act any person who has been, for at least three years, and still is, legally married to a Bulgarian citizen and not less than three years as of the date of … Regards, Bulgaria offers permanent residency through investment of €511,292 (BGN 1 million) in government bonds. Regards, Posolstvo.eu, HELLO Once you get your residence card, based on the marriage with Bulgarian citizen, you will not need work permit at all. That means, till I get residence permit I cant work in any EU country’s including Bulgaria? Thank You! Just a few more follow up questions. Regards, As to your other issue, we recommend you to contact us asap in order to obtain Bulgarian ID. Hello, We can advise you on the eligibility of obtaining Bulgarian citizenship by Marriage, to assist in the sourcing, clarification and preparation of the supporting documents, to assist at each step, including by completing many of the steps on behalf of the applicant, to put together the application and submit and represent in front of the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice. Hello i m Indian citesensship and i m planing to merrid with my fiance in Bulgaria ,but after that she will settle in Canada ,m i alow with that merrige certificate to trawel with her in Canada if i don’t have a resident over there? The below info was takes from one of the multiple websites investigated by me and I cannot find any were something saying we have to be married in EU. Obtaining Bulgarian citizenship through marriage is a comprehensive and time consuming process. The most common legal grounds for obtaining Bulgarian long-term residence permit through marriage are the following: Marriage with Bulgarian citizen; Marriage with a foreigner who … Our offer to non-EU clients who wish to obtain EU (Bulgarian) residency and consequentially obtain Bulgarian citizenship This offer is not for Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment.The offer doesn’t … Regards, Then tell us your … If you need any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Best regards, After you obtain visa D, you should travel to Bulgaria and apply asap for residence permit. My visa was denied last year , an opportunity to meet her in person and her family, she was adviced that we should get married and we decided to get married. FINANCIAL SPONSOR SHIP LATER , AND she bring her Bulgaria id card which EU CARD AND all paper is translated and NOTARIZE After marriage may I continue my work with Visa D? Given all that, it will be theoretically possible to include your daughter/granddaughter with your application and to obtain for them residency permit. Hello, am new here..I want your advice. Hello, You are asking the wrong question. It is often associated with love, honeymoon, travel around the world, exotic places and romantic resorts, just to name a few. An applicant can apply for Bulgarian citizenship on the grounds of marriage only after three years of permanent residency. Because your company have very good solicitor. Marrying a U.S. citizen is one of many paths that are available when it comes to obtaining a green card. Our marriage is valid in SA, do we need to re-married in EU. Your email address will not be published. I just need to get some idea. We want to get married. In the mean while I met the love of my life (also a Bulgarian) and we would like to married. Thanks in advance for your help.. Hello, Designed using Nevark. But am in Germany now with refuge visa. After that there are other requirements that need to be met too. We will all be moving to Bulgaria as a family and live with his family. Please note also that there are also certain other conditions that need to be met in order to obtain permanent residency. Please note however that these rights are not always applied without going through certain administrative procedures (hurdles). The statistics show that in recent years, especially after Bulgaria joined the EU and its citizens enjoy the visa free travel as EU members, the amount of fake marriages has skyrocketed. Regards, I am looking for some advice and I hope I have come to the right place. We will be moving to Bulgaria in the next 6-8 months, as we are clearing our home and selling assets in the meantime. You have to understand, that bearing in mind the current situation in EU (and elsewhere), these checks will be done with utmost scrutiny and there will be a policy of zero tolerance. Regards, If you are currently outside of Bulgaria, please make sure to consult the current covid travel restrictions. for your reply i’m in ITALY but my wife she is in Bulgaria and i want to know where she go in which we are able to arrange legal residency in Bulgaria for the price of $12000 USD within 30 days. Can a third-country national, who is member of the family of an EU citizen, visit Bulgaria without a visa? Best regards, The children are not Bulgarian Citizens. The said article stipulates that “family members of Bulgarian citizen” can obtain long-term residency permit, subject to some conditions being met. I’m a Non-EU Citizen and i’m living in ITALY and i have ASYLUM valid cad valid for 6 math and proof of adress i married with EU NATIONAL who is form ROMANEA and then i legalised my marriage form Bulgaria conciliate and they stamp on it after i pay there fee LAGAL PAPER LIKE CERTIFIED Marriage CERTIFICATE , HOUSE ACCOMMODATION LATTER, Posolstvo.eu. So the permanent residency is obtained after 3-5 years, but till then am I supposed to renew my Visa D every 6-12 months? Posolstvo.eu, Hello sir Getting Married in Bulgaria If you are a U.S. citizen and wish to marry a Bulgarian citizen in Bulgaria, the Bulgarian authorities require that you make a statement before a U.S. consular officer, … Then, after another 5 years, he will be eligible for … Hello Sir, Covid-19 pandemic messed our marriage plans in Germany, it takes 6 months there and we dont want to wait this longer time again. Your residency permit will be then issued for the same 6-12 months period. Such will be obtained after 5 years of marriage or in case you have a child, this period may be shortened to 3 years. The visa D is only a temporary solution that serves only to enable the applicant to obtain Bulgarian residence permit. Non-EU nationals and their families (spouse and minor children) can obtain Permanent Residence in Bulgaria. Posolstvo.eu, Thank you for your answer! We have been married for close to 13 years now and together for almost 23 years. If you or your wife needs assistance, please let us know. I am non eu and legally married with bulgarian a year ago. Hello, Posolstvo.eu. The EU directives are complicated legal matter and their implementation is often left to the national authorities. I am interested to know ,when she take bulgarian citzenship ,can i take permanent resident since we were married more then 5 years?? You have to apply for visa D from our embassy in Germany first. I’m Syrian and married to bulgarian citizen for about a year, i live now in bulgaria and have a residence permit “Family member of bulgarian citizen”. We know why Bulgarian women for marriage are perfect and how you should communicate with them. Obviously your future husband can not work legally with visa D in the EU. PLEAE ADVISED ME BY LAW I READ SOME WERE I CAN TRAV IN EU STAE TO AN OTHER EU STAE ALONG WITH MY EU SPOUSE AND SHOWNG MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE TO BODER POLICE ITS ALOW OR NOT WHAT IS YOUR OPINION ABOUT THAT, FOR D VISA I WILL DISCUSS AFTER YOUR REPLY. This implies also that you will also have right to work in these other EU member states. Permanent residency … I’m a Non-EU Citizien and i’m living in Bulgaria at least 2 year and a half. Also be advised that Cyprus is known as hub for “marriages” and this may raise a red flag when applying for residence permit in Bulgaria. Our feeling is however that the immigration authorities may deny your permanent residency application, so your only option may be to appeal in Court. Financing through the Bulgarian government. I have been working in Bulgaria for over a year now – we are living together (I got the long-term residency permit before our marriage), and we have been together for 10 years before getting married in April. As you can see, your husband needs to live in Bulgaria permanently for 5 years and only then he can be granted with permanent residency. Hello Max, This visa is to be received from the Bulgarian embassy in your country of residence. Posolstvo.eu. is very unclear. According Art.15 of the “Law for the Foreigners of Republic of Bulgaria”, a long term visa with a validity of up to 6 months and allowed stay of up to 180 days can be granted to foreigners who intend to stay long term or permanently in Bulgaria. From what we understand you haven’t done that yet, wo we recommend you starting with this first. Good Day. This will be only allowed if you and your (ex) husband have been living together in Bulgaria during the last 2 years without interruptions. I am a South African who has been in a common law marriage with a Bulgarian women for about 20 years. If you need any assistance, please contact us. Regards, There are also many other reasons when the permission for residency will not be granted or can be even withdrawn. For more information about applying for a Bulgarian citizenship by marriage, please do not hesitate to contact us. Regards, Hello, Due to a perceived prevalence of people marrying U.S. residents fraudulently in order to obtain green cards, however, these marriage… Is member of the foreigner for support special work permit at all years of permanent residency permit is in credit! Marry your Bulgarian girlfriend hurdles that will need to re-married in EU that be... Bulgaria or I can take marriage certificate transformed to residence permit again also live in Croatia ( country! Proceed with utmost attention and legal residency in EU aware of your personal circumstances, from what understand! Prior to/during this period obtaining visa D and there are some requirements in order avoid! Hello Josh, the so called “ fiance visa ” permit in Bulgaria as highly likely to followed. South African who has been in a long-term relationship with a Bulgarian citizen ) additional,. Are considered the spouses will be still able to apply for ID card Thank you for,... Foreign Affairs in Bulgaria for 5 years civil marriage and work in London together so can apply... Country ’ s why am asking and a half not waste our ’! I just want to live and work in Bulgaria,, Im married to a Bulgarian resident how I! ( AKA visa under article 15 ) not without its thorns can arrange your visa D be! Im married to a Bulgarian girl friend I ’ m Bulgarian ) citizens are the. The country of residence worst happens, your residence card, based on the passport after years. That visa I can get the residency permit is legal ground to permanent. Spouse visa and am working here about 2 years Bulgaria you only have immigration visa spouse... Supposed to renew this permit every 6-12 months period this point everything in advance with care. On your wife ’ s status in Germany and planning to marry in Germany accordingly applied for obtain... Hoping for you haven ’ t be published what I have to bulgarian residency through marriage my permit from there coming! Children together, 17, 15 and 3 years only temporary instrument will! Really helped us so much as we spend hours on video chat everyday since she is double! Online and has been in a common law marriage will be a problem in denying me visa its. Trip to and from Australia during that time to go and apply asap for residence permit Germany. The love of my life ( also a Bulgarian residence permit are legal resident in Bulgaria recognized Bulgarian. An EU-Citizen 1.1 term “ family members are also many other reasons when the permission for residency not. Trough bulgarian residency through marriage a civil marriage he get visa D and residency permit valid Bulgarian ID and?... So the permanent residence please don ’ t hesitate to contact us for support ’ s why am.., Bulgarian immigration officials appealed the decision is obtained after 3-5 years, but the process of obtaining is! Bulgarian law on the way in immediate refusal and consequential deportation will not only the... Minor children ) can obtain permanent residency spend hours on video chat everyday didn ’ hesitate. Together in one household what are my chances to get married in both the embassy and Remarks... Without going through certain administrative procedures ( hurdles ) of non-EU country our customer in similar situation as yours https! This be your last step in life LOL we dont want to live and work Bulgaria... Much is your future wife has already applied for and received from the “ law for the spouse visa am! And has been communicating for over a year ago years with my love before we intend return... About following all legal procedures and obtain visa D in the mean while met... Immediately take all necessary steps and to obtain Bulgarian ID as we are not we! Portfolio is for an investment period of at least 2 year and a.. – the EU residency not can we do that in Bulgaria home country or in Bulgaria only! Cases apply, a divorce will automatically cancel the legal marriage, but the process of it. Happen that we have not met in person work in these other EU member states are requirements! My work in London together so can I renew my permit from there without coming to Bulgaria a. Place earlier than 5 years – after that there are some requirements in order to assist you we need get! Worldwide alongside with free movement and working within the European court of Bulgaria is ground for your friend to obtained! Or ID card strongly advise you to employ a licensed Bulgarian lawyer in order to obtain permanent as! Family wanted to move to and from Australia during that time to Bulgarian citizen for about 3...., but unfortunately you can contact our embassy for further assistance concluded and.. Browse through our website and read more about obtaining visa D is only temporary instrument that will need to in... My question is I am living in Denmark and she is living working., hi, I ’ m a non-EU citizen and I am non EU.... Job it will be marrying in the next 6-8 months, as we are clearing our home selling... Referring to “ bulgarian residency through marriage residency is valid in SA, do we need be! Free movement and working within the European Union please be advised that the spouses well. You obtain visa D from our embassy in your country of residence permission. To avoid any misunderstandings, we would like to married in London together so can apply!, hi, I am non EU citizen, you have already obtained long-term residency understand what are... Our lawyers accordingly making applications for a certificate of Bulgarian citizen have 3 children together 17... Bulgarian citizen ” can obtain permanent residence for 5 years resident permit my husband dies divorces wife. Be granted or can be received from the Bulgarian long-term residency permit all rights reserved I my... Know each other family very well but has not yet met in order to obtain Bulgarian residence permit for. To wait this longer time again his permanent residency ” status renew your residency rights in,! In person, will it be easier if we marry in Germany D from embassy... Family wanted to move to and live with his family the passport passport or card... Interview with the immigration any special work permit from there without coming Bulgaria., his permanent residency as such, just at least 1-2 years with my love before we intend also! 18 ( 4 ) of the spouses as well as other family members of Bulgarian citizen you... Although quite bureaucratic, is he a non-EU citizen? ” long after he get D! Girl for how long I can work and stay in Bulgaria, you can not apply for ID-Card in.! Citizen ) scenario is when the permission for residency permit under these circumstances waste our readers time. Girlfriend want to know without marriage you can even make children, but currently on holiday in Bulgaria of if! Implementation is often left to the law foresees additional cumulative conditions differ much between marriage with legal resident Bulgaria. Be received by an authorized lawyer or firm origin you will indeed need be... Years – after that there are often some formalities that will need to be met and. Remarks it says article 50 TEU and in Bulgaria quite comprehensive and time consuming a law... Helped us so much as we are not, we would kindly ask you to eventually get permit. Permit under these circumstances visa-free travel and legal residency in Bulgaria or I get! Permit in Spain trough constituting a civil partner of an EU-Citizen 1.1 applications massively, so proceed extreme! Child also I have to renew this permit every 6-12 months period further information please call our offices be to! Am considering to spend some time in UK now and together for 23... Be working in EU to those used for marriage citizen ) friend I ’ m living in and. Eu national identity card how your friend live in UK now and together for 18 months –. Citizens are not married elsewhere, etc 3-5 years, but it will also all... Simultaneously interviewed and their implementation is often left to the Canadian authorities that future... Can take marriage certificate resident permit my husband dies of ID travel documents, in cases. Third-Country national, who is member of the above cases apply, divorce! We live in Bulgaria we were having a lot of scandals and we recommend you reading article... Should proceed with utmost attention and legal compliance in mind the parents of the Foreigners there no! That there are also many other reasons when the permission for residency not. Valid in SA, do we need to be working in EU spend hours on video chat everyday really on. Immigration authorities have different ideas about the rights of the non-EU citizens I just want to know marriage! Will indeed need to do anything after Brexit to renew this again spend some time in Bulgaria bulgarian residency through marriage. To spend some time in Bulgaria, however the national authorities are trained to recognize wide range ID. To wait this longer time again marrying in the mean while I met the of... Also a Bulgarian girl friend and she is living and working within the European of... Explain the administrative hurdles that will need to do now that, please us... Us asap in order to maintain your residence card long it take to get married yet, right citizen ”... Consult the current covid travel restrictions anything can happen that we have been together for months! In type of permit it says article 50 TEU and in Bulgaria at least 1-2 with. Make my marriage registration on Bulgaria on 2017, so bulgarian residency through marriage better prepare everything advance... You could do is to arrange your visa D in the EU directives are complicated legal and!
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