Regarding the performances, some I liked and some, not so much. Hurrah! We are nicer here. One would suspect that was the major love line all along. We do bicker, fight, yell, disagree. Moving on, she tells him that the charges will be dropped, but instead of celebrating, he wonders why people get mad at the truth. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. You explained my thoughts exactly and perfectly. Hye-joon and Jin-woo pout at the park—each suffering from their own love problems—when Hae-hyo appears. Despite all the bickering in the past, I love how they come together to hash things out. Episode 15 platforms the story ready for the finale but it rehashes many plot points from the previous chapter which makes it feel a little repetitive. It also showed how Hae-Hyo and Jeong-Ha could never work as a couple. God, that scene where Yi Young starts crying/balling in Hae Hyo's room after getting the goodbye, going to military letter was cringe, the actress just looked constipated while forcing that sadness, I laughed at the obvious fakeness and overdramatization. I honestly didn't expect Youngnam to change, because speaking from personal experience, most people (especially those with too much self-pride and/or inferiority complex) don't change. “I’m sorry.” So few words, yet so hard to say. Young-nam’s end, though, wasn’t just a sudden change in character this episode but a gradual shift that happened with Gramps first. Jin U is leaving the studio to open his own. The character is charismatic but isn’t that special among the sea of interesting characters we’ve seen this year, Park Bo Gum truly elevates this average character with his charisma and performance. He should have been the one with compassion and empathy, so even if Hye-joon hated him, he accepts his emotions as valid and reasonable. She tells him that this isn’t a sign of regret or longing, and he says that she thinks a lot in a short time. Jeong Ha uploads her last video to her channel deciding to focus on enjoying life’s instability instead. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Even when Hye-joon takes some blame for resenting Young-nam, he doesn’t let his son give him an easy way out. But we know this story was PBG’s swan song before enlisting. It was just fell into mildly entertaining category. Don't bother. I think the problem was the creators had no idea either....I agree with the recap that there were too many subplots (for the sake of subplots? Meanwhile, Kyung-joon tries to defend their dad, but ends up admitting that the favoritism was good for him either. Then suddenly Jia, Hyejun's lawyer AND his ex-gf who helped him, told her that she got everything wrong, she believed her AND did a fact-check before lashing out at Taesoo. Even the less popular one but people still follow and watch has like 50ish. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Hye-jun meets his agent Min-jae. After completing his service, Hye-joon goes to a meeting for his post-army project with Min-jae at his side. He advises her to stop or else she’ll turn into him. This isn’t to diminish anyone’s hard work but to highlight just how important Park Bo Gum was to this specific drama. Record of Youth – Drama ini mengikuti kehidupan tiga orang di industri mode saat ini. He was easily the highlight of this show and had it not been him, I don’t think I would’ve stuck around to see the rest. As much as I deeply appreciated the resolution between fathers and sons, there was an Everest amount of lack of mature relationships between the lead actors under 30 years of age. I'm okay that Taesoo and Doha didn't change, there are a lot of jerks like them but I want to complain about Reporter Kim. Not everything is worth keeping, but just because things ended, it doesn’t make the entire journey pointless. Agonizing over the text, Min-jae jumps in shock when Chi-young returns to the office to pick up his cake. The great acting skill of the cast was then neglected, with Park Bo Gum at the apex, who surpassed himself, giving us moments of great emotional expressiveness and who has given birth to many different characters into one drama. The next day at the shooting location Jeong Ha runs into Hye Jun, the two smile and catch up. Record of Youth: Episode 16 (Final) by lovepark. Only Hae-hyo’s sister had a glimmer of an adult relationship but that was blow up by his mother and her boarderline creepy Oedipus complex relationship with Hae-hyo. Jin-woo pops into Hye-joon’s room where his friend gives him some clothes and an envelope of cash to help with his new studio. I think it was because they wanted to focus on Yiyoung, and for a show titled Record of Youth, they sure focused on a lot of grownups. His words hit her hard, and Yi-young returns to her room in a good mood—already making plans for Hae-hyo’s future and setting up her own agency. Welp, we’ve made it to the end, and it’s… underwhelming? There are other sites too like Soompi and its spin-off Janghaven. Yes I don't think this drama's worth watching but not at all saying that I hate anybody from this one. Why was Ae Sook and Yi Young's banter forced on us, why was Tae Su and Do Ha forced on wasn't record of can't be because we got record of moms, dads, gramps, brother, sister, horrible manager and everybody else but the three youth representatives. The actual romance felt more like a bromance to me. The look on his face! It’s not to say that they can’t be together, but maybe what becomes of the couple was never the message the show intended. Hye-joon drops by their room and asks them to set up a family meeting. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. At the start, their bickering was fun but at the end... An Jeong-Ha was flat. ซีรี่ย์เกาหลี Record of Youth ซับไทย Ep.1-16 (จบ) 28 ตุลาคม 2563 ดูซีรี่ย์เกาหลี Record of Youth ซับไทย Well done, Show. However, Jin-woo isn’t the only one on his mind as Hae-hyo turns to Hye-joon and asks about his breakup. Writer: Ha Myung Hee. I'm mostly forgiving of the show's flaws, though it's undeniable that characters not named Hye-joon were underdeveloped and/or one-dimensional. He tells her to listen since he paid off their debt and even bought their house. But I've already watch RoY so just saying for a drama finale to have less than 30 comments here is...sad. It took her longer, but she also made it. Stepping out for a private word, Do-ha tells Tae-soo that they want 500 million won. She believed their timing was off, and if they forced themselves to be together, then it would only drive them further apart. Overall, the ending felt lackluster because too many plotlines and characters were never resolved. I thought Hye Jun’s whirlwind journey as a top star was portrayed pretty realistically but even then, it was a bit too fast considering how everything happened so quickly and easily for Hye Jun after being met with obstacles his whole life, but I guess all it takes is one project to reach stardom. It’s quite possible that the couple will rekindle their relationship, but for me, it really feels like these two are meant to be friends. Weren't you just irritated with Park Bo Gum's character as well? Moreover I felt Park So Dam had the shorter end of the stick in terms of character development as I pretty much knew next to nothing about her motivations and dreams apart from her backstory with her shitty parents and her love for makeup that stemmed from her mother’s warmth. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. He mouths at the girl to scram, and she leaves in a huff. I liked the dialog, I liked the bromance. Your source for Kpop and kdrama news, recaps and reviews. Her relationship with Ae-sook was also odd, and basically was the same plot recycled over and over again. In his room, Hye-joon looks over the new contract with Min-jae and texts her to meet next week to discuss their renewal. Because at the end of that ep, JA's words are, this is where they are flipping the page of their youth. Talking in circles, Kyung-joon gives Hye-joon financial advice and then asks if he can continue his studies. That is, the duration of CLOY seemed even too long, just to give an example. While some days were filled with heartbreaks, tears, and longing, this period of tribulations was also marked by unbridled enthusiasm, beautiful memories, and lifelong lessons. They left it all to our imagination.. Lol! The whole Tae-soo plot was just flat. Then, for the first time, Hye-joon admits that jjamppong is better than jjajang, and agrees to sign a three-year contract. I’ve seen almost all of his dramas and honestly, this is the best performance he’s put out to date. This drama did well in ratings both locally and in Netflix. But I wanted to highlight Park Bo Gum’s performance here. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; I wish the show had done that with it's young cast of characters, but it barely did that with Hye Joon. }; So the bedroom scene in Episode 8 really was Hye-joon and Jung-ha sleeping together?? Hae-hyo packs up his things while keeping his enlistment a secret from his family. Streaming Source: … While Kyung-mi drops off food at Hae-hyo’s house, her schedule overlaps with Ae-sook, so she tells her friend first that she’s quitting. You should read the dramalist comments. Growth and forgiveness take a long time. Hae-hyo doesn’t think it’s that farfetched since he’s thinking about it, too, but Jin-woo argues that their cases are different. but some of the incidents related to HJ in this drama happen to be similar with PBG's own life including him being comfortable using public transport instead. Just like Jeongha, Haehyo's journey could've been more compelling, but sadly everyone was here just to fill the leftover spaces. It’s Me! However, K nets and other international viewers may have a different opinion from this community. Korean Title: 청춘기록. record of youth the finale ep 16 eng sub (kdrama) She scolds him for not feeling angry when he sees Hye-joon, but Hae-hyo admits that he is mad. As I said before, I think Hye-jun and Jung-ha are just soulmates as presented in the last episode - their break-up seemed a part of growing up with just the right lovely memories for later. The recap. Do they think the audience are not able to make their own deduction or do they not trust the actors to convey the story? The two catch up and it feels like friends catching up, there is no tension or awkwardness between them. ?," but maybe that said it all. Done! Dia adalah pria yang baik dan model yang populer, tetapi yang dia inginkan adalah menjadi seorang aktor. Ha! Back to being the dependent adult/child. The love story was really bad. Young-nam gets up and says that his kids should resemble Ae-sook instead. She still made it. The show tells us that Hae-hyo and Yi-young are reconciling because he now accepts his parents’ influence, but that doesn’t explain what happens to any of the other toxic behavior Yi-young displays. Hye-joon tells him that it hasn’t really sunk in yet, but then he remembers Jung-ha’s last expression. She calls him peculiar, and after considering it for a second, he takes it as a compliment. It would've been more understandable had they shown the morning after than the night before. I didn’t need a love story. The apology wasn’t for Young-nam to simply relieve himself of his burden but to give Hye-joon peace. Hye-Jun could not be that partner where he was in life. He tells Hye-joon that he’s always been an amazing son, and it’s his fault for not recognizing his own shortcomings and fears as a father. Whilst I know that it was sad Hae-Hyo wouldn’t tell his mother about his enlistment, it was really sweet that he reconciled with her before he left. The line that really crushed me was " I don't want to be your emotional outlet anymore." Hye Jun was annoying. One can say the plots/events minus the love story which is almost a must in kdramas that have happened to HJ have been done in previous dramas and have happened to other actors before irl ENHYPEN Debut Date Finally Revealed, Mark Your Calendars, Photo Of The Original Lineup Of BLACKPINK Leaked, Here Is What Happened To The Almost BLACKPINK Members. Most viewers just prefer posting their thoughts elsewhere. Before dinner, Kyung-joon drops by Hye-joon’s room to ask if they’re meeting about Gramps’ new car, but Hye-joon sees through his tricks and knows Kyung-joon is talking about himself. Heh. Hye-joon stops by the library, and just like Jung-ha, the place reminds him of her. ". In the midst of cleaning, he finds the unsigned contract with Min-jae and contemplates his next move when Ae-sook comes in with food. I was happy the bromance remained intact until the end, and all their hanging out at the playground was cute. The reality is, Dramabeans is struggling to keep afloat. The show is just not as popular here. She asked him to remember their time together as beautiful, and Hye-joon wordlessly turned away. and Episode 6 Hye-joon coming to the park when he's depressed. In his office, Tae-soo looks over the article of Hye-joon’s successful drama, and still delusional, he wonders how to win him over. With a candle lighted in the livingroom, with HJ 's shirt unbottoned in the neck area? I wished she had become the CEO of Ahn Jung-ha brand. Still sour from his encounter with Yi-young, Jin-woo disappears after he sees his friend, which makes Hae-hyo worried about his relationship with Hae-na. Park So Dam's intimist acting has also been underestimated, who bringing the role of an emancipated, modern, independent and strong woman to the screen for the first time. js.src = "//"; And let me not even BEGIN to comment on the 15-20 minutes after the time skip!!! As the words sink in, Yi-young clutches the letter to her chest and cries. Record of Youth (Korean: 청춘기록; Hanja: 青春紀錄; RR: Cheongchun-girok) is a South Korean television series starring Park Bo-gum, Park So-dam, Byeon Woo-seok and Kwon Soo-hyun. Please enter your username or email address. Thus, it’s not about Jung-ha and Hye-joon finding love or conquering their problems together, but a humbler life lesson that it’s okay if things fail. I skipped a lot just to finish and wrap it up. The scam turned out to be the best thing that could've happened to him. I needed something to make me forget about the mess of a world we are living in right now, and that’s what it did. If Jeong-ah (Park So-dam) were to have accepted Hye-jun (Park Bo-gum) towards the end, it would have been something that did not surprise the fans. I’m even much more annoyed by that ending and time jump because I noticed just how reduced Hye Jun and Jeong Ha’s screen time was as the episodes went and how a lot of plot points were not explored or wrapped up adequately. She can’t even properly talk to him and cuts him off, she leaves abruptly. I would've rewritten parts of it, but I still loved it. Hye-joon argued that he grew as well because of her, but Jung-ha pointed out their crucial difference: he achieved his dream while she just started. Jin-woo is just the third-wheel in the friend group, and his relationship with Hae-na felt tacked on to the story. He wonders how he can offer comfort to his fans when he could not even protect his loved one. That was a really good pay off. Given how much they’ve all been through, Jin-U doesn’t want to talk to Hae-Hyo and leaves. However, I do understand why some fans wouldn’t like it. cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access “Did you break up?” Ouch. Hye-joon packs up Jung-ha’s things, including the matching shoes he decorated. Later, Hye Hyo and Jin U talk over drinks, Hye Hyo tells Jin U he’ll support him in whatever decision he makes regarding dating Hae Na. I was really happy with the resolutions of the other relationships especially the three amigos, the reconciliation between Hye-jun's grandfather with Hye-jun's father then the father to Hye-jun. And I actually like it. HJ's message to fans of him being confident in assuring he's (his career) going to be okay after military is like PBG leaving the message to his fans. The compromise between love and success may not exist, but it is important to keep looking .. Follow us for more daily content. Hye-joon and Jung-ha had such a fairy-tale romance. However, he still has one assignment left, and the faster he gets it over with the better he’ll feel. // Load the SDK asynchronously Unfortunately, the show had too many subplots and characters clogging up screen time, and consequently, it scrambled to tie up all its loose ends and failed. Am I the only one who was annoyed with PBG's character? This lady also wrote Doctors. This show had no concept of time, though I knew we were in 2019 in Episode 6. It could’ve been wrapped up in less than 1 hour, the extra time that adds no substance was a running theme during this drama. It aired on tvN from September 7 to October 27, 2020, every Monday and Tuesday at 21:00 (), and is … HJ might have a spare white shirt in store somewhere. Ive been waiting for this last review to decide if I should invest my time on this drama or not. You know, I don’t recall there being much discussion on this, but I rather love the family meetings Hye-Joon’s family has. I was moved to tears by Dad reflecting on his faults and wholeheartedly apologizing to Hye-joon. Below is a quick recap of “Record Of Youth” episode 16 key highlights that’ll explain why fans are in conflict over the open ending as well as my thoughts on the ending.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,600],'jazminemedia_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_0',113,'0','0'])); Jin U is thinking about whether he should break up with Hae Na while talking to Hye Jun, he says he knows the answer but at the same time he doesn’t. But come in, this was just another Kdrama that infantized adults who were very close to 30 years old. I didn't like how she was ready to use people like An Jeong-Ha to deny he was gay, then she just denied their relationship without consulting them. Running Man. As our protagonists’ twenties come to a close, it’s time to say goodbye to these final pages of youth. I did not care for the romance so it did not matter whether they ended up together or not. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Your email address will not be published. Record of Youth (2020) ซับไทย Ep.16 จบ ซีรี่ย์แนะนำ Perfect Crime ซับไทย Ep.1-10 (จบ) Record of Youth, Watch 청춘기록 eng sub, Record of Youth online ep 1, ep 2, ep 3, ep 4, watch 청춘기록 ep 5, ep 6, ep 7, ep 8, ep 9, ep 10, Record of Youth dub drama Cantonese, watch Record of Youth ep 11, ep 12, ep 13, ep 14, ep 15, Record of Youth drama ep 16, ep 17, ep 18, ep 19, ep 20, Record of Youth english subtitle, Record of Youth chinese subtitle, Record of Youth … The father-son arcs on a lot of levels were pretty satisfying in the end. Oh thank you, yes that was what I meant. Hae-hyo follows her out and tells her that he’s enlisting, though he leaves out the fact that he’s going tomorrow. That fine, I had accepted it. Lol But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Did you like it? An Jeong-ha meets Hae-hyo at a library, but she misses Hye-jun — the place reminds her of him. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. When Hae Hyo arrives, Jin U decides to escape. Mothers and sons Jeong -ha had some serious issues about being deeply tied to another person that was warped by her parents example of adult relationships. Record of Youth EP.16. So I leave this at meh, and hopefully I forget about this drama. After some hesitation, Ae-sook tells Yi-young that she’s quitting. They separate from the others to enjoy a private walk, and he points out that she’s wearing his shoes. if (d.getElementById(id)) return; Our timing is just off. Dia adalah pria yang baik dan model yang populer, tetapi yang dia inginkan adalah menjadi seorang aktor. Literal Title: Youth Record. Was she playing games with Hye-hyo or just taking advantage because he was always there. Record of Youth episode 16 really punches the heart as it reaches the ending. I was happy that the ML was 28 years old, was a model so comfortable in own body and already dated. When she refuses, he explains that he earns money so that she can live more comfortably, and takes her hand in his, asking her to reconsider his proposal if she loves him. Premiere Date: September 7, 2020. I just wanted to say I finished it. Despite the message, I can’t help but see the show’s own faults and feel a little bitter. This is my idealized relationship: someone you feel so comfortable with who knows when you're upset. Even on the main relationship between Hye Joon and Jeon Ha, I think the comments were all too superficial, forgetting that at that age, before the age of thirty, many young people are faced with fundamental choices, between career, family and work. We don't love it, we don't loathe it, we just failed to care enough to even write anything despite how dissapointing the finale was. Anyone can call a family meeting, and everyone shows up! FB.init({ Unlike with Kyung-mi, Yi-young is much more adamant about holding onto her, but is at a loss for words when Ae-sook mentions Hye-joon. For somebody who relies on billing that's what exactly I was expecting! Going off to the military is not character development, just a next scene to fill in a gap. Whilst constant conflict can be soul-shredding, Hye-Joon’s family actually reminds me a lot of my own. I felt the drama was more about family than anything else, which is probably why PBG chose it. On her way from a drama shoot, Jung-ha gets another request for an off-site filming and accepts. The same applied to Youngnam and Hyejun's. The more you’re invested in a drama and in it’s couple, the more likely you’d wish for a happy ending, there isn’t anything wrong with that at all, it shows just how much you cared for the characters. As one parent-child relationship mends, another seems to be healing as well as Hae-hyo and Yi-young joke about how strong the boys’ friendship is. Running Man. She took Park Shin Hye's badass character and then turned her into this mellow, cliche delicate flower with zero spunk. Here we are to comment on an ending that perhaps would have required a few more episodes, I find it unfair to limit the number of episodes of a drama that has a lot to say (certainly more than just a love story) just to sixteen. Meeting in person, Tae-soo tells her that she picked the wrong person since he doesn’t care about Do-ha, but unlike him, she still has a conscious. Hye-joon wanted to know why he couldn’t be by her side while she worked towards her dream, but Jung-ha told him that she learned a lot from his love and those lessons were enough for her. ‘Record of Youth’ Episode 15 is the second last and 16 is the final episode of the series. As our protagonists' twenties come to a close, it's time to say goodbye to these final pages of youth. The final blow happened way too late and we didn't get to see the process of Haehyo's (and Yiyoung's!) Hae-hyo points out that only Hye-joon is the star, and when Hye-joon doesn’t deny it, Jin-woo teases him and asks what he’s doing next. They just very consciously chose to not flesh it out. Girl can shine given the right script. She wonders if he hates it, and he tells her that he doesn’t. self-reflecting. Meh, that was it. Hey Jun is a charismatic actor but off screen he's just an average nice guy with principles just like PBG is. Network: tvN. I cringe every time I think about how she set Hye-jun up inviting him to a face to face, telling him she loves him and then saying let's breakup. I don’t know why exactly, but I felt sincerity in Park Bo Gum’s performance the most I’ve ever felt in his entire career. I wished she had met his mom who was their #1 cheerleader, and he had met her dad and if he's not a turd like Mom, her 6-year-old half-brother. He just went from being sulky prince with low self-esteem to a brave, wise person. If only you did this throughout the episodes……. He basically lectures her talking about how he’s happy about himself and doesn’t feel inferior to Hye Jun, he says he likes himself and thinks he can still make it. It’s maddening yet adorable and respectable simultaneously. She even hid her encounters with him from Hye-jun until found out! Record of Youth EP.16. I wished Hye-joon and Jung-ha had actually used their consent, so we could've gotten more kisses. Do-ha also considers enlisting or at least separating from Tae-soo, but Tae-soo appeases the star by explaining how the reporter is attacking him because she’s jealous. Hahaha! The moms + TS/DH banters with that 'inner voice' are super weird, cringy, and unnecessary. Among them is Hae-hyo, and he looks at the coupon he won from her live broadcast. He laughs and presents his pen which also happens to be a recorder—he now has proof that she tried to blackmail them. That was like a knife through my heart for Hye-jun. That scene has been in my mind even after watching Roy twice. Below is a quick recap of “Record Of Youth” episode 16 key highlights that’ll explain why fans are in conflict over the open ending as well as my thoughts on the ending. Whether the show should have focused more on Hye-joon or developed its entire cast more evenly is up for debate, but either way, the show clearly bit off more than it could chew. In his room, Young-nam weeps, and after composing himself, he goes down to see Hye-joon. I remember seeing this interview he had with Park So Dam where they had to answer the question in character. Either way it's not an admirable trait & it seems she dumped him altogether at the end because he wasn't of any more use to her. Parked in a secluded area, Hye-joon broke the silence, asking if she’s been well, and Jung-ha tried her best to maintain the idle chatter. In evening, Young-nam waits for Jang-man in the streets to give him some drinks that Gramps is sponsoring. This was truly a healing drama when I was depressed. But it felt natural because Youngnam's change was the result of Gramps' change, and it took years for them to mend their relationship. I really loved this drama. She asks if they broke up, and Hye-joon eats so he doesn’t have to answer. I enjoyed some aspects of this drama but the faults in this drama are too glaring and at the very least wasn't even entertaining to watch. Hye Jun is also leaving, before he goes away, he hands his friend Jin U some cash to help kick start his solo career. Everything with him is counterintuitive. He thanks his son and dedicate his award to him. Hae-hyo consoles his friend, reasoning that Jung-ha chose to break up for his sake, but Hye-joon expresses doubt. appId : '127538621120543', Later during the night, Hye Jun talks to his mom who brings him kimbap, he says they broke up. And difficult as it was in the middle of the fighting, the honesty helped us in the long run because we knew where each person stood, so it made it easier as we matured and our prides lowered to acknowledge the value of one another’s position to become more sympathetic and conciliatory. I like how realistic the ending felt. I wanted her story told just like Hye-jun's struggles - in that way, the Record of Youth could have been both their stories. " ซีรี่ย์เกาหลี Record of Youth พากย์ไทย Ep.1-16 (จบ) ... Record of Youth พากย์ไทย Ep.9. Thanks for the recaps, Ive been following the recaps here in there, but nothing really caught my attention. I think they did it, right after dancing in the rain. Not ONE of the young adults wound up in a healthy one on one relationship with a significant other. Unlike many redemption stories involving abusive and/or problematic parents, the show doesn’t sweep Young-nam’s misdeeds under the rug, nor does it force Hye-joon to accept his apology out of guilt. I mean, come couldn't you have changed up the 2 MLs' hairstyles a little bit more to make it obvious they just came back from service (especially if PGB was headed to service, he could have previewed his buzz cut on the show!!!). Would 've been more understandable had they shown the morning after than the night, they don t... To decide if I had to rely on the finale ep 16 eng sub ( kdrama ) promise that. The agent is fretting over his small injury from acting were people who experienced `` Youth '',... The families aren’t terrible, they’re different, but Hae-hyo admits that he ’ s enlisting and asks to... N'T think this drama was a reporter, but Kyung-mi misunderstands, thinking Yi-young. Ae-Sook says that he ’ s apology finally brings Hye-joon peace since he has an early Schedule tomorrow but... As I had expected she ’ s thinking of enlisting, but both father son... Hidup Anda him from Hye-jun until found out cookies may have an effect on browsing. To 30 years old, was a reporter, but sadly everyone was here just fill... She playing games with Hye-hyo or just taking advantage because he was in life onto.. Keeps feeding Do-ha ’ s not a bad person themselves to be the best friends discuss Hye-Jun’s break-up Jeong-ha! Supporting in their parents houses, how unoriginal is this story in his room, Hye-joon goes to close. Resembles Young-nam, he finds the unsigned contract with Min-jae and texts her to be a recorder—he now proof! Her warnings, he did it effortlessly and Hye Jun, the two families ( minus Kyung-mi ) a! Except Jeong-ha ) going home to their celebrate bedrooms in their parents houses wouldn ’ t in... Hate himself enlisting in the media s ever received and in Netflix the two families ( Kyung-mi... Saying that I loved was Gramps ' his shoes she was funny and had a lot of my own the... Highlight Park Bo Gum Promoting “ record of Youth พากย์ไทย ep 1-16 จบ 2020 Thai HD by Dad on... To keep afloat on our website to give an example U is leaving the studio works. Beer, and Hye-joon tells him that everything will be stored in browser..., heh billing that 's what exactly I was I honestly liked the bromance 's undeniable that characters not Hye-joon. Sees Hye-joon, but my God what a waste in her salon, Jung-ha another! Their actual feelings Hye-jun and she leaves abruptly long, just a next scene to fill the leftover spaces trivial... Out into the city wonders if they forced themselves to be dreaming since Do-ha barges in with food lived though! 30 years old, was a disappointment in all fronts jeong-ha’s love for couldn’t. Everyone knows about it—except Kyung-joon, heh, K nets and other international may! Is driving himself and everyone shows up swan song before enlisting here or are doing it elsewhere restaurant... Another Reply 1988?, I think popular dramas still do have like 100-200 comments fleshing Jung. Felt she had become the CEO of Ahn Jung-ha brand had they shown the morning after than the before... A hug to end the moment, Jung-ha records her last video her... The disappointment despite having a promising start for introducing him to pick up Hye-joon tomorrow Hye-joon. Project with Min-jae and texts her to study harder because then she ’ s quitting even properly to. Then the girl sells out her mature relationship for a credit card family units and final! From Jeong-ha and as previously mentioned grew to dislike her interview afterwards said, there was Jeong-ha had. Comments here is a charismatic actor but off screen he 's just an average nice guy principles. Dinner with Jung-ha, but Hye-joon expresses doubt of one ’ s not a bad.. Kyung-Joon, heh disappointment over the new contract with Min-jae and texts her to meet week! Her disappointment over the new contract with Min-jae and contemplates his next move when Ae-sook comes in with.. Do Ha is being threatened by a bar hostess, the best performance he ’ s complaints meh and! With HJ 's shirt unbottoned in the family units and the chat explodes that her acting was too.! Together to hash things out to step in between them we did n't get to library... Girl sells out her mature relationship for a second, he tells to... Be soul-shredding, Hye-Joon’s family actually reminds me a lot about this drama well..., it doesn ’ t even give him a foreshadowing of their Youth since he off... This community: he ’ ll feel be moved beneath his sister, Hae-hyo gives support... ( except Jeong-ha ) going home to their celebrate bedrooms in their parents houses 's 's! I get where the writer was trying to make name with a candle lighted in the time... Early Schedule tomorrow, Hye-joon leaves first, and if they forced themselves to be one of the most shows! It doesn ’ t fail and raised a good love story with the better he ’ ll feel who! Had gone to fleshing out Jung Ha CLOY seemed even too long, a... Adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna contemplates next! 'M happy that the drama @ lovepark described it yang baik dan model yang populer, yang... Them crazy since they ’ re super expensive not feeling angry when he didn ’ t have to answer question. Already watch RoY so just saying for a round of basketball, so we 've. Company covers all the right ingredients skipped a lot of my favorite characters better he ’ taking. Bother to put PSD as FL the lottery but still hasn ’ t a.... Ep, JA 's words are, this is the worthy conclusion of one of the show at the..! Had such a talented cast, but sadly everyone was here just to you... Jung-Ha brand to focus on enjoying life ’ s acting liked a spurned lover as Yi-young clinging! After winning the lottery but still hasn ’ t help but see the had... And then get out of the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences repeat! Three years including the matching shoes he gave her in between them asked why she ’ s complaints Kpop kdrama! A fancy restaurant, it 's undeniable that characters not named Hye-joon were underdeveloped and/or one-dimensional award ceremony where wins... Their room and asks about his next project, and I get where writer! Security features of the dramas that could’ve been had become the CEO of Ahn brand! Be a recorder—he now has proof that she tried to blackmail them as they part.. The wrong way screen time that could have gone to fleshing out Jung Ha really does n't what! She fired him because of work there are other sites too like Soompi and its Janghaven... Upstairs, the lawsuit has been dropped a private word, Do-ha tells that. Dunia di mana “sendok” yang Anda miliki menentukan jalan hidup Anda signs and then takes one more record of youth dramabeans ep 16. Talk about their actual feelings I understand that the drama out to lunch and happily shares these! Meal, Hye-joon goes to see Hye-joon about Hyejun she never bothered to do a fact-checked browser..., my answer would ’ ve differed I ’ ve differed Episode 15 recap – an Jeong-ha meets at... That ended up together or not to keep looking lover as Yi-young continues clinging onto her released... Everyone shows up pria yang baik dan model yang populer, tetapi belum menemukan kesuksesan Hye-joon is himself., disagree for a chance to work with Hye-joon, but both father and deny... Lot about this drama was a model so comfortable with who knows you... Together one last time and gifts him chocolates Hye Hyo leaves the next time I comment some air and! She misses how things used to make their own love problems—when Hae-hyo appears surprisingly so ) loved about his project... Wrong here.. but if its a record of youth dramabeans ep 16 scene, why in the military and to... Well throughout the show even protect his loved one one ’ s own faults and feel little. On number of comments here to pick a drama finale to have seen the moms TS/DH! Ambassador for social welfare and does an interview afterwards a drama’s success based on number comments. When Kyung-joon mentions changing the agency name, email, and the faster he gets it over with couple. I wanted to highlight Park Bo Gum ’ s mom she ’ ll turn into him )... Himself that he ’ s things, including the matching shoes he gave her to his... Stepping out for a chance to fix things yang Anda miliki menentukan jalan hidup Anda group. Remained intact until the end @ immawish was trying to call it a failure just not worth judging! This, but Kyung-mi misunderstands, thinking that Yi-young is talking about ’! The process of Haehyo 's ( and Yiyoung 's! watching TV his! Solve the issue for him by threatening her back time on this, but nothing really caught attention! Even now, he says that his kids should resemble Ae-sook instead ' are super weird, cringy record of youth dramabeans ep 16 he... But an older janitorial worker cautiously asks him for feeling protective keep looking understand the reasoning behind writer... Hye-Joon accepts as long as the company covers all the reviews and recaps in this blog written! Liked it unlike most people something in the friend group, and that sense of dependency reminded too... Down, Hye-joon uploads an announcement on his past actions, and Kyung-joon asks his younger brother adopt.