university needs to adopt a social responsibility strategy just like other business organizations as social responsibility usually refers to the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR), in order to meet the expectations of the stakeholders (students, employers of graduates, funding agencies, and … The Corporate Social Responsibility MBA specialization at Northcentral University will help you develop tools for applying socially-responsible principles to current business environments. This has been one of the main objectives of the Bologna Process in the last ministerial meetings within the framework of the European Higher Education Area (London Communiqué, 2007; Leuven Louvain-la-Neuve Communiqué, 2009; Budapest-Viena Declaration, 2010; Bucharest Communiqué, 2012; Yerevan Communiqué, 2015). Marketing in higher education: A comparative analysis of the Brazil and Portuguese cases. Mexico: McGraw Hill [In Spanish]. In talking about social responsibility, major attention has been drawn to CSR, yet little has been mentioned on how university stakeholders such as students can contribute to developing social responsibility. To be more precise, if a class leader is responsible, the class will be good. Journal of Marketing for Higher Education, 9(1), 53–68. 45-58).Nova Science Publishers, Inc.. Corporate Social Responsibility in the Opinion of Polish and Foreign Students in Management Program of Lublin University of Technology Barbara Mazur 1,* and Anna Walczyna 2 Citation: Mazur, B.; Walczyna, A. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Total Quality Management, 18(1), 571–588. Information technology-enabled intrapreneurship culture and firm performance. Supported by the scarce academic literature in the field, selected indicators are determined to build constructs related to University Social Responsibility and to develop a structural model able to explain their relationship of causality with students’ satisfaction. Gugler, K. (2001). University Social Responsibility: A new Philosophy of ethical and Intelligent management for Universities. Retrieved 04/01/15. A handbook for business innovation. University of London is unlike many other universities. Mainardes, E., Alves, H., & Raposo, M. (2013). Ethics, CSR, and sustainability education in the Financial Times top 50 global business schools: Baseline data and future research directions. While some firms start to develop their strategies focusing on responsibility, recent discussions in the Higher Education Institutions query the contribution of University Social Responsibility. Higher Education, 56, 303–324. New York: Praeger Publishers. PolyU has committed itself to be a socially responsible university. 1: 333. In high school, teachers have a more in-depth role in making sure you learn. 1–21). Business schools and management departments educate future decision-makers of the national and global economy. University Social Responsibility for Students' Employability. (2012). DeShields, O. W., Jr., Kara, A., & Kaynak, E. (2005). Report for the 2009 World Conference on Education. Oliver, R. L. (1997). New York: Irwin-McGraw Hill. Economics & Sociology, 5(2), 103–115. Vallaeys, F., De la Cruz, C., & Sasia, P. (2009). This Corporate Social Responsibility Statement (“Statement”) covers the activities of the central University. Hair, J. F., Ringle, C. M., & Sarstedt, M. (2011). University of Extremadura, Badajoz, Spain, You can also search for this author in International Review on Public and Nonprofit Marketing, 9(1), 43–63. It is about how He/She behaves inside and outside the classroom. Modeling organizational culture: Demography and influence networks. San Francisco CA: Berret-Koehler Publishers Inc. Polonsky, M. (1995). Nowadays, Universities should not only do some add-on philanthropic things, but should change their strategies and really build a responsible approach into their management activities and also into their … University social responsibility: a student base analysis in Brazil., Therefore, universities must guarantee students get these attributes for being employable. Nadler, M. B., Thies, P. K., & Nadler, M. B. Like a College 101 but on the social end rather than the academics end. Rowley, J. Journal of Marketing for Higher Education, 23(1), 15–33. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. (1994). Chin, W. (1998). A second generation of multivariate analysis: An overview. In this context, corporations and also universities are encouraged to behave (2009). Graduate employability depends, among other factors, on external determinants of the student, which the university can influence. Revista de Contabilidad, 13(2), 285–314 [In Spanish]. Generation Z are the most connected generation to date. Carmines, E. G., & Zeller, R. A. 183–216). Gallardo-Vázquez, D., & Sánchez-Hernández, M. I. Find Other Styles Note that from the first issue of 2016, MDPI journals use article numbers instead of page numbers. Research, Teaching, … Immediate online access to all issues from 2019. This paper presents a study of university social responsibility (USR), carried out through an innovative educational action. Article  To be more precise, if a class leader is responsible, the class will be good. This study assesses university students’ perceptions of CSR across eleven prominent fast food restaurants. Matten, D., & Moon, J. In talking about social responsibility, major attention has been drawn to CSR, yet little has been mentioned on how university stakeholders such as students can contribute to developing social responsibility. Frølich, N., Brandt, S. V., Hovdhaugen, E., & Aamodt, P. O. Estimating nonresponse bias in mail surveys. Corporate Social Responsibility in the Opinion of Polish and Foreign Students in Management Program of Lublin University of Technology. In this context, the university acts as a responsible company to the society wanting to promote and practice CSR, assuming this is a change in the management of universities (Neave, 2000; Scott, 2003; Shattock, 2003), and, thus, a relationship must be established between social responsibility and the institutional mission of each university: education, research and the promotion of culture (Quezada, 2015). University social responsibility and promotion of the quality of life.In University Students: Promotion of Holistic Development in Hong Kong (pp. Shek, T. L. (2017). University Social Responsibility. Going beyond Labels: A framework for profiling institutional stakeholders. Universities in a competitive global marketplace: A systematic review of the literature on higher education marketing. Tax calculation will be finalised during checkout. Navarro, A., Alcaraz, F. J., & Ortiz, D. (2010). A socially responsible company has an obligation to address the problems and satisfying the needs of its main stakeholders (Donaldson & Preston, 1995; Jones, 1995). Benitez-Amado, J., Llorens-Montes, F. J., & Perez-Arostegui, M. N. (2010). Learn more about social responsibility and sustainability at the University of Edinburgh. Intrapreneuring in action. Satisfaction: A behavioral perspective on the consumer. Armstrong, J. S., & Overton, T. S. (1977). Landrum, R. E., Turrisi, R., & Harless, C. (1999). Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 19(2), 139–152. Bollen, K. A. Yet if, by their very nature as educational institutions, colleges and universities inescapably influence students' values and ethical development, then reflecting on and actively crafting this dimension of education is appropriate. 309–324). Corporate Social Responsibility in the Opinion of Polish and Foreign Students in Management Program of Lublin University of Technology. ), Handbook of Organzational culture and climate (pp. Culture change in the strategic enterprise: Lessons from the field. Journal of Business Ethics, 76(1), 55–68. It is a promise everyone should make for the society while working for the social, cultural and, ecological causes. 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Peculiar strengths and relational attributes of SMEs in the context of CSR. (1979). Atakan, M. S., & Eker, T. (2007). Brown, E., & Cloke, J. Quality and the social responsibility of universities CRUZ, Yazmín (2009) In this article, Yazmín Cruz, GUNI project officer, states that quality cannot be an abstract, unimportant notion: it must be applied to a specific context and in relation to the relevance of an institution and its role in solving the problems faced by a community. Correspondence to Muijen, H. (2004). SmartPLS 2.0 (M3) Beta. Social entrepreneurship: It’s for Corporations, too. It is a federation of 18 autonomous member institutions of outstanding reputation, and a number of highly acclaimed Central Academic Bodies. concern with the university students’ social responsibility from a citizen point of view. Despite the growing attention that the concept of social responsibility attracts, both the social responsibility of universities and the role of students on it represent a new and insufficiently researched field (Peric & Delic, 2016). Fuentes, M., Gil, I., Berenguer, G., & Moliner, B. Journal of Business Ethics, 53, 235–246. Nowadays, Universities should not only do some add-on philanthropic things, but should change their strategies and really build a responsible approach into their management activities and also into their education and research programs. SSR promotes healthcare and education within the Brooklyn Community. International Journal of Educational Management, 19(2), 128–139. Formative versus reflective measurement models: Two applications of formative measurement. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY OF UNIVERSITIES Kent MacDonald In our short time together this morning, I will provide two environmental landmines ... students were in a university. From the invisible hand to the invisible hand-shake: Marketing higher education. ), A second generation of multivariate analysis, 1 (pp. (1989). Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice, 34(4), 735–761. Geneva. Hamburg, Organizational culture and leadership: A dynamic view. Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management, 29(1), 57–72. International Review on Public and Nonprofit Marketing, 4(1–2), 47–64. Students for Social Responsibility. François Vallaeys, a French philosopher at the Catholic University of Lima, defines social responsibility of universities as a policy of ethical quality in the activities of the university community (students, lecturers, administrative staff), through responsible management of the educational, cognitive, labour and environmental impact of the university, in a participative dialogue with society to promote sustainable … Ringle, C.M., Wende, S., Will, S. (2005). (2004). To Support Customers in Easily and Affordably Obtaining the Latest Peer-Reviewed Research, Copyright © 1988-2021, IGI Global - All Rights Reserved, Additionally, Enjoy an Additional 5% Pre-Publication Discount on all Forthcoming Reference Books, López-Miguens, Ma Jesús,et al. (2006). In The responsibility of the universities is emphasized, as an educational institution, to improve the employability of their graduates. Educación Superior y Sociedad, 13(2), 195–220 [In Spanish]. Retention: Rhetoric or realistic agendas for the future of higher education. Watkins, B. Overcoming potential negative consequences of customer orientation in higher education: Closing the ideological gap. En Proceedings of the XLII SIS Scientific Meeting. Quality Assurance in Education, 11(3), 142–149. (2013). Learn more in: Innovation in Higher Education: The Experience of Socially Responsible Universities Akron: The University of Arkon. Christensen, L. J., Peirce, E., Hartman, L. P., Hoffman, W. M., & Carrier, J. United Nations state two of the main objectives of the universities, that is, the need to achieve an inclusive, equitable and quality education that promotes learning opportunities for all and leads to an adequate job (UNESCO, 2015). Tertiary Education and Management, 4(2), 145–152. In C. L. Cooper, S. Cartwright, & P. C. Earley (Eds. PLS-SEM: Indeed a silver bullet. Well, it’s time to break that practice. La divulgación de información sobre responsabilidad corporativa en administraciones públicas: Un estudio empírico en gobiernos locales. From Corporate Social Responsibility to University Social Responsibility Social Responsibility has become an increasingly important concept both within the European Union and globally, and it has become part of the debate about competitiveness and sustainability in the globalization context. Rowley, J. Brown, S. (1999). (2013). "College athletics is ever changing, and I believe the progression of our program is a testament to our dedication in supporting the holistic development of our student-athletes and staff. 2.3 Procedures The data collection was done with cluster sampling by convenient. University Social Responsibility (in abbreviated form USR), as a practice originated in Chile in 2001, with the joint efforts of 13 universities with an initiative and aim to spread the concept and the practice among Chilean universities. Google Scholar. Journal of Business Ethics, 73(4), 347–368. Social Responsibility conceptual framework. Journal of Marketing Research, 14, 396–402. Systems Research and Behavioral Science, 16(2), 157–169. Journal of Business Ethics, 87(3), 355–377. University image: The benefits of assessment and modeling. Culture is in our hands and in the hands of the next generations (UNESCO, 2017). 1332–1340. Feennemer Graduate School of Clinical Psychology at George Fox University ewberg, Oregon Abstract This study investigated factors that may contribute to the development of social responsibility in college students. 4. UNESCO. social intrapreneurship and presenting the proposed model and the different constructs included in. Corporate social responsibility education in Europe. Jamali, D., Zanhour, M., & Keshishian, T. (2009). Restrepo-Abondanoa, J. M., Trujilloa, M. A., & Guzmána, A. Although the literature considers multiple stakeholders of University - teachers, students, administrative staff, entrepreneurs, public administration, alumni, university managers or the media, among others (García & Álamo, 1998; Mundet, 2000; Reavill, 1998), the most relevant and who really matters, as Johnson and Scholes (1997) suggest that should be considered, is the student. Towards the suitable corporation: Win-win-win business strategies for sustainable development. (2013). 2 University social responsibility framework for student base analysis In this context, employability becomes a critical requirement for students who see it as the objective of a successful university degree (Nauta et al., 2009). Part of Springer Nature. Fornell, C., & Larcker, D. F. (1981). In this research paper we propose a modelling framework for student base analysis in order to test whether Higher Education Institutions use a long-term horizon perspective and involve all stakeholders in their strategy, especially students, to be able to optimize their positive impact in society and also to reduce negative impact if needed. Higher education in the world, pp. ACME: An International e-Journal for Critical Geographies, 8(3), 474–483. New York: Wiley. In: [In Spanish] Retrieved 04/01/15. Information on corporate social responsibility and SME’ s environmental responsiveness: A regional study. Sánchez-Hernández, M. I., & Gallardo-Vázquez, D. (2013). (2001). Edulearn Proceedings, pp. Ekonomiaz: Revista vasca de Economía, 65, 84–107 [In Spanish]. The principal aim of this paper is to identify the factors that define the perceptions of students with regards to University Social Responsibility (USR), and discuss its implications for the design of University marketing strategies. Subscription will auto renew annually. During that same time, the number of university students doubled Tertiary Education and Management, 18(1), 17–40. We choose this scale as a measurement because it can measure the social responsibility of the university students as citizens. Marzo, M., Pedraja, M., & Rivera, P. (2007). Evaluating structural equation models with unobservable variables and measurement error. 21 Today it is 1.6 million. ), Handbook of Organzational culture and climate (pp. Learn more about Institutional subscriptions. Englewood Cliffs: Prentice-Hall. Journal of Marketing Research, 18, 39–50. The Benchmark Standards for University Social Responsibility provide a framework for the ESSA project, with participating universities receiving an audit according to the criteria behind the four key themes of the standards: 1. Yonezawa, A., & Baba, M. (1998). (2007). Briggs, S., & Wilson, A. A study of the influence of cost and information factors on Scottish undergraduate choice. Corporate social responsibility in higher education: Best practices at the University of Extremadura. ... cross-University network that brings together staff and students who are interested in … Every student should has an intention that “ Today we are making a difference for tomorrow”. Assessing Students’ Social Responsibility and Civic Learning Sylvia Hurtado, Adriana Ruiz, and Hannah Whang University of California, Los Angeles Presented at the 2012 Annual Forum of the Association for Institutional Research, New Orleans, Louisiana Designing student feedback questionnaires. Enjoying access to the internet for as long as they can remember, they easily navigate the wealth of information at their fingertips and digitally converse with people across the globe. Although to be employable does not guarantee that students will find the sort of work they seek and under the right conditions (McQuaid & Lindsay, 2005; Verhaest & Van der Velden, 2013), get the attributes that employers demand is the starting-point (Caballero et al., 2014; Rothwell et al., 2009; Yusof et al., 2012). While some firms start to develop their strategies focusing on responsibility, recent discussions in the Higher Education Institutions query the contribution of University Social Responsibility. Social responsibility at The University at Manchester. Hernández, M. M. (2007). The complex roles of universities in the period of globalization. Social responsibility describes the way we’re making a difference to the social and economic wellbeing of our communities through our teaching, research, and public events and activities. While the university/student alliance is vital to promoting an effective social responsibility agenda, the cooperation between institutions, student unions and different countries is also valued. Pinchot, G., & Pellman, R. (1999). Higher education institutions’ student recruitment strategies. Journal of Management Studies, 43(1), 47–73. In addition, the internal social entrepreneur at the University emerges as a driver of change, as a guarantee of endogenous development of responsibility. He/she is the end user that university needs to survive (Caballero et al., 2015). volume 13, pages151–169(2016)Cite this article. The main purpose of this study is to know the opinion of one of the involved parties, i.e. La responsabilidad social dentro del sector público. Corporate social responsibility, public policy, and NGO activism in Europe and the United States: An institutional‐stakeholder perspective. Duarte, P. O., Raposo, M. B., & Alves, H. B. Let the … Market orientation, intrapreneurship behavior, and organizational performance: Test of a structural contingency model. the students of a Spanish university who are going to graduate. If a student is socially responsible the … This problem becomes even greater if we consider that, for those who do find a job, their training is often not in line with what is required of them (Carroll & Tani, 2013). Journal of Business Ethics, 67(3), 241–256. M. Isabel Sánchez-Hernández. © 2021 Springer Nature Switzerland AG. Burrows, J. Reliability and validity assessment, Sage University Paper Series on Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences. Corporate governance in higher education institutions in Colombia. Journal of Cleaner Production, 72, 14–22. Fornell, C. (1982). Corporate Social Responsibility expresses a situation in which companies adopt a broader business view assuming their impact on society. Approval was sought from the school administrators Freeman, R. (1984). The social responsibility of students can be impinged on various examples. Under this scenario, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), as a culture for doing business that guarantees greater sustainability over time, argues that the creation of value for the different stakeholders that participate in the business activity results in a greater creation of value for society. To finish some suggestions emerge for the future research agenda in the field.