The process is ideal to maintain high security. REKEY LOCK COST. REKEY LOCKS WITHOUT AN ORIGINAL KEY There is more than one way to unlock a lock cylinder. Can Kwikset Smartkey be rekeyed without an existing key? If you need to replace a key that is lost, make sure you buy a cradle which is sold separately. These two locks cannot be rekeyed to match an existing key of the other. Then rotate they key 180 degrees clockwise. Complete the entire process in a matter of seconds, without having to … Q: Can you rekey … A locksmith can pick the lock open or shim the lock in order to unlock it. Then, insert and remove the SmartKey learn tool. When you want to keep your hardware while still changing the locks and keys, rekeying is the best option. ... then all you need to do is remove the cylinder and use a Kwikset smart key reset cradle to fit a new lock to the lock. $13.31 $ 13. Kevo Smart Lock includes Kwikset's SmartKey Re-Key technology that allows ... Make sure your key is FULLY inserted. Get it as soon as Tue, Dec 29. Insert the SmartKey tool fully and firmly into the SmartKey hole, then remove the SmartKey tool and current key. Rekey locks yourself in seconds with Kwikset SmartKey. With Kwikset Smart Key lockset installed, you easily can rekey the lock within few seconds. If you have no key for your locks but need to rekey – a locksmith can still rekey your locks. The current key that goes with the lock. Pull the key to make sure it will NOT come out in this position. Similarly, how do you rekey a lock without the original key? You could take your current operating key and make about a 2 inch notch at the bottom. The edge of the key touches the indent in the cylinder face. This is the easiest way to reset and re-key your kwikset smartkey lock without … I'd like to have one common key for all 3 locks, and I'd prefer not to replace any of the locks since they're decorative types. How to Rekey a Lock Without the Original Key In this guide, we’ll consider the options available when you need to rekey a lock. Your lock is then successfully re-keyed. First, insert the functioning key and turn it ¼-turn clockwise. 4.3 out of 5 stars 536. A Kwikset SmartKey tool (One should’ve came with your lock, but if not, you can buy one on Amazon). Re-keying a Schlage without a key is difficult because the locks were purposely designed not to be easy. This issue seems to have been addressed in Gen 2 or higher. Kwikset Smart Key Security LockIf are looking for quality, easy,modern and new lock sets without spending an arm and a leg, Kwikset Smart Key is probably your answer. Pins Keys A follower What you need to do is have the lock unlocked, if you don't have the original keys for it you would need to pick it open or bump key it open. So it is impossible to slide a Kwikset key into a Schlage lock and a Schlage key into a Kwikset lock. The process that I am about to describe works for the Kwikset locks only. New Schlage locks come with a reset key that allows you to re-key the lock without … To nourish your fascination, the following ‘s a very comprehensive glance at a Kwikset smart key works. Yes! A locksmith could do this quickly, but may be expensive since they will need to do a house call without a key. I set the lock also that I listen to also the keying and also a table has been misplaced. Remove your new key. If the locks are the same keyway, you can rekey them using any of the following: Have them rekeyed where you bought them. How to Rekey a Lock Without the Original Key. If you don’t have a key, it isn’t possible to enter your own home. That’s why getting the locks rekeyed is so important, especially if the original key is no longer with you. Complete the entire process in a matter of seconds, without having to remove the lock … When you think the alignment is perfect, remove the new key and re-insert it to check whether it is rotating smoothly. Remove the lever. My experience re-keying a door lock without the old key. The next step in learning how to rekey your Kwikset Smart Key is to remove the original key without rotating the SmartKey lock and then insert the new Kwikset key into the keyhole. Because of this, it is impossible to key the two the same. Kwikset's smart key do or lock is intended to reduce the tension and expenses that result. These locks will also be marked "Kwikset" or "Weiser".. can I rekey my own locks? Well, the Smart Key lived up to its promise. You can re-key a lock like a pro and at a fraction of the cost, with something like a Schlage rekey kit. Kwikset smartkey allows you to rekey the lock within seconds without the help of a locksmith. Insert the new Kwikset key all the way into the lock. How to Re-Key a Door Lock The Family Handyman Rekeying kit. Therefore, as long as you use the same lock brand, shouldn’t be any problem. Kwikset SmartKey Re-Key Kit is the perfect choice when needing to rekey your door lock. I am a locksmith. About once every two weeks we get a call saying that the key worked in the morning to lock the door, but the key is no longer turning the lock. REKEY KWIKSET SMART LOCK WITHOUT A KEY. Rekey locks yourself in seconds with Kwikset SmartKey. Kwikset SmartKey – How To Rekey One Without Original Key Apr 1 2014. Both Schlage and Kwikset key companies have adapted this technology to increase convenience for their customers. Insert the key that currently operates your lock, and turn it 90° clockwise. The Garage Journal Board Usually locksmiths charge me to rekey … 31 $14.39 $14.39. This won’t work with a Schlage key. You can do that only to another Kwikset key. The cradle is sold at most stores and comes with a set of directions to follow. As it's, it seems simple! Click to see full answer. DIY rekeying kits let you re-key your locks without calling a pro. Kwikset key-in-knob locksets are one of the most readily available door locksets on the market. If you have access to the lock and you can remove it from the door without damaging the lock, then you can remove the cylinder and use a Kwikset smart key reset cradle to fit a new key to the lock. But even if you do by breaking the lock, your home’s security is still at stake. By comparing Schlage vs. Kwikset SmartKey, we do not doubt that Schlage is better than Kwikset. How To Rekey A Kwikset Smart Key Lock Without The Original Key I'd mine do precisely exactly the exact very same task right before I left towards the airport terminal [re-keying for your own ]. Re-key a Kwikset Deadbolt Lock with replacement pins, a new key, and a few tools around the house to improve the security of a home without replacing the lock or paying a locksmith. A Schlage key will not fit into a kwikset cylinder and vice versa. Turn the key 90° counterclockwise. However, the question is, is it possible to Rekey A Lock without The cost of a locksmith varies depending on where you live but as long as you have the original keys, save the money you'd pay to have new locks installed and rekey … How To Rekey A Kwikset Smart key Lock Without The Original Key Apr 1 2014. Finally, secure the assembly using a retaining clip. The lock that makes re-keying your own locks simple. Moreover, many of the techniques contained within this guide can be applied to other brands and door lock models as well! Features BumpGuard to protect against lock bumping. During the installation process, you can just purchased Smart key design offers security whilst requiring talent and time. These locks can be identified by a small vertical slot on the plug, located to the left of the cylinder's keyway**. Conclusion . In order to rekey a lock cylinder, the locksmith must bring the lock to the “unlock” position so that the cylinder can be easily removed. The edge of the key touches the indent in the cylinder face. Kwikset smartkey is easy to install and provides smooth operation. To rekey your lock with an entirely new key, simply insert the functioning key, turn a quarter turn clockwise, insert the learning tool, remove the existing key, and insert a new key… I just bought a house and would like to rekey the locks, but the front door has a different brand of lock (Kwikset, Schlage) than the side doors, thus different key types. Kwikset vs Schlage Keyways. It also allows you to rekey your lock within a few seconds so that you can deny access to obsolete keys. The new (or rather, old) key that you want to use instead. Rotate the key 90° counterclockwise until you hear a definite click. Free ... Prime-Line E 2400 Re-Key A Lock Kit, Kwikset, 5-Pin Tumbler Sets w/Pre-cut Keys. Rotate the key 90 degrees counter-clockwise, back to the starting position. What you would need. For example, Let’s say that you have a Kwikset lock, and you would like to rekey it to a different key. Here is some more information on the difference between the two if you are interested. Loosen the pre-installed set screw. This should pull the plug out of the front of the knob. To know more about how this is done, you have to know that the process can be different for different locks and types of locking mechanisms.When it comes to rekeying of the locks, you need to know and understand the fact that rekeying comes with a … The process and be completed two ways. One of the biggest expenses you can incur when moving into a new apartment or home is changing the locks. You cannot rekey a Kwikset or Sargeant lock to open with the same key as a Schlage lock, because different brands of locks have different size keyholes that only accept their own keys. It helps you to control who has access to your home and can save your money. In order to rekey a lock, the locksmith has to have its current matching key. 2 Re-key the lock. Lost Keys. Of the old pins, making sure the new pins extend no further than the top of the tumbler. Please watch the below video for step-by-step instructions on how to recover that cylinder and rekey it to your new key. In fact, in some circumstances, it s easier. Follow by removing the functioning key, inserting a new key, and turning it ½-turn counter-clockwise. This must be a Kwikset key, as Kwikset and Schlage keys are totally different from one another (and won’t work in each other’s locks). Without pushing or pulling the key, rotate it 180 degrees counter-clockwise. Insert the key and turn it 90° clockwise. Two different manufactures, 2 different style keys. Without the matching key, the only way to rekey the lock will be to pick it open, and although it’s usually not a problem for a skilled locksmith, it will often incur additional charges which can make it … Users must have their functioning key, a SmartKey Learn Tool, and a new Kwikset key. Difficult Rekey without Working Key; The major issue is the unreliability of the Gen 1 Smartkey system. 1-16 of 596 results for "kwikset rekey set" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. Besides, how do I know if my Kwikset lock is SmartKey? The lock that makes re-keying your own locks simple. This guide will show you how to re-key (or re-pin) them yourself without needing to call a Locksmith. The first is with a Kwikset Cradle. Click to see full answer. Rekeying Defiant brand locks is a quick DIY project. Defiant locks are popular among homeowners due to their low price point and functionality. The control key your referring to is just a small notch in the bottom of the key. Also, if you were a locksmith you should know better than to have Kwikset on your door.