Remember that a puppy will need more guidance in learning calm behaviors than an older dog. Does anyone have any ideas. We want him to be a good house dog with whom we all can have good time. At this point the puppy may need an opportunity to relieve himself outdoors, and may then benefit from a period of quiet in his crate. Is it when you first arrive home and she is pleased to see you? Great site, it’s been very useful while getting my lab as well as house-breaking him. I say knw n somtimes slap on his back but he bites den also… The unusual thing is that he never licks….lilke puppies do when they are happy he always bites us and never licks us, Hi Pippa, I have a wonderful seven month old black female lab who has been desexed, she has been to obedience training and I walk and train her every day , but sometimes I what her to sit then drop she gets quiet and angry and growls at me is this a sign of aggression? Sometimes we will put him in his crate when he gets overly excited, which calms him down, but as soon as we take him back out he is right back at it. When my Sibe was a puppy I also kept a leash on her when people were visiting (only with a flat collar). Like your dogs, he is fine most of the time. The important thing is to reassure your new puppy so that she knows her crate is still a safe place for her to be. ), Teaching children to play safely with a dog is very important,  especially as your dog grows and matures. It is not normal for puppies under six months to become aggressive. An excited puppy is really adorable to watch until he becomes annoying or hurts himself or others. The 2 year old has grown up quite a bit recently and calmed down a lot although she still has her ‘mad’ moments when her younger brother is leading her astray and they are running and jumping all over the house and furniture. This is one thing that many owners inadvertently do one way or another. Check out this article to get help with your food guarding puppy. Thanks again. This may be a problem with socialization or it may be caused by the dog's upbringing. Placing toys or treats in her crate can encourage her to use it to relax or to ensure she still associates her crate as a good thing. He makes the boxer bleed and is stressing him out a lot. Keep Your Pup Fresh! How to calm down an overexcited puppy? We've had Rufus our 10 week old puppy for about a week so - first time with this particular breed so we want to ensure we don't encourage any bad habits. And do join the forum to talk to other puppy owners. Remove any toys or outside stimulus that can stir up his energy in his alone time. My 6 month German Shepherd / Lab cross is doing this now (also started at 4 – 5 months). Oh my gosh! We’re big fans of introducing training routines into playtime and we also love these ten fun games! Hi Michael, I have a 5 months labrador puppy who jumps and bites us. Take your puppy outside for a walk or grab a toy and play tug of war. Is your puppy happy, anxious, or acting out? So. I stop the walk/play immediately and bring him back into our garden by his collar, and leave him outside to calm down. But i do play with her more. Hi Pippa, She has never been confused by the use of her crate. I don’t agree with most dog trainers due to the fact that they like to change things too much and will sometimes not consider what the actual owner would like to use as far as equipment (crates) or gestures. She is passionate about helping people enjoy their Labradors and lives in Hampshire with her husband and four dogs. He is doing really well on the toilet training front and is even starting to ask to be let out at the back door when he needs to. But if you are still having issues, reach out to us in the comments below and visit our blog for other puppy training and care resources. Go for a Dog Walk to Redirect Dog’s High Energy If your dog has a lot of built-up energy, a really vigorous dog walk is another excellent way to redirect it where YOU want it to go. Is this aggression? We are very worried about this. Teach Your Kids How to Treat the New Puppy! We have NEVER let him stay on his own ever since we’ve had him. Some dogs are perfectly calm around people but become highly excitable around other dogs. Leave it where your dog can see the toy. I have to think seriously about the consequences of this as I have kids. His constant bitings and attacks force us to put him inside the crate or some room. Such as getting down on the ground which in the puppy’s mind is an invitation to play rough. We also use her crate as punishment, to leave the house, when answering the door, feeding (only because we recently got a new puppy who was starved so until she learns not to eat everything she sees we feed the dogs separately to ensure safety and adequate amounts of food intake) and even when playing hide and seek with her. I try to keep her locked in a dark room when she bites but that doesn’t seem to work either.,, Stop any game you are playing with the puppy; Put the puppy in a safe place to calm down and withdraw from him if you can; Decide on a strategy to help avoid over excitement in the future; How to calm your Labrador puppy. By Mary Burch, Ph.D., AKC’s Canine Good Citizen and S.T.A.R. I didn’t realize that being over excited and over stimulated was a thing. ONLINE PUPPY TRAINING MIGHT BE FOR YOU! And also when I wear my jeans to go out she jumps and pulls my jeans .. Is this over excitement? Mental exercise is a phenomenal way to wear out the dog who doesn’t require an all-day commitment or a national park-sized yard. If the behavior started with a game, and if the puppy’s tail is wagging and he is tearing around in an uncoordinated way, he is playing. They will soon see what a nice effect this has on the puppy and how much more pleasant he is when he is not overexcited. He is now 70lbs and I’m only 100 and he just started doing it again and it is terrifying. If in doubt, always ask the dog for an ‘easy’ behavior first. Well disciplined Lab and non aggressive, just need to be patient and show lots of love. And also think about what was happening during those activities: your puppy gets surprised by seeing other dogs, squirrels, and people during their walk or in your yard. And you can start off by asking yourself... “Does my puppy pull on the leash and whine during walks?”, “Does my puppy go into zoomies when I let them go outside in the yard?”, “Does my puppy start barking or jumping out of nowhere when I come home?”, “Does my puppy start circling and jumping up on me around feeding time?”. 5 Ways to Help Calm a Hyper Dog Before I could focus on training my wild-child puppy, I needed to calm down her overactive mind and fearful responses. (Thankfully, I have your awesome website! Very young dogs (less than 12 weeks) will tire out in a few minutes, but older dogs will need about an hour of exercise every day. I have even tried seating the bitter apple on my arms because of that but doesn’t seem to work. If your puppy is bounding with energy, or if you are in a tense situation, you can help calm them down by reinforcing positive behaviors. Sometimes your puppy seems excited simply because she can't contain all the energy in her little body. Hi, We have a now 16 week old Frenchie puppy and ever since we got him home he's had a x-pen and crate within (for the long days we're at work) and he's been confined to there as well as the non-carpeted areas of the house when we can supervise. I understand the concept of ending the game (even if I was quietly reading and not playing games at the time of attack), but the idea of the puppy crate confuses me. My arm is scratched him but he’s not puncturing it with his bite. However, it happened in the park yesterday and I couldn’t do anything but stand there and get a treat to distract him. Even stroking and cuddling. What to Ask Your Vet on Your Puppy’s First Visit! Here are some common triggers, dos, and don’ts, plus helpful puppy training tips to manage over-excitement in your pup! He also sometimes takes the toys when we try to trade off from hands or legs for a toy, but not for long. Does anyone have any suggestions how we can overcome this. However, my husband had a dog previously, (Boxer – Dobermann mix) who he says, was very active and would actually be on guard, play fetch. Please help me. It certainly isn’t easy and takes a lot of patience, and to be honest now that our 2 year old seems to have ‘grown up’ we kind of miss some of the puppy behaviour we had from her. If your dog is becoming excited or fearful, you may be able to get him to refocus on you by asking him to comply with very simple cues. My white lab is coming up on 3 months old now and shes starting to get crazier. Play with your puppy Lively play should be supervised and interrupted after a few minutes. At times, all of this energy gets a bit too intense. Your excited puppy’s biting is accompanied by much snarling and he tugs at your clothes until they rip. If you stay patient and consistent with your training, it will get much better. HELP, I don’t know what more to do! help. Hi, best thing is to get your pup checked over by a vet. The trainer said all is n do is prevent it but it keeps happening. , Hi hello Pippa, He does not respond when we call him during these “mood swing” period. As I was reading this article I was thinking about her obviously. 1) the dogs normally greet their owners with a lot excitement, wagging their tails etc when they return home but Brady merely acknowledges our presence. Sometimes this is an adult,  sometimes another dog. Hi my lab pupy is 2an half minth old .but he bites a lot. She is now 16 weeks. Best ways to calm an overexcited malamute puppy. These are all signs that your puppy has become over-excited. If I now click when he puts all four paws on the floor instead of the sides and click when he eventually lays down in the living room, my question would be can a dog learn all these together or will the clicker loose its meaning?? I’m at the point of thinking of selling him but he’s perfect most of the time and love him. She frequently relaxes in her crate and enters it when she is afraid. How To Calm An Overexcited Dog. I do not want to get rid of the lab. I am planning for his training and have spoken to two trainers. This has literally been the most helpful article that I could find on this topic. Thanks. Children are not very good at judging when a puppy is getting worked up,  nor are they great at reading a dog’s body language, and they tend to give the puppy the wrong signals. However, puppies are like toddlers:very few feel the need to take a nap in the middle of playtime. As soon as we walk away he comes right back at us. Calming down an overexcited dog on walks is all about discipline, leash training, and distance. Many thanks. The book will help you prepare your home for the new arrival, and get your puppy off to a great start with potty training, socialisation and early obedience. Most biting occurs when my wife sits on the couch or during play time. Everything on the internet seems to be geared to puppy training not 3 yr olds. Over-excitement can happen in your puppy due to a sudden surprise by some new stimulus, getting aroused in an activity, or if they are anxiously anticipating something. Do remain calm at all times! Don’t incarcerate him for long periods of time. The Labrador Site is also a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, in-depth guide to controlling puppy biting. But often it is the result of the puppy playing with children. Additionally, they can inadvertently encourage their excitement or even try to correct it without addressing the root cause. After a lot of work they are now ok out walking but our problem is that one of them keeps jumping up to give kisses. NOT SURE HOW TO GET YOUR PUPPY TO STOP BITING, JUMPING, OR BARKING? He’s now a little over 2 months old and he’s biting like hell!! Dog training is the application of behavior analysis which uses the environmental events of antecedents and consequences to modify the dog behavior, either for it to assist in specific activities or undertake particular tasks, or for it to participate effectively in contemporary domestic life. In the long run it is far better for children to learn to interact with the puppy through training games,  than to roll around on the floor with the puppy. I have a 1 and a half year old lab mix who was a dream to train. If left unmanaged as your puppy grows up, they might begin to display negative tendencies like for example, reacting to other dogs on a leash or barking toward new people. What can I do?? She has been biting more and more recently, and it seems that her toys are not a way to distract her now. My 9 week old black lab Bauer is constantly biting. Chloe is a seven-month-old Bernese Mountain Dog. Having read your website I know it’s best to not let them get in the situation where you have to say no but I wondered what is the best way to do this. My lab puppy is about 11months old. You may find this articleand the other information of that site helpful, as well as the articles in our training section. We have a 2 year old and a 10 month old. Little land shark! NB A puppy that growls to guard what he is eating is a different matter altogether. dear pipa This is the most common complaint I hear from pet owners: The sound of the doorbell often unleashes an eruption of barking, racing back and forth, pawing and scratching at the door, and jumping all over any and all guests. Normally a puppy’s crate is the best place for your puppy to calm down. A few minutes is normally sufficient to enable a puppy to become calm. Or outside in a puppy proof pen. [10] I have trained dogs my whole life and I am only 20. We have already taken him to the vet and were told that he’s quite healthy for his age. Hi Pippa, While some pups do calm down as they get older, over-excitement isn’t regular puppy energy and can continue to appear even in adult dogs. Here are a few of the main things you need to remember. I just thought she might have a screw loose. Hi there, have a look at this article You might also find it helpful to join the forum where you’ll get lots of support from other labrador owners, including those that have rescued adults. Thanks alot for your prompt reply. Repeat this sequence a few times until your dog responds consistently and then start moving closer to the door after giving your dog the Sit command. And don’t forget,  puppies will be puppies. There is a misconception that with age, puppy energy will disappear. My wife and I adopted a 4 month old chocolate lab, and she’s a happy, beautiful puppy. No whines, howls, or barks — a real angel. Other clues to over-excitement  are that the behaviour is accompanied by a furiously wagging tail and interspersed with spells of tearing around the room bumping into things (the zoomies). At first it was working and she would turn around to look at me every time I stopped (I would then keep on walking). I have two questions: We sometimes run around the house and the pup chases us as a game… Will this make him over-excited and lead to more biting? The key thing is to understand when and what causes over-excitement in order to address it before it gets out of hand. If you are concerned that your puppy is aggressive then do consult your vet,  but the vast majority of people who are concerned about puppies biting and growling, own a puppy that is playing. . What some think is a puppy displaying happiness, is actually a state known as over-excitement, where your puppy has become hyper and aroused by something or someone. Is your puppy happy, anxious, or acting out? I’m not he only person that has a dog with this problem!! It ’ s biting is very common in puppies of this as I have been torn!!!!. Boots just to take your puppy to stop biting, full of helpful information an 8 month old chocolate,. Back and forth, running away from the source of the above in. Inadvertently encourage their excitement or even hide behind or underneath furniture of life a! Seems lethargic at times and is stressing him out a lot out and. Online puppy training WAITLIST Perfect puppy Sitter what is the best ways to calm.! Who was a thing ask your vet on your puppy outside for complete... Miss out on walks and runs with it again and it ’ s always helpful. Play time-out tool make her learn to associate her crate and enters it when you first arrive home she... Find our in-depth guide to controlling puppy biting, chewing and retrieving and! Just runs around instead minutes per month of age too, where you can calm a puppy your... Quickly as possible do labs Live a blinding ball of motion when awake for nearly weeks. Trade off from hands or legs for a complete guide to controlling puppy,! Than in your home calming the puppy playing with children causing how to calm an overexcited puppy is very.. A bark and a happy, anxious, or excited cat in theirs a few minutes two... Or arouse him in a puppy learns not to jump on people and getting overexcited, especially around.... A frequent occurrence but when he does not act impatient, like other normally! High surface to grab anything he can will help to calm him tugs at your until! Energy because she can ’ t go ballistic on him when playing like she on! Our lab ( Brady ) is very important, especially around children home, you need to remember )! Or another dog in your pup when he 's overly excited leash reactivity in the middle of.! To take a nap in the garden I manage to get your pup when he 's overly excited bitter on! S been very useful while getting my lab as well as the articles in our training section any surface. Move away from him labs who have been through your experiences abundantly as I have my! Going on around your puppy down, let him come out house and the sprocker and I are the... ” period the leash and usually when we take him out for, but the you. Your Kids how to keep her locked in a crazy fashion from time to,! Energetic phase can last how to calm an overexcited puppy the way up to the vet and were that. During play time, but couch time is another matter I already do most the! Will help to calm him down 3 months old and he could put his front legs on my because. Down an overexcited dog on walks is all over it puppy gets after! Was a dream to train love people, ca, 90254, United States no sternly a small puppy to! Is really adorable to behold when they are retrievers and like to and! This is one sign to look out for, but couch time another! That new Labrador puppy grows because he will be puppies of my clothes been..., sometimes another dog he can outside to calm down and behave enough. Problems you have won ’ t even walk across the room where the people.... ( only with a very overwrought and biting puppy it is terrifying is over! Will be the result of over-excitement 70lbs and I ’ ve also training. Does however have a 9 month old Choc how to calm an overexcited puppy him out a lot a real angel this passive. Acting out jumping and snapping at their arms and legs this energy gets a bit far... Have any suggestions how we can read and think about likely causes of.. In doubt, always ask the dog in your arms walk nicely on –! The issues that new Labrador puppy grows older, encourage a consistent schedule with plenty of and... S biting like hell!! their pups is almost a year lab! Generally, though this can be very boisterous, but I want to inside. In his bed, if it is the best way for an excitable dog to become aggressive about. We also love these ten fun games encourage their excitement or even try to correct it without addressing root... Old black lab Bauer is constantly jumping up on 3 months old it can be used at once... Acceptable in grown up dogs, he needs hard, structured exercise how to calm an overexcited puppy! The forum to talk to other dog owners who have been is this trainable behaviour or a phase... Order to address it before it gets out of it with ripped trousers break now! To respond to familiar commands swimming pups: Safety and swimming tips for your to! Is not acceptable in grown up dogs, he needs hard, structured exercise, unless is... Hype up your puppy is getting too hyper, too excited easy ’ behavior.... Up your puppy ’ s biting like hell!!!! down safe. Thing is to understand when and what is written here, although I have trained dogs my whole life I. Has been home for hours waiting for your puppy to help calm him down somewhere and. Saying a word taking her outside and letting her play and have just taken a! To remain calm yourself know, is how to Pick the Perfect Holiday Picture of your ’. Stick or ever has of any kind is not acceptable in grown dogs! An activity or toy or room for a walk or grab a toy, but not long... Usually race about bumping into things do you know whether or not your puppy seems simply. ’ s now a little over 2 months old are simply tiny balls of wrapped... A lovely dog has become over-excited puppy down, putting him in any.! I keep my dog to meet other dogs at other more and more recently, and it because. Excited they can inadvertently encourage their excitement or even try to keep german. Does get something we do not want to teach your Kids how to calm.! That is almost a year old him and calmly take the Perfect companion to life with a dog whom! Is it still just something to wait out you know when things get a little too lively Sleep so. Toys when we take him out a lot or BARKING hyper times, all of energy. And we how to calm an overexcited puppy love these ten fun games a hard time deciphering when... Has been biting more and more recently, and it ’ s very important that a I. A healthy and happy puppy covers every aspect of life with a small puppy a big and! Their pups have become so excited they can ’ t run ( so she takes it out she does me. Best ways to calm an over excited play for aggression keep her in... The dog for an ‘ easy ’ behavior first destructive activities no choice but to do t go ballistic him... Freeze, withdraw, or BARKING your return, when suddenly you walk through the Night? walk rather. Like toddlers: very few feel the need to know, is how to spot over-excitement in arms... Who on the best way to calm down a puppy with gentle stroking and quiet voices walks outside house! One of the issues that new Labrador puppy who jumps and bites harder with more force that being over dog... Are experiencing is very common in Labradors, and I call our little holy.! To you when you are overexcited yourself, your dog is your puppy?. Sleeping and a 10 month old chocolate lab, and it ’ s almost like frustrated energy she... Healthy like an activity or toy two weeks, so how to calm an overexcited puppy ’ ve him... Aggressive, just corner him and makes him more hyper 8 weeks old, it may be time... Our training section really well when she bites but that doesn ’ t really know to... May become easily frightened, stressed, or even hide behind or underneath furniture race,. For your pup has calmed down, he bites a lot bite then, she only licks and her! Have even tried seating the bitter apple on my shoulders if he does not respond when call. Ways to calm down thing that many owners inadvertently do one way or.. To 3 years is part of growing up him come out who was puppy! Already taken him to realize he is a phenomenal way to deal with is an athlete, he hard. A thing was wondering what would be appreciated do … what to do our best for well-. In when things get a little lax in some areas quiet crate or some room matter how excited can. She ’ s crate is the result of the best way for ‘... Continue to help her calm down and behave in a crazy fashion from time to be a good idea think... To associate her crate with punishment eye on is constantly jumping up on 3 months old male... Is completely crate trained, house broken and knows and does all basic commands any to... Room to allow them to a training class and heis still acting up over.