When various functions are properly planned and various policies are integrated then co-ordination will be easily achieved. 5. Also, conflict between the line executives and the staff poses the problem of coordination by the chief executive. Therefore, coordination is necessary to bring unity of action in the organization. Well aware people will be able to contribute in achieving organizational goals. v. Management should provide opportunities for employees across the levels to attend training in the areas of leadership, team building coordination, etc. ii. In short, it is the essence of management. The word is derived from the Greek word organon, which means tool or instrument, musical instrument, and organ 5. This helps to make use of optimum resources. Tight control of dynamic interfaces is essential to achieving project cost, schedule and scope targets. This may be illustrated as follows – Commun­ication – Understanding – Good human relations – Cooperation – Coordin­ation. Co-Ordination is the Most Important Function: Co-ordination is the most important function of every organisation. This is a self-control technique. A well co-ordinated organisation can attract, retain and utilise better personnel and improve human relations by reconciling individual and organisational objectives. vi. Privacy Policy3. Coordination is facilitated by exchange of such ideas and information and brings people together. In the face of disruptive forces co-ordination helps to ensure unity of action. The management should encourage the employees to have friendly relationship with others. An effective communication should be in place. So direction of employees will also lead to co-ordination. When an individual is working, there is no need for coordination. This is the synergetic effect of co-ordination. The process by which a manager synchronizes the activities of different department is known as coordination. How to use coordination in a sentence. According to them, coordination is a part of the managerial functions of planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling. planning, directing, organising, controlling, staffing, leading, etc. The informal relations speed up the activity of the cooperation. There should be a proper delegation of authority and responsibility at all levels of management. Clearly Defined Goals – The goals of the organisation must be defined clearly. By coordination, we mean a process, used by the management to synchronise various activities in the organisation. Organizational factors should not b… Therefore, synchronization between them is essential. When people in an organization is capable of independent and self-directed action and if their actions lie in different directions, coordination becomes difficult to achieve. A higher degree of coordination happens when the degree of integration in the performance of various functions increases. However, the management can always make special efforts to improve it. Concept Features and Importance of Direction, Fundamentals of Business Mathematics & Statistics, Fundamentals of Economics and Management – CMA. Louis A. Allen also regards coordination as one of the separate managerial functions. Process 12. 7. (i) At top level co-ordination is needed to synchronise the activities of the organisation for achieving overall goals of the firm. In the absence of co-ordination, administration will not be possible. A vast number of variables due to the incompleteness of human knowledge limit the degree of co-ordination. Lack of systematic method of developing and adopting new ideas and programmes act as a constraint in effective co-ordination. 7. (c) To complete the various activities of the enterprise as per planned schedule. Coordination and Managerial Functions 15. Essence of Management. It is a by-product of good management. According to Newman, “Since co-ordination is concerned with the inter­relationships of separate activities, it can be no better than the transfer of information about those activities to some common point or points, where the dovetailing takes place.”. Therefore, there is unity of action among the employees, groups, and departments. The basic function of coordination in an enterprise is the same as that of an orchestra conductor who directs the activities of the orchestra party in such a manner that it produces harmony in music. Administration and co-ordination are one and the same thing; one is not possible without the other. Multiple departments usually perform the work for which an organization exists. 6. 3. It is however the essence of management for achieving harmony among individual efforts towards the accomplishment of group goals. Establishment of employees’ grievances cell. By awarding overlapping efforts and depletion of work co-ordination helps to improve the efficiency of operations. This will avoid resistance from the workers. Therefore, this should be promoted in the organisation. It is an effort to ensure the objections of the business with minimum friction and maximum co-ordination among various segments of the business.