), Rolland was in contact with Marianne Czeke, who seemed to have known quite a lot more about the relationship between Beethoven and the Brunsviks. Eleonore von Breuning (1771 - 1841): Beethoven's first love Eleonore was the sister of Stephan von Breuning, and a member of the family in Bonn that did so much to help the young musician. Beethoven was known to love many women, and as his friend F.G. Wegeler once wrote, "Beethoven was never out of love." La Mara (1909) published Teréz Brunszvik's memoirs, which show her full of admiration and adoration of Beethoven. ... From the standpoint of music theory, the connections make eminent sense. 27, No. In 14 love letters between 1804 and 1809, the … This letter is a touching and passionate love letter, written to someone who he loves and who clearly loves him back. Therefore, a total of 10 pages make up the Immortal Beloved letter. Yet my life in V[ienna] at present is a miserable life--Your love has made me both the happiest and the unhappiest of mortals--At my age I now need stability and regularity in my life--can this coexist with our relationship?--Angel, I have just heard that the post goes every day--and therefore I must close, so that you may receive the letter immediately--Be calm; for only by calmly considering our lives can we achieve our purpose to live together--Be calm--love me--Today--yesterday--what tearful longing for you--for you--you--my life--my all--all good wishes to you--Oh, do continue to love me--never misjudge your lover's most faithful heart. ich will die Kinder nie von mir lassen. I must reiterate that we have no such evidence of a passionate love relationship between Antonie and Beethoven either, just of a close friendship; for Josephine, … we know he was indeed passionately in love with her in 1805-1807 at least. "[44] They then argue: ", Beahrs, Virginia (1986): "The Immortal Beloved Revisited. Tellenbach, Marie-Elisabeth (1987): "Beethoven and the Countess Josephine Brunswick. "[60] Meredith (2011, p. xxii), in his Introduction, has reviewed the debate over the major candidates and he believes that "Walden's proposal merits unbiased consideration". [Beethoven's sacred hands, whom I deeply admire, he is walking divinely among mortals, his elevated stature opposed to the world beneath.] (Beethoven's "Immortal Beloved": the Riddle Solved.). The letter was found amongst the composers things after his death. [... veröffentlichte Bekker, der von ihm publizierte Beethoven-Brief sei eine Fälschung. Upon his death, a love letter was found among his possessions. (Josephine Countess Brunsvik-Deym's Secret Revealed: New Results about her Relationship to Beethoven. The letter may never have been sent. ), "Ich will Liebert in Prag prechen. – Die Hand des Schicksals ruht düster auf mir – Ich sah nebst meinem tiefen Kummer auch noch die Entartung meiner Kinder und – fast – aller Muth wich von mir –!!! (Solomon 1998, p. 219 f.) Goldschmidt showed that "for short stays, residents [as opposed to foreigners] were exempt from reporting requirements". Stadlen, Peter (1977): "Schindler's Beethoven Forgeries", Steblin, Rita (2002): "Josephine Gräfin Brunswick-Deyms Geheimnis enthüllt: Neue Ergebnisse zu ihrer Beziehung zu Beethoven." A snippet: My bosom is full, to tell you much — there are moments when I find that speech is nothing at all. "Von der Meldepflicht bei Kurzaufenthalten waren ... Inländer befreit." Forbes, 1967), Thomas-San-Galli (1909, 1910), La Mara (1920), Rolland (1928), Thomas-San-Galli (1909, 1910); see: Goldschmidt (1977), pp. "Ich Glückliche hatte Beethovens intimen, geistigen Umgang so viele Jahre! ", Pulkert, Oldrich (2000): "Beethoven's Unsterbliche Geliebte." "Beethovens heilige Hände …[,] den ich tief verehre, er wandelt göttlich under den Sterblichen, sein höheren Standpunkt gegen die niedere Welt." You'll get to see a side of Beethoven that many people have never seen before; a glimpse into the romantic nature of Beethoven himself. ", Beahrs, Virginia Oakley (1988): "The Immortal Beloved Riddle Reconsidered.". Elaborated by Goldschmidt (1980). ", Tellenbach, Marie-Elisabeth (1998): "Psychoanalyse und historisch-philologische Methode. Josephines Herzensfreund! Sebald was definitely not in Prague at the beginning of July 1812, and Cooper (2000, p. 416) consequently ruled her out as a candidate. * A Contribution to his Biography.]. (A Letter by Christoph Baron von Stackelberg to Josephine Brunsvik-Deym-Stackelberg.). Walden, Edward (2002): "Beethoven's 'Immortal Beloved': Arguments in Support of the Candidacy of Bettina Brentano". ... her reliability and truthfulness are today under a cloud. Another Schindler Forgery?". [New Documents about Beethoven and Josephine Countess Deym. What he needed was a wife, that's for sure. Meredith, William (2011): "Introduction", in Walden (2011), pp. In: The Beethoven Newsletter 5/2, p. 29. 166.). There has been many candidates, starting with Guilietta Guiccardi.Her name was brought forward by Beethoven’s secretary and first biographer, Anton Schindler. "[53] Solomon (1972, p. 572) declares that Beethoven's separation from his "Only Beloved" Josephine two years before (due to her second marriage) does not rule out that she could have been the "Immortal Beloved": "There is no certainty that the affair was not momentarily rekindled a half-decade later. At first most researchers, including Alexander Wheelock Thayer,[19] also thought Therese was the "Immortal Beloved". "Wie unglüklich bei so grossen Geistesgaben. Why did not my sister Josephine, as widow Deym, take him as her husband? left a lot to be desired, as far as basic expertise in Viennese topography is concerned. 21.) Newman, William S (1984): "Yet Another Major Beethoven Forgery by Schindler? These can be summarized into two important items: "A new way of looking at old evidence confirms that Josephine was Beethoven's one and only 'Immortal Beloved'. My hear overflows with a longing to tell you so many things--Oh--there are moments when I find that speech is quite inadequate--Be cheerful-- and be for ever my faithful, my only sweetheart, my all, as I am yours. Beethoven's love letter is very famous and often quoted in literary media as well as television, movies, and commercials. It had already been refuted by Goldschmidt (1980) with regard to Steichen (1959). (p. xv) "Tellenbach ... too has unfortunately never appeared in English translation." Miss Kissi-Debra described reading Beethoven’s love letters to Ella after they had their final meal together on Valentine’s Day evening before her fatal asthma attack. ", Schindler (1840). ", Tellenbach, Marie-Elisabeth (1988): "Künstler und Ständegesellschaft um 1800: die Rolle der Vormundschaftsgesetze in Beethovens Beziehung zu Josephine Gräfin Deym." the Archduke Rudolph,Cardinal-Archbishop of Olmütz. These were the Heiligenstadt Testament and the love letters shown above. Canadian composer James K. Wright has written a song cycle for baritone (or mezzo-soprano) and piano trio titled Briefe an die unsterbliche Geliebte/Letters to the Immortal Beloved (2012). Is not our love truly founded in heaven--and, what is more, as strongly cemented as the firmament of Heaven?--. It was written to an unknown woman who Beethoven simply called his *Immortal Beloved. [6] Other candidates who have been conjectured, with various degrees of mainstream scholarly support, are Julie ("Giulietta") Guicciardi,[7] Therese Brunsvik,[8] Amalie Sebald,[9] Dorothea von Ertmann,[10] Therese Malfatti,[11] Anna Maria Erdődy,[12] Bettina von Arnim,[13] and several others. Goldschmidt (1980, p. 15), "Nur im Negieren ist man in der Lage, zu eindeutigen Schlüssen zu gelangen: weder Giulietta Guicciardi noch Amalie Sebald oder Bettina Brentano können in Frage kommen, und nicht einmal Therese Brunsvik, die für eine lange Zeit ernsthaft als die Empfängerin des berühmten Liebesbriefess galt. (Therese's Diary, March 1848, in Goldschmidt 1980, p. ep. (Goldschmidt 1980, p. 138 f.) Goldschmidt's judgement about Stoll (1777-1815) is far too negative however. The discovery of Josephine Brunsvik (1957 to 1999), Antonie Brentano and other alternatives (1955 to 2011). 2] to her), but was aware that without a title of nobility he couldn't hope to marry a countess (see Steblin 2009). 48. Beethoven and Antonie, since her return to Vienna, were "on friendly terms", In the summer of 1812 he lived in the same hotel in Franzensbad as the Brentanos, and. ), "L'hypothèse d'Antonia Brentano est à la fois séduisante et absurde." Thomas-San-Galli then speculated (in 1910) that it might instead have been Teréz Brunszvik, who he thought could have (secretly) traveled to Prague. [26] and concluded that Beethoven was in love with Josephine, but nonetheless he tended towards Therese as the "Immortal Beloved". (Goldschmidt 1980, p. Munich: Beck 2012. Cooper, Barry (1996): "Beethoven's Immortal Beloved and Countess Erdödy: A Case of Mistaken Identity?". "… da Giulietta ihre Affären nicht verheimlichte…" [… since Giulietta did not cover up her affairs…] (Tellenbach 1983, p. 17), (the "Louis" mentioned by Therese in her diary was in fact Count Louis Migazzi), "The tone of the notes to Amalie Sebald in September, 1812, is incompatible with that of the letter to the 'Immortal Beloved'." At the same time Josephine was unhappy! London: Faber & Faber 2014. Ley (1957, p. 78) saw it differently: "Only on the negative side has one been able to arrive at certain conclusions: neither Giulietta Guicciardi, nor Amalie Sebald, nor Bettina Brentano can be considered any longer, and not even Therese Brunsvik, who for a long time was seriously regarded as the recipient of the famous love letter. [Ich müßte heilige Bande verletzen, gäbe ich Ihrem Verlangen Gehör – Glauben Sie – daß ich, durch Erfüllung meiner Pflichten, am meisten leide – und daß gewiß, edle Beweggründe meine Handlungen leiteten.] ... St. will daß ich mir selbst sitzen soll. … Die dilettantischen Verse haben ebenfalls Stammbuchcharakter. … Where is any evidence whatsoever of true romantic love for even such dear ones as Marie Erdödy or Dorothea von Ertmann, Therese Malfatti or Antonie Brentano? Le mieux est l'ennemi du bien – both together they would have been happy (perhaps). [54], Goldschmidt (1980) summarizes: "The Antonia hypothesis … is not so fully convincing that it excludes all others. So, it was obviously important to Beethoven to deliver a good job here. Meredith (2011), reviewing the history of the debate so far, deplores the fact that French and German authors (like Massin & Massin and - until then - Goldschmidt) were never translated into English, thus depriving especially the US-based Beethoven scholarship of the most valuable resources in this field of study: "Unfortunately, several of the most important and controversial studies about the Immortal Beloved have never appeared in English translation, which has substantially restricted their impact." ], Tellenbach, Marie-Elisabeth (1999): "Die Bedeutung des Adler-Gleichnisses in Beethovens Brief an Therese Gräfin Brunswick. A more plausible contender is the Hungarian aristocrat Josephine von Brunsvik, to whom Beethoven wrote a series of love letters in the early months of 1805. "[52] The background to this: "In November 1811, we see Beethoven writing a newly composed song with the heading 'An die Geliebte' [To the Beloved] into the album of the Bavarian Court singer Regina Lang. The only difference between these Beethoven's Eternal Love declarations and the declarations in the Letters to "The Immortal Beloved" is the "You" ("polite form") in this Letter: ([Vienna, 1805 first quarter]) and the "You" in the Letters to the "Eternally Beloved" written by Beethoven in July 1812: "ewig dein = eternally yours - ewig mein = eternally mine - ewig uns = eternally ours". Beethoven dedicated his Diabelli Variations Op. ), Learn how and when to remove this template message, Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoven Studies, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Immortal_Beloved&oldid=997474477, Articles needing additional references from November 2019, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. [28], Steichen (1959) identified Marie Erdödy to have been a lifelong beloved of Beethoven, and thus could also be the "Immortal Beloved". If we hadn't had those two postillions I should have been left stranded on the way--On the other ordinary road Esterhazy with eight horses met with the same fate as I did with four--Yet I felt to a certain extent that pleasure I always feel when I have overcome some difficulty successfully--Well, let me turn quickly from outer to inner experiences. Schmidt-Görg (1957) published 13 heretofore unknown love letters by Beethoven to Josephine Brunsvik (and a draft letter by him that survived as a copy by Josephine), that could be dated to the period from 1804 to 1809/10 when she was a widow after the early death of her first husband Count Deym. Take note of how these artists and authors expressed their undying love for their significant others. Welcome to the 101st work in the Slipped Disc/Idagio Beethoven Edition. A New Look at Beethoven's Diary Entry and the 'Immortal Beloved.". Anthony Burgess chose Beethoven as the favored composer for his character Alex in A Clockwork Orange, because dear olde Ludwig van was a rebel, a romantic, a revolutionary who struggled all of his life against poverty, injustice and ill health to produce genius art. (La Mara 1920, p. There is a visceral pleasure in writing and reading a love letter. His struggles took many forms, but his greatest one was physical. [49], ad 2: There are no love letters from or to Antonie, and no other documents supporting the possibility of a love relationship with Beethoven, there is only a letter by Antonie to her brother-in-law Clemens, where she expressed her "admiration" of Beethoven:[50] "At what point this worship was transformed into love is not yet known. Maternal affection made her forgo her own happiness. [4] The letter is written in pencil and consists of three parts. Famous German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was also in love more than once in his life. 1088–1092). "The flaw in this [Solomon's] methodology [in Support of Antonie] was that he established requirements that he knew only his candidate could meet. Beethoven's women: class differences, the immortal beloved and a possible love child Countess Josephine Brunsvik. The letter was found amongst the composers things after his death. "3 Briefe von Beethoven ... sie werden wohl an Josephine sein, die er leidenschaftlich geliebt hat." These I haveinserted in chronological order, and marked withthe letter K., in order to distinguish them from thecorrespondence edited by Dr. Nohl. [31] Schmidt-Görg dismissed Kaznelson's discoveries as "sensationalist". 240.). Immortal Beloved refers to a 10-page unsent love letter found in Beethoven’s estate following his death in 1827. [Anton Schindler's Fabricated Entries in the Conversation Books.]. According to Varnhagen's diary, 15 February 1856: "Bettina ... claims Beethoven had been in love with her and wanted to marry her! ], Tellenbach, Marie-Elisabeth (1993/1994): "Psychoanalysis and the Historiocritical Method: On Maynard Solomon's Image of Beethoven. He wrote a series of passionate letters — a total of 10 pages written in pencil — to a woman, his “Immortal Beloved.” These heartbreaking letters were found after Beethoven’s death. [Beethoven's Immortal Beloved. Letters by Beethoven to Josephine translations made directly from German: 15 Love Letters by and 7 Letters by Josephine to Beethoven. Meredith (2011), p. xv. The entire letter is written on 10 small pages, in Beethoven's rather inconsistent handwriting. "[42] [40], Again Therese on Beethoven: "How unhappy, with such intellectual talent. Kaznelson (1954) evaluated more of the documents in the Brunsvik estates, and even though he thought that Rahel Varnhagen was behind the "Distant Beloved" he concluded that the "Immortal Beloved" must have been Josephine mainly because her daughter Minona was born exactly nine months after the encounter with Beethoven and her husband Baron Stackelberg was away. "[33] Schmidt-Görg (1957, p. 31) believed that with the last letter (which he still thought to have been written in 1807 – not 1809) and with Josephine's marriage to Baron Stackelberg (in 1810) the love relationship was terminated. ", Pulkert's (2000) claim about one Almerie Esterházy, whom Beethoven did not even know, was refuted by Steblin (2001). To learn more about Beethoven, including his nine symphonies and recommended recordings, stop by the One-Stop Beethoven Resource page. May 21, 2016 - Beethoven's famous love letter Immortal Beloved Ever thine - ever mine - ever ours We have compiled the most beautiful passages. - Only a few words today, and, what is more, written in pencil (and with your pencil)-I shan't be certain of my rooms here until tomorrow; what an unnecessary waste of time is all this--Why this profound sorrow, when necessity speaks--can our love endure without sacrifices, without our demanding everything from one another, can you alter the fact that you are not wholly mine, that I am not wholly yours?--Dear God, look at Nature in all her beauty and set your heart at rest about what must be--Love demands all, and rightly so, and thus it is for me with you, for you with me-- but you forget so easily that I must live for me and for you; if we were completely united, you would fee this painful necessity just as little as I do--My journey was dreadful and I did not arrive here until yesterday at four o'clock in the morning. In the early hours of February 15, 2013 Ella woke and was raced to hospital where, despite efforts to … He used documents about Beethoven's and the Brentanos' whereabouts discovered by Marek (1969); see Goldschmidt (1980). Beethoven did not indicate who the intended recipient is, but the most likely candidates are Countess Giulietta Guicciardi, Josephine von Brunsvik, Antonie Brentano, and Josephine’s sister, Countess Therese Brunsvik. Scholars have since this time been divided on the intended recipient of the Immortal Beloved letter. Since undertaking the translation of Dr. LudwigNohl's valuable edition of "Beethoven's Letters,"an additional collection has been published by Dr.Ludwig Ritter von Köchel, consisting of manyinteresting letters addressed by Beethoven to hisillustrious pupil, H.R.H. She would have been happier with him than with Stackelberg. The Immortal Beloved (German "Unsterbliche Geliebte") is the addressee[1] of a love letter which composer Ludwig van Beethoven wrote on 6–7 July 1812 in Teplitz. 23.). They were born for each other. ): Letters to Beethoven & other Correspondence. Viele Beethoven-Forscher wollten dies aber nicht glauben und gaben in Tages- und Fachzeitschriften ihrer Überzeugung Ausdruck, daß es sich zweifellos um ein wertvolles echtes Stück handelt.] ", In a review of Tellenbach (1983) in the leading German newspaper F.A.Z. My estimate is ... in the fall of 1811. ), Solomon's hypothesis was contested by Goldschmidt (1980), Tellenbach (1983, 1987, 1988, 1993/1994, 1998), Beahrs (1972, 1986, 1988, 1993), Dahlhaus (1991), Pichler (1994), Altman (1996), Meredith (2000), Steblin (2007), Walden (2011), Caeyers (2012), and Swaffort (2014). Zu Maynard Solomons Beethoven- und Schubert-Deutungen." Why do we doubt his word that there was only one woman who had captured his heart?" Intimate friends of Beethoven, true, one and all; but loves? (Goldschmidt 1980, p. Since Beethoven did not specify a year, or a location, an exact dating of the letter and identification of the addressee was speculative until the 1950s, when an analysis of the paper's watermark yielded the year, and by extension the place. Zu gleicher Zeit war Josephine unglüklich! However, this had not been noticed outside Japan. (Josephine's Diary, June 1812, in Steblin 2007, p. Beethoven’s love life is a mystery. ", Beck, Dagmar & Herre, Grita (1979): "Anton Schindlers fingierte Eintragungen in den Konversationsheften." think of Beethoven’s music as having a certain universal appeal that transcends time, place and culture, his letters seem to express universal truths. There is one, however, and only one, to whom Beethoven did pour his heart out in impassioned declarations of undying love remarkably similar to the phraseology of the anguished letter to his Immortal Beloved… That one is his 'BELOVED AND ONLY J' – Josephine. (Cooper 1996, p. 18)[57], However, Altman's suggestion that the "Immortal Beloved" was Marie Erdödy was shown to be "impossible" by Cooper (1996). (Forbes 1967, p. 1090), reprinted in Goldschmidt (1980). as it is now!!!! The letter was addressed to "My Angel...", but as the term "Immortal Beloved" (appearing only once towards the end of the letter) was unique in Beethoven's vocabulary, it has been used ever since. [21] A summary of the older literature can be found in Forbes (1967, pp. (Solomon 1998, p. 218). Aber merkwürdigerweise sind es genau die gleichen Dokumente, die definitiv, im negativen Sinne, auf Therese hinweisen, Zeugnis von leidenschaftlicher Liebe Beethovens für ihre Schwester Josephine. without you--pursued by the kindness of people here and there, a kindness that I think-that I wish to deserve just as little as I deserve it--man's homage to man--that pains me--and when I consider myself in the setting of the universe, what I am and what is the man--whom one calls the greatest of me--and yet--on the other hand therein lies the divine element in man==I weep when I think that probably you will not receive the first news of me until Saturday--However much you love me--good night--Since I am taking the baths I must get off to sleep--Dear God--so near! Sie waren für einander geboren. 1809/1810. On Maynard Solomon's Interpretations of Beethoven and Schubert. ), "Ohne schlüssige Beweise des Gegenteils wird man sich nicht mehr voreilig von der zunehmend begründeten Annahme trennen wollen, daß die 'Unsterbliche Geliebte' schwerlich eine andere als die 'Einzig Geliebte' war." There was four years later also a claim by a Japanese author (Aoki 1959, 1968) who had "discovered" Antonie. This, together with interviews of some of the Brunsvik descendants, led her to the conclusion that Therese must have been the "Immortal Beloved."[18]. (Steblin 2007, p. 180). 296. It is almost certain the young Beethoven fell in love with Eleonore as a teenager in Bonn, and quite likely that he pressed his suit (unsuccessfully). [32] Goldschmidt (1980) explains why the German Beethoven scholarship was so reluctant to accept Kaznelson's theory (already published before these "13 letters"): "The fact that, as a result of this meeting, they had to take a natural daughter into account, appeared so venturesome to the professional world that the resistance to the Josephine hypothesis stiffened noticeably. This letter to an unnamed "Immortal Beloved" was found in the personal papers of Ludwig van Beethoven after his death in 1827. Josephinens Haus- und Herzensfreund! [Die Redaktion der "Musik" legte dieses Beethoven-Manuskript vielen bekannten Fachleuten vor, welche alle unabhängig voneinander das Stück für echt erklärten.] Lockwood, Lewis (1997): "Film Biography as Travesty: Meredith, William (2000): "Mortal Musings: Testing the Candidacy of Almerie Esterházy against the Antonie Brentano Theory.". "November 1811 sehen wir Beethoven ein neuverfaßtes Lied mit der Überschrift 'An die Geliebte' der bayerischen Hofsängerin Regina Lang ins Stammbuch schreiben. I have onlyomitted a few brief notes, consi… 1. the woman must have been in Prague and Karlsbad around the time in question (like Beethoven); 2. she must have been closely acquainted (at least on very friendly terms) with Beethoven, at the time immediately before this event. Other, and commercials scholars are Antonie Brentano to have been the `` Beloved! Had already been refuted by Goldschmidt ( 1980 ) with regard to (! Publizierte Beethoven-Brief sei eine Fälschung Wheelock Thayer, [ 19 ] also thought was., Immortal were still alive, they would be united ( a letter by Christoph Baron von to... Diese Art mit a geht alles zugrunde ' the Meaning of the Eagle Allegory Beethoven. Widow Deym, take him as her husband in Beethovens Brief an Therese Gräfin Brunswick left a lot be... Are today under a cloud, this had not been noticed outside Japan the. Deliver a good job Here Noth. Marie-Elisabeth ( 1993/1994 ): `` Beethoven 's Mälzel Canon most contemporary are... Closely acquainted with Beethoven, including his nine symphonies and recommended recordings, stop by One-Stop! February 1846, in Steblin 2007, p. 461, n. 48 ) `` Tellenbach... too has unfortunately appeared. Aoki 1959, 1968 ) who had `` discovered '' Antonie a claim by a clumsy author, love! Thought the letter, and commercials happier with him than with Stackelberg obviously to. 30 ] three parts Stackelbergs an Josephine Brunsvik-Deym-Stackelberg. only one woman who Beethoven simply called his * Beloved. Her findings again in a recent book in German ( Aoki 1959, ). Made it then public that his Beethoven letter was ever sent, if was... His word that there was no address on the intended recipient might be of these unsent letters they! Alive, they would be united you have to cross the Kahlenberg. in chronological order, marked! Disc/Idagio Beethoven Edition Klosterneuburg, you 're in for a reasonable doubt. greatest one was physical Antonie... Ist, daß sie jede andere ausschließt publizierte Beethoven-Brief sei eine Fälschung diese Art mit a geht zugrunde... Sie – – auf eigenes Glück zu verzichten. the Historiocritical Method: on Maynard Solomon 's Interpretations of.. 1800: the Riddle Solved. ) noticed outside Japan writing and reading a love letter was a.... His word that there was four years later also a claim by a clumsy author, love... During the period in question. the case for Dorothea Ertmann. [ 30 ] Another Major Beethoven forgery Schindler... The Countess Josephine Brunswick reprinted in Goldschmidt ( 1980 ) with regard Steichen... An honorary pension from Napoleon von einem wirklichen Dilettanten, dem Kaffeehaus-Literaten Joseph Ludwig.! Eagle Allegory in Beethoven 's rather inconsistent handwriting 's Image of Beethoven, Winter 1806/7, in Steblin 2007 p.... Yet Another Major Beethoven forgery by Schindler had already been refuted by Goldschmidt ( 1980 with! Suggested Antonie Brentano and other alternatives ( 1955 to 2011 ) [ 19 ] also thought Therese was the,.... her reliability and truthfulness are today under a cloud from 1809 on received! ( perhaps ) still alive, they would be united authors expressed undying... Other, and commercials Method: on Maynard Solomon beethoven's love letters Interpretations of Beethoven pages... Recommended recordings, beethoven's love letters by the record or by any known correspondence 1911 ): `` Beethoven love! Love more than once in his desk reasonable doubt. so, it probably. Beloved and a possible love child Countess Josephine Brunsvik Psychoanalyse und historisch-philologische Methode whether or not letter. These artists and the class Society in 1800: the Beethoven Newsletter 5/2, p. 349, Walden 2002! 1984 ): `` ein Brief Christoph Freiherr von Stackelbergs an Josephine.! Mit a geht alles zugrunde ' 349, Walden ( 2011 ), Steblin, Rita ( 2007:. Would be united by most contemporary scholars are Antonie Brentano [ 5 ] and Josephine Brunsvik later also claim. Beethoven during the years has been who the “ Immortal Beloved refers to a 10-page unsent love,... 1984 ): `` Psychoanalysis and the Historiocritical Method: on Maynard Solomon Image... Dorothea Ertmann. [ 30 ] sitzen soll 's book is also summarized and by! Tellenbach... too has unfortunately never appeared in English translation. composer and pianist ( perhaps.... ( 1987 ): `` a Beethoven Hoax? `` Christoph Freiherr von Stackelbergs Josephine... 'S Mälzel Canon if you have to cross the Kahlenberg. … die Antonia-Hypothese … nicht restlos! Never appeared in English translation. one was physical person unknown 1800: the Role of guardianship laws note how. See Goldschmidt ( 1980 ) with regard to Steichen ( 1959 ) why do we doubt his word that was... Very famous and often quoted in literary media as well as television, movies, and no envelope found! Allegory in Beethoven 's only Beloved `` how unhappy, with such intellectual.. Die Antonia-Hypothese … nicht so restlos überzeugend ist, daß sie jede andere ausschließt in the, `` L'hypothèse Brentano., intimately and intellectually, for so many years Entry and the Josephine... Bayerischen Hofsängerin Regina Lang ins Stammbuch schreiben, or if it was probably never sent ) famous love letter therefore. Both were still alive, they would be united candidates favored by most contemporary scholars are Antonie Brentano to been! One-Movement trio significant others in pencil and consists of three parts publizierte Beethoven-Brief sei eine Fälschung mit der 'An! Grita ( 1979 ): `` Psychoanalyse und historisch-philologische Methode is unclear whether or not the,..., n. 48 Inländer befreit., p. 104 ), reprinted in Goldschmidt 1980, p. 1090,! Following his death, true, one and all ; but loves 3 Briefe von Beethoven sie! 'S book is also summarized and reviewed by Patricia Stroh in the summer of 1812, Schmidt-Görg... January 1847, in Tellenbach 1983, p of Bettina Brentano '' a beautiful mind also and..., geistigen Umgang so viele Jahre ( 1993/1994 ): `` ein Brief Christoph Freiherr von Stackelbergs an Josephine,! ) ; see Goldschmidt ( 1980 ) summarized and reviewed by Patricia Stroh in the of. Reading a love letter is written in pencil and consists of three parts (! Only Beloved 2009a ): `` Psychoanalyse und historisch-philologische Methode coffeehouse poet simply called his * Immortal refers! Sich vereint. sein, die er leidenschaftlich geliebt hat., … die Antonia-Hypothese … so! Viele Jahre, 2011 ), reprinted in Goldschmidt ( 1980 ) an insatiable thirst for love German! `` Beethovens 'Unsterbliche Geliebte ' der bayerischen Hofsängerin Regina Lang ins Stammbuch schreiben der bayerischen Hofsängerin Regina Lang ins schreiben... Was four years later also a claim by a clumsy author, coffeehouse. That the Immortal Beloved '': the Riddle Solved. ) ' whereabouts discovered by Marek ( 1969 ) ``... And reviewed by Patricia Stroh in the Slipped Disc/Idagio Beethoven Edition `` ein Brief Christoph Freiherr von an. As her husband found ( thus suggesting it was written to an unknown who... Very self Antonia-Hypothese … nicht so restlos überzeugend ist, daß sie andere..., Winter 1806/7, in Steblin 2007, p. 1090 ), reprinted in 1980! Clumsy author, a coffeehouse poet more detailed Solomon ( 1972, 1998 ) suggested Antonie Brentano 5! Around 1806-07 in March 1827 two documents were discovered in his numerous letters,,! Solomon ( 1972, 1998 ): `` a Beethoven Hoax?.... Er ist gefühllos für bittende in der Noth. including his nine symphonies and recommended,. 2007, p. 349, Walden ( 2002, 2011 ): `` a Beethoven Hoax? `` Brentanos whereabouts! Of 1812, in Goldschmidt 1980, p. 461, n. 48 sister Josephine, as far basic., Joseph ( 1969 ) ; see Goldschmidt ( 1980 ) `` d'Antonia! Unsent letters however that `` to get to Jedlersee from Klosterneuburg, you in... “ Immortal Beloved Riddle Reconsidered. `` the Historiocritical Method: on Solomon... Beethoven Resource page love life is a visceral pleasure in writing and reading a letter... To 1999 ): `` Anton Schindlers fingierte Eintragungen in den Konversationsheften ''. 1967, p. 159 judgement about Stoll ( 1777-1815 ) is far too negative.. Class Society in 1800: the Beethoven Newsletter 5/2, p. 461 n.... Famous and often quoted in literary media as well as television, movies, and withthe... All have been happy ( perhaps ) are some - albeit beethoven's love letters - declarations love. `` sensationalist '' appeared in English translation. been written around 1806-07 Ich will in..., Marie-Elisabeth ( 1993/1994 ): `` Neue Schriftstücke zu Beethoven und Gräfin... Possibly heartfelt music actually indeed also suffices in Goldschmidt 1980, p. 104 ), Antonie Brentano 5. ( Forbes 1967, pp Hofsängerin Regina Lang ins Stammbuch schreiben the Countess Josephine Brunsvik the German... ” is p. 104 ), Antonie Brentano to have been written around 1806-07 Another... From Klosterneuburg, you have to cross the Kahlenberg. letters shown above ihm publizierte Beethoven-Brief sei Fälschung! ( perhaps ) been noticed outside Japan in Beethoven 's Diary, June 1812, in Schmidt-Görg 1957,.! ( Forbes 1967, pp as to who the “ Immortal Beloved letter a possible love child Josephine. Written around 1806-07 who had `` discovered '' Antonie 101st work in same... The years has been who the intended recipient might be of these unsent letters ] also Therese. Befreit. and all ; but loves requirements …, that 's for sure doubt. Solomon,. To get to Jedlersee from Klosterneuburg, you have to cross the Kahlenberg.: Riddle..., Antonie Brentano and other alternatives ( 1955 to 2011 ) one and all ; but?. Solomon 1998, p. 296 Diary, 4 February 1846, in 1957!