In all these cultures, the swastika symbol does not appear to occupy any marked position or significance, appearing as just one form of a series of similar symbols of varying complexity. According to chronicles, the Rus' prince Oleg, who in the 9th century attacked Constantinople, nailed his shield (which had a large red swastika painted on it) to the city's gates. Anthropologist Frank Hamilton Cushing noted that among the Pima the symbol of the four winds is made from a cross with the four curved arms (similar to a broken sun cross), and concludes "the right-angle swastika is primarily a representation of the circle of the four wind gods standing at the head of their trails, or directions". Romero, Bieito (2009): Xeometrías Máxicas de Galicia. [130] The Finnish village of Tursa uses the tursaansydän as a kind of a certificate of authenticity on products made there, and is the origin of this name of the symbol (meaning "heart of Tursa"),[131] which is also known as the mursunsydän ("walrus-heart"). [188], In 2010 the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) downgraded the swastika from its status as a Jewish hate symbol, saying "We know that the swastika has, for some, lost its meaning as the primary symbol of Nazism and instead become a more generalized symbol of hate". The swastika is an ancient Baltic thunder cross symbol (pērkona krusts; also fire cross, ugunskrusts), used to decorate objects, traditional clothing and in archaeological excavations. Nkontim adinkra symbol representing loyalty and readiness to serve. [98] A number of swastikas have been found embossed in Galician metal pieces and carved in stones, mostly from the Castro Culture period, although there also are contemporary examples (imitating old patterns for decorative purposes).[99][100]. [79] On Japanese maps, a swastika (left-facing and horizontal) is used to mark the location of a Buddhist temple. [169][170][171], On 9 August 2018, Germany lifted the ban on the usage of swastikas and other Nazi symbols in video games. The earliest cross with a slanted footstool (pointing upwards, unlike the Russian cross) was introduced in the 6th century before the break between Catholic and Orthodox churches , … "[157], The swastika was also understood as "the symbol of the creating, effecting life" (das Symbol des schaffenden, wirkenden Lebens) and as "race emblem of Germanism" (Rasseabzeichen des Germanentums). [12][8] In various forms, it is otherwise known (in various European languages) as the fylfot, gammadion, tetraskelion, or cross cramponnée (a term in Anglo-Norman heraldry); German: Hakenkreuz; French: croix gammée; Italian: croce uncinata. The Christian cross, with or without a figure of Christ included, is the main religious symbol of Christianity. In the Polish First Republic the symbol of the swastika was also popular with the nobility. Occupy Wall Street, Ferguson, every riot in Portland and Seattle over the past 10-20 years…it’s there. [6], The German and Austrian postwar criminal code makes the public showing of the Hakenkreuz (the swastika), the sig rune, the Celtic cross (specifically the variations used by white power activists), the wolfsangel, the odal rune and the Totenkopf skull illegal, except for scholarly reasons. [132] The type of swastika adopted by the air-force was the symbol of luck for the Swedish count Eric von Rosen, who donated one of its earliest aircraft; he later became a prominent figure in the Swedish nazi-movement. The current seal also includes the text "There is no religion higher than truth. The swastika often represented perpetual motion, reflecting the design of a rotating windmill or watermill. It was later replaced with a thunderbird symbol. Communists of course believes the community, or the collective owns and controls all the means of production, distribution, and exchange for the common good, or in order to make sure that the nation’s wealth is fairly distributed. As a result of World War II and the Holocaust, many people in the West still strongly associate it with Nazism and antisemitism. [12], The right-facing swastika (卐) was adopted by several organizations in pre–World War I Europe, and later by the Nazi Party and Nazi Germany before World War II. Freed, S. A. and R. S., "Origin of the Swastika", Dunham, Dows "A Collection of 'Pot-Marks' from Kush and Nubia", Kush, 13, 131–147, 1965, a term coined by Anna Roes, "Tierwirbel", IPEK, 1936–37. © 2020 Copyright Law Enforcement Today - All Rights Reserved. The family reached its greatness in the 14th and 15th centuries and its crest can be seen in many heraldry books produced at that time. 36/2007", "Germany Lifts Ban on Nazi Symbols in Video Games", "Germany Lifts Ban on Swastikas in Videogames", "Hungary, hammer and sickle ban declared illegal", "Act C of 2012 on the Criminal Code, Section 335: Use of Symbols of Totalitarianism", "Latvia Bans Nazi, Soviet Symbols at Public Events", "Latvian bill would ban Soviet, Nazi symbols", "Lithuania court rules swastikas are part of historic legacy", "How the Nazi Flags in Charlottesville Look to a German", "How Germany dealt with its symbols of hate", Responding to Hate at School: A Guide for Teachers, Counselors and Administrators, "ADL Downgrades Swastika As Jewish Hate Symbol", "Black Ops Swastika Emblems Will Earn Xbox Live Ban", "2BR02B: the journey of a dystopian film – an interview with Leon Coward", "Tajikistan: Officials Say Swastika Part Of Their Aryan Heritage – Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty © 2008", "daily picture (News from Nepal as it happens)", Toy pandas bearing swastikas a cultural mix-up, "The Official Raelian Symbol gets its swastika back", Basic points unifying Theravāda and Mahāyāna, National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP), National Socialist German Doctors' League, National Socialist League for Physical Exercise (NSRL), Bulgarian National Socialist Workers Party, German National Socialist Workers' Party (Czechoslovakia), German National Movement in Liechtenstein, National Socialist Movement in the Netherlands, National Socialist Workers' Party of Denmark, Nationalist Liberation Alliance (Argentina), South African Gentile National Socialist Movement,, All articles with links needing disambiguation, Articles with links needing disambiguation from December 2020, Wikipedia articles needing page number citations from November 2019, Articles with Chinese-language sources (zh), Articles with German-language sources (de), Articles with dead external links from December 2017, Articles with permanently dead external links, Wikipedia indefinitely move-protected pages, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Sanskrit-language text, Instances of Lang-sa using second unnamed parameter, Articles containing Italian-language text, Articles containing Ancient Greek (to 1453)-language text, Articles containing Old French (842-ca. In Japanese the symbol is called "卍" (Hepburn: manji) or "卍字" (manji). During the early 1900s, the swastika was used as a symbol of electric power, perhaps because it resembled a waterwheel or turbine. This insignia was used on the party's flag, badge, and armband. The word swastika comes from Sanskrit: स्वस्तिक, romanized: svástika, meaning "conducive to well-being". [44] According to Guénon, the swastika in its polar value has the same meaning of the yin and yang symbol of the Chinese tradition, and of other traditional symbols of the working of the universe, including the letters Γ (gamma) and G, symbolizing the Great Architect of the Universe of Freemasonic thought. [84], In Russia before World War I the swastika was a favorite sign of the last Russian Empress Alexandra Feodorovna. "10,000-character"). [120][121] By the early 20th century, it was used worldwide and was regarded as a symbol of good luck and success. {{subst:DATE}}]] [disambiguation needed] (Japanese character). He suggests that this notion later flourished in Roman Mithraism, as the symbol appears in Mithraic iconography and astronomical representations. She placed it where she could for happiness, including drawing it in pencil on the walls and windows in the Ipatiev House – where the royal family was executed. [165], As a result, all use of it, or its use as a Nazi or hate symbol, is prohibited in some countries, including Germany. Make sure you click “following” and then click “see first” so you don’t miss a thing! This table explains the meaning of every japanese symbol. Etruscan pendant with swastika symbols, Bolsena, Italy, 700–650 BCE, Louvre Museum, Ancient Roman mosaics of La Olmeda, Spain. Sometimes on the drums, a male figure with a hammer-like object in either hand is shown, and sometimes it is more like a cross with crooked ends, or a swastika. It went out of business in the 1920s. ", "Megalithic Sites in England – Photo Archive", The swastika, the earlist known symbol and its migrations, The Mediterranean legacy in early Celtic Christianity: a journey from Armenia to Ireland, "Kolovrat – Historical Roots – Collection of articles", "Swastika signs on american advertisements and banners", "One of the World's Great Symbols Strives for a Comeback", "Flickr Album; "Probably the Best Photo's of Swastikas in the World, "Partiolippukunta Pitkäjärven Vaeltajat ry", "Finland's air force quietly drops swastika symbol", "Campaign site (campaign now closed)", "Latvia – Airforce Flag and Aircraft Marking", "Nozīme, Apvienotā Kara skola, 1938. gada izlaidums, Nr. Lafayette Escadrille insignia of the 103rd Aero Squadron and 3rd Pursuit Group. [citation needed], The compact swastika can be seen as a chiral irregular icosagon (20-sided polygon) with fourfold (90°) rotational symmetry. Sagan suggests that in antiquity a comet could have approached so close to Earth that the jets of gas streaming from it, bent by the comet's rotation, became visible, leading to the adoption of the swastika as a symbol across the world. [141][142] Various other Latvian Army units and the Latvian War College[143] (the predecessor of the National Defence Academy) also had adopted the symbol in their battle flags and insignia during the Latvian War of Independence. Look at what Black Lives Matter stands for and you’ll know why the organization and its followers have embraced the raised fist as their symbol. Called nkontim, swastikas could be found on Ashanti gold weights and clothing.[117]. This Bent Crucifix is "... a sinister symbol, used by Satanists in the sixth century, that had been revived at the time of Vatican Two. 3. During that time, the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison was the site of numerous, frequent protests against the bill, which consisted of your typical AFL-CIO union members, Occupy Wall Street nuts, and Marxist-Leninists, The New American continued. "卍" redirects here. [55], Mirror-image swastikas (clockwise and anti-clockwise) have been found on ceramic pottery in the Devetashka cave, Bulgaria, dated to 6,000 BCE.[57]. They pointed out that the swastika has been around for 5,000 years as a symbol of peace. According to painter Stanisław Jakubowski the "little sun" (Polish słoneczko) is an Early Slavic pagan symbol of the Sun, he claimed it was engraved on wooden monuments built near the final resting places of fallen Slavs to represent eternal life. [88] Also it was present on icons, vestments and clerical clothing[89] but in World War II it was removed, having become by association a symbol of the German occupation. It is a witchcraft symbol includes the horoscope signs. For a full pictorial reference guide to every symbol you could ever want to know, on any type of OS map, try the 1:25k map key . This article is brought to you by Sons of Vikings, an online store with hundreds of Viking related items including jewelry, drinking horns, t-shirts, viking clothing, home decor and more. In Chinese it is called 萬字 (wànzì) meaning "all things symbol", pronounced manji in Japanese, manja (만자) in Korean and vạn tự / chữ vạn in Vietnamese. In red, we see the social idea of the movement; in white, the nationalistic idea; in the hooked cross, the mission of the struggle for the victory of the Aryan man, and, by the same token, the victory of the idea of creative work. [58] Investigators have also found seals with "mature and geometrically ordered" swastikas that date to before the Indus Valley Civilisation (3300–1300 BCE). It is much easier to find out what socialists oppose. [108] Among the oldest petroglyphs is the seventh letter of the Armenian alphabet – Է – "E" (which means "is" or "to be") – depicted as a half-swastika. [133], In December 2007, a silver replica of the World War II-period Finnish air defence's relief ring decorated with a swastika became available as a part of a charity campaign.[134]. Besides its use as a religious symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, which can be traced back to pre-modern traditions, the swastika is also used by adherents of a large number of new religious movements which were established in the modern period. It further appeared in early Christian and Byzantine art in Central and South America. On 15 March 2007, the Federal Court of Justice of Germany (Bundesgerichtshof) held that the crossed-out symbols were "clearly directed against a revival of national-socialist endeavors", thereby settling the dispute for the future. In Armenia the swastika is called the "arevakhach" and "kerkhach" (Armenian: կեռխաչ)[107][dubious – discuss] and is the ancient symbol of eternity and eternal light (i.e. Swastikas have also been found on pottery in archaeological digs in Africa, in the area of Kush and on pottery at the Jebel Barkal temples,[60] in Iron Age designs of the northern Caucasus (Koban culture), and in Neolithic China in the Majiabang[61] and Majiayao[62] cultures. The Emblem of Bihar contains two swastikas. In Chinese and Japanese art, the swastika is often found as part of a repeating pattern. The tower they support is topped with a spire, in the middle of which is a swastika.[125]. [162], During World War II it was common to use small swastikas to mark air-to-air victories on the sides of Allied aircraft, and at least one British fighter pilot inscribed a swastika in his logbook for each German plane he shot down. A swastika border is one form of meander, and the individual swastikas in such a border are sometimes called Greek keys. The Papal Cross is the official symbol of the Catholic pope in Rome and may be used only by the Pope. It was used by the Assyrians to represent their sky god Anu, by the Chinese as a symbol of the earth; others used it as a sun-symbol. "right swastika"), and can also be called kagi jūji (鉤十字, literally "hook cross"). The Red Swastika Society, which is the philanthropic branch of Guiyidao, runs two schools in Hong Kong (the Hong Kong Red Swastika Society Tai Po Secondary School[197] and the Hong Kong Red Swastika Society Tuen Mun Primary School[198]) and one in Singapore (Red Swastika School). [30][31], By the 19th century, the term Swastika was adopted into the English lexicon, replacing gammadion from Greek γαμμάδιον. Some may claim that the raised fist is a symbol of power or as Wikipedia says a symbol of “solidarity generally with oppressed people.” However what cannot be ignored is the raised fist’s ties to Marxism and communism. The logo was replaced in 1933, when Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany. The word was first recorded by the ancient linguist Pāṇini in his work Ashtadhyayi. The Swastika Laundry was a laundry founded in 1912, located on Shelbourne Road, Ballsbridge, a district of Dublin, Ireland. The “bent cross” ferula, or staff, which is a hideous rendition of a crucifix, shows our Lord’s legs immodestly spread apart and shows the cross bars bent, rather than straight. The device currently is not connected to a mobile network, e.g. The icon is also found as a sacred symbol in the Bon tradition, but in the left facing mode.[195][196]. The placard was displayed in opposition to the campaign of right-wing nationalist parties for local elections. Ir Indo, Vigo. At the Northern edge of Ilkley Moor in West Yorkshire, there is a swastika-shaped pattern engraved in a stone known as the Swastika Stone. They acknowledge their god as Baal or Lucifer. Eimskipafjelag Íslands[126] from its founding in 1914 until the Second World War when it was discontinued and changed to read only the letters Eimskip. In the 1880s the Theosophical Society adopted a swastika as part of its seal, along with an Om, a hexagram or star of David, an Ankh and an Ouroboros. All the latest Law Enforcement Today news, updates and alerts delivered straight to your phone or inbox. Socialism runs the gamut, from communism to less severe forms such as social democracy. A cross with a figure of Christ affixed to it is termed a crucifix and the figure is often referred to as the corpus (Latin for "body"). The swastika symbol, 卐 (right-facing or clockwise) or 卍 (left-facing or counterclockwise), is an ancient religious icon in the cultures of Eurasia. [145] The Pērkonkrusts, an ultra-nationalist political organization active in the 1930s, also used the fire cross as one of its symbols. Since the end of the 20th century, and through the early 21st century, confusion and controversy has occurred when consumer goods bearing the traditional Jain, Buddhist, or Hindu symbols have been exported to the West, notably to North America and Europe, and have been interpreted by consumers as bearing a Nazi symbol. It is a common misconception that Hitler used the Swastika symbol. Historically, the design has been found in excavations of Mississippian-era sites in the Ohio and Mississippi River valleys, and on objects associated with the Southeastern Ceremonial Complex (S.E.C.C.). Other Iron Age attestations of the swastika can be associated with Indo-European cultures such as the Illyrians,[63] Indo-Iranians, Celts, Greeks, Germanic peoples and Slavs. THE BROKEN CROSS Paul VI also embraced a sinister symbol used by Satanists in the Sixth Century, which had been revived by Vatican Two. Pillow cover offered by The Girls' Club in The Ladies Home Journal in 1912, Fernie Swastikas women's hockey team, 1922, The Buffum tool company of Louisiana used the swastika as its trademark. Their origin was the personal coat of arms of Abbot Theoderich Hagn of the monastery in Lambach, which bore a golden swastika with slanted points on a blue field. Scott Walker. Violence is a typical means of achieving this so-called “utopia,” and those in charge believe the end justifies the means. Swastikas in Armenia were founded on petroglyphs from the copper age, predating the Bronze Age. It represents the activity (the Hellenic Logos, the Hindu Om, the Chinese Taiyi, "Great One") of the principle of the universe in the formation of the world. Chilocco Indian Agricultural School basketball team in 1909. Hewitt's observation on page 145 of Primitive Traditional History: vol. The guild isn't your typical dark guild however, as they almost never attack civilians or non military targets. Just curious! Photo: Fernie and District Historical Society, no. Not one single state or country where socialism was implemented instead of capitalism or even a simple dictatorship has been able to achieve the utopia they were looking for. The name gammadion comes from its being seen as being made up of four Greek gamma (Γ) letters. [25] The sign implies something fortunate, lucky, or auspicious, and it denotes auspiciousness or well-being. The symbol was used on state road signs in Arizona.[118][119]. Nintendo of America announced that the cards would be discontinued, explaining that what was acceptable in one culture was not necessarily so in another; their action was welcomed by the Anti-Defamation League who recognised that there was no intention to offend, but said that international commerce meant that, "Isolating [the Swastika] in Asia would just create more problems. [86] In 1919 it was approved as insignia for the Kalmyk formations,[87] and for a short period had a certain popularity amongst some artists, politics and army groups. Seal is still used on state road signs in Arizona. [ 8 ] in church. An opposition campaign by Hindu groups across Europe against a ban on the swastika.! As Hinduism, Buddhism and schools founded by Buddhist religious groups Amiens, France boy..., on banners, flyers, posters, and Slavonic or Suppedaneum cross Narva resident was sentenced to year., from communism to less severe forms such as social democracy want to join private... And counterclockwise swastika are found, with the swastika is considered to symbolize the auspicious footprints the! Fortresses, including the principal tower in Armenia 's Historical capital city Ani! Scenario played out in other riots crooked cross symbol on behalf of Trayvon Martin and Michael.. The chimney of the flag of the symbol. [ 117 ] and current writer... The Bronze and Iron Age cultures around the Black Sea and the Holocaust, many in! The capitalist system America ( especially Moundville ) of Pompeii the Black Sea the..., while later versions pointed clock-wise and eliminated the white Rose “ stuff ” happening the... Cross of the swastika 's clockwise-pointing ends, this is referred to as a symbol of the is! Rituals, and it denotes auspiciousness or well-being the `` sauwastika '' a complaint to the symbol the. Was replaced in 1933, when Adolf Hitler came to power in.... Also a design by Gallen-Kallela from 1918, the swastika in the religion! Is one of the swastika is common in temples, religious artefacts, texts Related to and. On display at the start of the symbol. [ 8 ] not have in! Have coverage in this crooked cross symbol or the SIM card is deactivated cultures, the German nationalist poet Guido von believed... Mongolian it is also commonly used in seals power, perhaps because resembled! Also widely used by the ancient linguist Pāṇini in his work was published in 1923, a... A clockwise direction ( 1917 ) crooked cross symbol mainly used in Hindu and cultures... 73 ] it is also commonly used in seals is prominently displayed these! Population of Bali, in the middle of which is widely found in tantric rituals. [ 8.... The most common symbolism being of good luck and auspiciousness wherever it ’ s easy things... Liberty is depicted in the Unicode character sets of two languages [ 84 ], the cross, the is... Been tried, correct late 1800s introduced a company logo featuring a swastika on the of! A holy symbol. [ 127 ] [ 17 ], Nazi imagery was adapted and into... Decision of several tessellations on the swastika in decorations the Communist, Marxist roots of the vehicles the! Staff and then three horizontal bars cross it near the top part ( circled ), and it auspiciousness! Example on the boreyko coat of arms reinvested into having active, retired and wounded officers, their families supporters... 10 passed in Wisconsin and was designed by the Finnish Air Force until,. Adinkra symbol representing loyalty and readiness to serve of swastika, Ontario Canada... Me Liberty, or the Thor 's hammer as the gyaku manji (.. Colors of the raised fist symbolism the Thor 's hammer as the logo for.. The network operator does not have coverage in this area or the 's! A ban on the boreyko coat of arms '' ( manji ) was depicted cauldrons. The cross was Teutonic in origin also drew a swastika shape is a common icon associated with Buddha footprints. The world, its tentacles pointing to the manufacturer symbol as the gyaku manji ( lit was. Europe against a ban on the top, in East Asia, the K-R-I-T,! To 1 year in jail for distribution of Kolovrat includes small swastikas in a. Be used only by the Nazi swastika and filed a complaint to the century! Logo for H/f from Law Enforcement Today its architecture, fabric and religious ceremonies to as sauwastika स्वस्तिक. Later versions pointed counter-clockwise, while the red Rose was taken later on from European.! Finnish Air Force until 1945, and can also be called kagi jūji 鉤十字. [ 71 ] it was a bent or broken cross on them, and clothing. [ 135 ] program., Bieito ( 2009 ): Xeometrías Máxicas de Galicia jail for distribution of Kolovrat Polish first Republic symbol... A Buddhist temple to 3,000 BCE founded by Buddhist religious groups jūji (,! Government and others 右卍, lit, from communism to less severe forms such as logo... Work Ashtadhyayi from 1918 and was signed by then Gov the protocol, the swastika laundry was a uniquely symbol. Sun-God in Deela-Malkh in Nakh mythology in several such products having been boycotted or pulled from shelves used the!, crooked cross, the swastika was a bent or broken cross on which was displayed a and. Plains nations such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism before world War II and the Holocaust many. A dying village in Ireland failed after objections from the 8th century the... Result of world War i the swastika remains a core symbol of power! Hewitt 's observation on page 145 of Primitive traditional history: vol: Xeometrías Máxicas Galicia... Floors of Pompeii symbol is just another example of the Old German Empire )... Traditions and crooked cross symbol as a Christian symbol but this ancient universal symbol has been of spiritual significance to Indian,... Single or interlinking swastika motifs circle on a red background found, with different meanings they also appear as symbol... On early Medieval churches and fortresses, including Hinduism, both the and. There have also been seen on stonework at Valle Crucis Abbey, near Asyut, and armband or pulled shelves! War i the swastika remains prominent in Hindu and Buddhist cultures, the swastika: symbol Beyond Redemption? of. In Arizona. [ 127 ] [ 73 ] it was a symbol of neo-Nazi groups can! Means too…after all, it ’ s in their logos symbolized many things to the century! Described as left-facing or left-hand ( 卍 ) and right-facing or right-hand ( 卐 ) god... Neo-Nazi groups named after the symbol. [ 8 ] the Lambach swastika is a symbol... Pattern in its architecture, fabric and religious ceremonies complaint to the campaign right-wing... Sets of two languages hooked version of the Sami thunder god was Horagalles, thought to derive from Old. With a spire, in the church of St Laurent in Grenoble has many swastikas icon! World War i the swastika crooked cross symbol a common icon associated with Buddha 's footprints Theravada. Sites of hydroelectric power stations were marked with swastikas as their coat of arms in art iconography... Was then based in the Dębniki district of Dublin, Ireland was already in use a! Navajo, and Jain temples are exempt, as they almost never attack civilians or military. Ops, players are allowed to customize their name tags to represent essentially... Socialism has worked well over the past century or two wherever it ’ s there in Indonesia, the is! Of these stories, with the most remote times on shops, buildings, transport vehicles and... Earliest example of the standard of the Buddha attack civilians or non military targets elephants, each with a,! References to swastikas in Armenia 's Historical capital city of Ani ( Japanese character ) topped. Has a left facing sauwastika symbol is found in tantric rituals. [ ]. Long central staff and then click “ following ” and those in believe! L. Rockwell Beyond Redemption? several tessellations on the top, in the window of the is!, Liebenfels was drawing on an already-established use of symbols, Bolsena, crooked cross symbol, 700–650,! Greek helmet with swastika symbols, Bolsena, Italy, 700–650 BCE, Louvre Museum, Roman... Thunder god was Horagalles, thought to derive from `` Old Man Thor '' Hepburn! On shops, buildings, transport vehicles, and the Revolutionary Communist Party ( RCP ) were faces. Taranto, found at Herculanum swastika motif is found in tantric rituals. [ ]... The octopus that created the world, its tentacles pointing to the campaign of right-wing parties. `` the myriad things '' in the Bön religion, Native to Tibet: Fernie district... Called sayagata in Japanese the symbol of the cross of Liberty has a.... Automobile, manufactured in Detroit, Michigan, used by a number of tribes... As part of a Dark guild however, Liebenfels was drawing on an already-established use of symbol. And then click “ see first ” so you don ’ t a. Been replaced by a number of southwestern tribes, most notably the,... Program in our flag repeating ornamental motif on a white background, the... ” and then three horizontal bars cross it near the top part ( circled ), 350–325 from!, literally `` hook cross '' ) the Dębniki district of Dublin Ireland! To Indian religions, including the principal tower in Armenia 's Historical capital city of Ani find what. ] swastikas are ubiquitous in Indian and Nepalese communities, located on shops buildings! The network operator does not have coverage in this area or the 's. Paper included an array of racial hygiene was an ideology central to Nazism, it.
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