3- (2-Chloro-thiazol-5-ylmethyl)-5-methyl (1,3,5)oxadiazinan-4-ylidene-N-nitroamine. Control may result from killing the insect or otherwise preventing it from engaging in behaviors deemed destructive. Remove clothing/PPE immediately if pesticide gets inside. Formulation: Water Soluble Granule. //-->. ACTARA® INSECTICIDE Ingredients not precisely identified are proprietary or non-hazardous. Chemical Composition: Thiamethoxam (25% WG). Copyright @ 2014-15 farmguru.in. Maintain agitation while filling tank with remainder of water. Apta inhibits cellular respiration in the insect, facilitating anti-feeding behavior. Actara 25 WG este insecticid sistemic cu efect de lungă durată ce combate un spectru larg de dăunători la un număr mare de culturi. Patrunde rapid în planta si apoi este transportat ascendent (acropetal) prin sistemul vascular, protejand întreaga planta, precum si noile cresteri. FACT SHEETS. Insecticidul Actara 25 WG contine 25% thiametoxam si are formulare de granule dispensabile in … The effectiveness of the toxic chemical is the same both during irrigation and when applied to the soil. Controls Cotton Aphid in Cotton, Kelly's Citrus Thrips in Citrus, and Whiteflies and Aphids in Tomatoes. Wettable Granules (WG) WHO Classification. Remove clothing immediately if pesticide gets inside. ACTARA 240SC Insecticide. A suspension concentrate systemic insecticide with stomach and contact action for the control of various pests on the listed crops on label. Values are not product specifications. Chemical Composition: Thiamethoxam (25% WG) When tough sucking and chewing pests need fast knockdown and long-lasting control, growers trust the proven performance of Actara® insecticide. INR 230 25.0% 75.0% Total: ..... . If ACTARA has been used as an in-furrow spray at planting then the first foliar insecticide used in the crop must come from a different chemical group. "); Care should be taken with mixtures with more than one chemical. Then wash Use only closed cab planting equipment. Chemical effect. Dear Customers, farmguru is now accepting orders from all pincodes.