Those who get this insurance benefit. As an expectant mother your EHIC will cover only if you give birth to a child even though you were not expected to do during that period. There is a specific amount you must pay for your GKV insurance. Whereas, if you’re holding a private health insurance you won’t be paying a single cent. But, there are some rules and limitations a refugee in Germany should be aware of when deciding to get insurance. Moreover, all damages caused by fire, mains water, storm or hail are reimbursed by the insurance on household contents. Cross-Border Care, Travel Insurance and Evacuation Benefits 8. All related costs have to be borne by you, i.e. Candidates that receive scholarships or who are based in Germany to write their dissertation independently are not subject to compulsory insurance. This amount of money needed to be paid for your public insurance may change. This includes refugees seeking asylum in Germany, regardless of their citizenship status. If the international office of the university you’re planning to study in has instructed you to come to Germany to first take a prep course such as the Studienkolleg, they probably mentioned you need to have health insurance in addition to the rest of the required application documents. well. Every person should estimate his/her individual risk to find out whether it is necessary for him/her to take out such an accident insurance. This made the Krankenassens able to cover citizens’ medical needs. Private insurers make adds a significant contribution to the doctors’ supplemental incomes and so they pay greater attention to their privately insured patients. Except for particular countries with whom the German state doesn’t have a bilateral agreement, your German health insurance plan is supposed to cover you even when you’re staying home during holidays. 2. Unemployed Ph.D. students that have prolonged their studies can take out private insurance for the duration of their doctoral studies. First things first. How do I apply for a health insurance? The German federal states that offer health insurance to refugees: The German federal states that haven’t introduced health insurance services for refugees: German federal states with partial application or ongoing debates about offering refugee health insurance: The Health Care System in Germany is built upon the principle of solidarity. Coronavirus: What to Do If You Get Stuck in Germany? In this guide, we will show you exactly what you need to know about student health insurance in Germany, your eligibility, requirements for your student visa, costs, and how to pick a health insurance plan that is both affordable and covers everything you need as an international student. Many fear that they cannot apply for a university place without being health insured in the first place. Depending on the policy, the legal protection insurance may additionally cover professional lawsuits and travel law disputes. This chip-card allows the patient to go directly to the doctor without even visiting a social services department to take a medical certificate or asking for a permission beforehand. More than 53,000 qualified AOK employees based in over 1,200 offices ensure that members receive all the services they require: quickly, competently and without bureaucracy. False! Therefore, you need to stay in line with them. Bringing your health insurance with you Students who have health insurance in their home country and it is recognized in Germany. Just like for normal students in Germany, health insurance is also mandatory for refugee students who want to attend university. You need proof of health insurance to get enrolled at a Germany university and to get your student visa. What if the refugee has an acute illness and needs urgent medical interventions? Does my insurance plan cover me when I’m home on holidays? In 2013, EU countries initiated a joint health care system so the citizens of each other could get required medical treatment all covered by their health insurance in their homeland. Individual states that comprise the country of Germany set their refugee health insurance policy on their own. The Gesundheitskarte is an electronic insurance card. If needed, the team of medicals at the reception center may require the subject to undergo further analyzes to examine their health problems into more details. The KKH Kaufmännische Krankenkasse is one of the largest national health insurance companies in Germany and one of the strongest institutions in statutory health insurance. According to statistics, 70 % of the accidents occur in leisure time. As mentioned, not every German state offers health care insurance cards to refugees. Please ensure that you complete the form in full, - please also print, sign and bring with you when attending for your Visa appointment. According to the most up-to-date statistics, over 40% of EU population have their EHIC card. Marriage and children, loss of job, taking up self-employment or the beginning of retirement can entirely change your life situation. With TK student insurance you profit from a wide range of benefits at low premiums. There are specific officials and sections that deal with the health issues of the refugees accommodated there. This is generally what I’m referring to as student health insurance in Germany. For international students in Germany, to significantly increase your chances of getting your student visa you need proof of a suitable insurance plan for students. How can I conclude TK student health insurance online? Since stands still if the person seeks a better health insurance scheme by a private provider. All international students in Germany are required to have insurance during their stay. Copyright © 2021 Germany Visa. On the average, a German citizen pays about 2,400 €/year for six insurance policies; this amount has doubled in the course of the past 20 years. Getting health insurance in Germany and getting proof of student health insurance in Germany are two different steps of the same process. Is health insurance an admission requirement? The private third-party liability insurance covers damages which are due to careless action, thoughtless behavior or missing performance of duties. Although it … Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) is one of the most popular public health insurers in Germany, offering low-cost prices and an outstanding service. When getting insured under the European Health Insurance scheme, you will also receive some other documents in letter form apart from your EHIC card. International students must present proof that they have health insurance when they enrol. Students can only take out a private health insurance, if they are exempted from the statutory health insurance or if they are at least 30 years old. 7. All employees subject to social insurance contributions pay into the statutory health insurance and the statutory pension insurance, which rank among the largest personal insurances in Germany. The best you can do is by contacting in person your public health insurance provider in your home country and they will help you with the application process and in this way you avoid any possible fraud. In contrast to other 9 portable documents the EHIC is not in the letter form, but as a card. Today, the German health insurance system is one of the most modern in terms of quality, effectivity, organization, and coverage. It is Germany’s major social health insurance fund with more than 8.8 million insurees. Being insured under the GKV scheme you’d expect to have basic medical assistance if you’re caught by surprise by an illness in some particular countries, but that’s all. Private Health Insurance for foreigners in Germany (PKV - Private Krankenversicherung) Private health insurance in Germany is opted by a lesser percentage of people in the country. It is estimated that more than 87% of the population in Germany have their health insurance covered. Everyone in Germany is required by law to have health insurance, so even preparatory course students in Germany must get insured. The student health insurance plans in Germany are so affordable and so stable because students have access to special rates through the public statutory (legally mandated) health insurance providers. Are you going to stay in Germany and as a guest researcher or scientist? Outpatient care by a licensed medical practitioner (Kassenarzte), The difference between public health insurance and private health insurance in Germany, Medical care coverage is different for each insurance scheme, You pay different premiums for public and private health insurance, As a GKV insurer, you pay a nominal fee in hospital. Example: In case of an accident caused by you, the other party involved in the accident is seriously injured and wheelchair-bound from now on. Note that the new medical reform that introduced the Gesundheitskarte is not available in every Federal state. Government Health Insurance System (GKV) 3. Currently, the social grants to refugees are around 4,800 per year, or slightly over 400 per month and 2% of this income must be allotted to paying health insurance. The insurance policy covers not only the stolen objects, but additionally the damages caused by the burglars. Health insurance for foreign nationals in Germany is therefore also mandatory: as soon as you start working in Germany, you need insurance – no matter what your nationality. The amount paid by the automobile liability insurance is stipulated in the policy item “agreed sum insured”. This law states that every resident in Germany, including international students, must be medically insured regardless of their income. According to the German Civil Code the liability for damages is defined as liability with your total assets. Our recommendation would be EDUCARE24 by DR-WALTER, who is a low-cost private health insurance provider, offering some of the best services out there, always making sure all your health-related needs are met. Lucky for you. Your EHIC card covers only the health insurance of the person who’s holding it. This wide range of policies which is rather confusing for non-professionals bears the risk of over-insurance. The following countries are part of the European Health Insurance agreement, therefore citizens of these countries are allowed to pursue an EHIC: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden Switzerland and United Kingdom. You can also purchase additional insurance coverage from a private company. As mentioned above, this health insurance scheme is statutory, in other words, by law, every citizen in German is obligated to have its GKV insurance. Further intervention can only be given if the medical team assess that there is an emergency to act. As official statistics show, over 700,000 refugees have been registered at the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) in Germany during 2016. The majority of exchange students in Germany choose a private insurance plan customized for them because they are more comprehensive in terms of coverage. Private Health Insurance for Pupils, Students and Trainees For students studying at a private non-state-accredited univer­sity, for students aged 30 years and older, for students star­ting their 15th semester (or higher) or for doctoral students This covers you for stays in Germany of up to 5 years. Instead, they should register with a private health insurance provider and they only can register with public providers once they are enrolled in a degree programme or find work. Exchange students are usually in Germany for a short period of time, typically one semester. Spouse and children of an employed person who is a member of the public health insurance in Germany; Registered unemployed people from selected foreign countries. Many international students fail to recognize that you cannot prove to the university that you’re covered by just getting your insurance plan. Mandatory insurance in Germany Social security is a mandatory form of insurance („Pflichtversicherung“). Great benefits, expert advice and customer service tailored to your needs and interest. The good thing about being fully insured is the peace of mind knowing that if you happen to have health problems, you can go visit the doctor and get hospital services knowing that you won’t have to pay the large medical bills out of your pocket. At the moment when you’ll get the medicines, you’ll have to pay and then send the receipts to your health insurance company which is supposed to take care of reimbursement. Apart from offering both statutory and private insurance services, there are also other advantages to the German Student Insurance. This means that every German resident whose earnings lay under a fixed amount of money are part of this insurance plan. We recommend you get yourself a plan tailored for guest scientists and researchers such as GERMAN STUDENT INSURANCE by DR-WALTER. We take care of everything when it comes to your health so that you can focus on your studies. Always keep in mind that your application for this health insurance charges no fee to you. And surely breaking the law means you’ll be charged a fine. If you’re a European citizen and want to travel in other EU countries you must have your EHIC on your luggage otherwise in case of an emergency your health insurance in your home country won’t cover any of your medical expenses. To increase your chance of getting a visa successfully, you need a comprehensive health insurance plan. However, there may be specific circumstances and specific situations at which your insurance won’t cover you while being out of Germany. You must have a thing clear from the very beginning, health insurance is mandatory by law in Germany. There’s a nationwide basic premium rate for the public health insurance, which is the same for every citizen no matter his/her income. is the largest information portal about studying in Germany for foreign students. All Rights Reserved | Impressum | Privacy Policy | Cookie Policy | Terms and ConditionsDisclaimer: Although the information on this website has been prepared with utmost care, we can not accept any responsibility for inaccuracies contained herein. Student cover with TK costs the standard (discounted) monthly amount of €105.05 (students under the age of 23) or of €106.93 (students aged 23 to 30) for long term care, which covers both basic public healthcare and nursing insurance for care in later life. If these risks are explicitly listed in the insurance policy, they are covered by the insurance. A refugee is supposed to undergo regular medical check-ups to come up with a conclusion over his health situation. This is paid equally by your employer and by you; 7.3% each. A fire breaking out in a building can destroy everything within seconds. Disabled people can seek help from a nurse practitioner to do bathing, feeding and similar daily activities. If the international office of the university you’re planning to study in has instructed you to come to Germany to first take a prep course, they surely mentioned you need to have health insurance in addition to the rest of the required application documents. One of the German health insurance companies most exhange students choose is DR-WALTER. Basically, a portable document is what makes sure you to be covered in certain circumstances while being abroad. The travel cancellation insurance covers the risk of having to withdraw from a travel for various reasons, including unexpected professional changes, illness, pregnancy or death of a family member. PhD students can be divided into two categories: In case a PhD student is employed by their university in either a lecturing position or as a research assistant, they will be required to pay the contribution of 7.3% matched by another 7.3% from their employer. Insurance card will be ready by the time you reach Germany. Attention: It is important to know that only damages caused to third parties (not to your spouse e.g.) If you receive between 450 and 850 Euro the pension insurance contribution is reduced. If you’re going to study in Germany for a semester or a year, as an exchange student or with programs such as Erasmus, you’re going to need a proper insurance plan. The costs exceeding this maximum amount have to be paid by the patient. Private Health Insurance (PKV) 4. In fact, you can’t enroll in university or get your student visa if you don’t have proper coverage. The premium rate you pay for your public health insurance is not the same as for the private health insurance. 2. It meets all German study visa requirements, Acceptable by all German Embassies/Consulates. The biggest and the foremost problem people have when taking their EHIC card is not precisely knowing what it covers. Being so, the EHIC won’t cover any cost that the travel insurance is supposed to cover, for instance, your stolen things, your ticket for flying back home. Comparing Europe with Germany, the statutory health insurance or private health insurance pays for the illness costs to a similar extent. Keep in mind that as a language student in Germany you won’t be able to get the public health insurance plan. We are thus growing more than other health insurance funds. Since 1 January 2009, anyone resident in Germany is required to possess health insurance cover from a provider licensed in Germany. Except the insured person’s deductible, the travel cancellation insurance covers the remaining travel costs including the cancellation fee. The intention behind the introduction of the mandatory health insurance in 2007 was that every citizen has the basic medical needs covered by its GKV health insurance. Short-term insurance policies can be taken out for one particular holiday trip, whereas long-term contracts cover all travels during a period of 12 or more months. Additional information for self-employed or non-employed persons 6. EDUCARE24 can be purchased in different combinations which are exactly tailored to the needs of: Keep in mind that health insurance is an official requirement to get a German student visa, as well as to enrol at a German university. Students who are working as freelancers or are self-employed. A private health insurance is suitable for those persons who are not subject to statutory compulsory insurance such as e.g. Moreover, you can get medical treatment in a private hospital or even ask to have your personal doctor who will be taking care of you whenever you need. In terms of tariff and insurance provider there are a number of other factors to check. They’re regarded as the Krankenkassen the typical name for health insurance provider in the German language. Exchange students, foreign apprentices and au-pairs who work in Germany must have health insurance and accident insurance for the period of their stay. For example, the statutory health insurance system in a foreign country may charge you with a nominal fee for a medical need that in your home country wouldn’t be paying anything. You must have health insurance. PhD students who are not staff members of the university and are aged under 30 are eligible to register for the discounted public health insurance. Students who are not enrolled in degree programmes in Germany (e.g: preparatory or language courses). This insurance is valid for your German student visa. Your advantages: The Government health care system (GKV) is a statutory health insurance scheme in Germany. Exchange students are usually in Germany for a short period of time, typically one semester. When it comes to PhD students the type of health insurance they are eligible for depends on whether these students are employed by their university or not. 8. This includes both medical consultation and questions centred on DAK-Gesundheit’s offers. if you arrive a few days before the beginning of your studies, the tool developed by DR-WALTER and TK will find out the ideal insurance combination, too. In general, if a refugee aims to enroll at a German university, they will be required to show these documents: Make sure you have completed your documents as required otherwise the admission committee of your university will deny your application. After returning home, your health insurance provider will reimburse your insurance account. Also, note that countries’ health insurance policy, including here Germany, toward a foreign country change depending on the country. Health Insurance For Foreign Students In Germany, Health insurance for language course students in Germany, Health insurance for preparatory course students, Health insurance for guest workers and guest scientists, Health insurance for International Ph.D. Students/Candidates in Germany, Inpatient care (rehabilitation in a hospital). Until now, the majority of the German federal states have accepted such health insurance scheme for foreigners residing in the country with a specific status. Because, DR-WALTER in cooperation with TK has developed an online consulting tool which will not only help you identify your insurance needs but, also will allow you to directly apply for insurance. You do not have to find out yourself whether you can take out TK student insurance in order to insure yourself for your stay in Germany. Health insurance provides the certainty that the costs of medical care and medications do not have to be paid privately in the event of an accident or illness. Additionally, they should make sure to check with their health insurance provider in order to find the services they will be entitled to once they arrive in Germany since there is a possibility that the health insurance company from their home country will not cover all costs in Germany. The contributions increase gradually and as of 850 Euro per month students pay the full pension insurance contribution of 9.45 %. Fortunately, the current legal regulations are shown to be very flexible, giving the immigrants an opportunity to seek more specific medical aids if needed. Compiling your insurance portfolio, you should consider very carefully which insurance policies are economically reasonable and affordable for you. Health Insurance for Foreign Students Health Insurance For Language Course Students Health Insurance For Preparatory Course Students Health Insurance For Exchange Students Health Insurance For Guest Workers And Guest Scientists Health Insurance For International Ph.D. Students / Candidates Health Insurance For Refugees. First, every citizen is charged with the same basic rate premium for his/her health insurance that guarantees that everyone contributes same and consequently gets the equal medical treatment. If you want to calculate how much you will have to pay for health insurance in Germany, you can use this free tool. In other words, you’ll be taken care of same as the resident of one country who holds a public health insurance there. Your public health insurance in Germany may cover your dependents too, for example, your spouse/wife or your children. Experts recommend adapting the scope of insurance cover to the individual requirements. Also, you need to contact a Residence Registration Office and tell them you want to cancel your insurance. By the end of their preparatory course, these students should pass an exam known as Feststellungsprüfung which will allow them to enrol in their degree programme. How much does student health insurance in Germany cost? Once you are a resident in Germany, it is compulsory to register with either a statutory German health insurance scheme (gesetzliche Krankenkasse, GVK) or a private insurance scheme (private Krankenversi… The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is a membership card which allows European citizens to pursue necessary medical care while being in a foreign country, free of charge or at a reduced cost. They may give you a form to fill so they can remove you from their database. For example, a health insurance provider may charge you with lower premiums, but underway may burden you additional money to cover medical costs and at the end turns to be very expensive. For international PhD students in Germany, we recommend you choose the tariff GERMAN STUDENT INSURANCE by DR-WALTER, for which you can easily apply online. Doctoral students, that are also University staff members, are insured as employees in the statutory insurance schemes due to their annual payrolls being below the threshold that could have enabled private health insurance options. However, exchange students are usually part of degree programmes which means that they will be eligible to take up public (statutory) health insurance and make use of the student discounted amount like full-time foreign students in Germany. While your membership in this insurance plan is mandatory, the choice of the service provider is upon you.