They are smart and have a little independent streak. The average lifespan of a Goldmation is around 13 to 14 years. These are unusual, beautiful dogs that have the long, golden coat of the Golden Retriever and the tall, athletic body of the Afghan Hound. The Goldendoodle is a crossbreed that’s created by mating a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. They do not have the same exercise needs as other mixes on this list. Golden Sheepdogs are great with other pets as long as they are socialized early. They are often mixed with other purebreds to develop new dogs which would retain its grace and charm, besides inheriting traits of the other dog. Both the Golden Retriever and the Afghan Hound are known for their hunting skills, and they are often used for that purpose. According to a study carried out in 2013, almost half of Bernese Mountain Dogs died from cancer-related health conditions. She is the sweetest, funniest little girl with two speeds, full throttle and sleep, lol. Their color will vary, and no to Golden Catahoula’s will likely look the same. I found a Great Pyranees/Weimaraner mix at the Humane Society for Greater Nashua in Nashua NH – he was a rescue from the Little Rock Arkansas area – they said he was Retriever/Weimaraner, but I had the DNA test done He a little over 2 years – we’re in our 3rd obedience class and will take the AKC Canine Good Citizen test in a few weeks The Collie Whip is very similar to the Aussie Whip, in … These are lively little dogs that do require quite a lot of exercise and playtimes to keep them happy. You’ll need to be prepared to handle a little ball of energy on your hands, especially through the puppy years. Because of their Saint Bernard Parent, they will be slightly more independent pups. As you’ve probably guessed from the name of this breed, the Afghan Retriever is a cross between an Afghan Hound and a Golden Retriever. Breeds: Golden Retriever & Bernese Mountain Dog. Golden Cathoulas are strong-willed but can be easier to manage than other mixes on this list. While these breeds are often compared to each other, they are actually a common mix. The Golden Chow Retriever typically has the curly tail of a Chow Chow but inherits the Golden Retriever’s large ears, long coat, and large ears. Their coats will generally be medium length, and can range in color from golden to a mixture of black and tan like their Rotty parent. Also, you’ll have to enjoy grooming your pet. The Afghan Retriever typically comes in a range of colors, including cream, gold, white, chocolate, and yellow. Also, these pups can be card-carrying escape artists. Breeds: Golden Retriever & Rhodesian Ridgeback. Having a larger open space to burn off energy is usually best. dog lucy dalmatian. Breeds: Golden Retriever & Belgian Malinois. This mixed breed is one of the friendliest, most sociable designer breeds you can find, making the Golden Hound the perfect choice for a family canine companion. One of these pups would suit you perfectly if you enjoy hunting, hiking, or trail running. This breed is a livewire! Although these are pretty healthy pups, they can be prone to epilepsy, hip dysplasia, and renal dysplasia, so be sure to check that the breeder has had both parents screened for these conditions before you part with your cash. English Goldstiffs make great family pets, and absolutely love kids as long as they’ve been properly socialized. You’ll likely want to get in at least 60 minutes per day of exercise when training your Golden Irish pup. However, if your Beago takes more of the Beagle parent’s character traits, he may be easily distracted by an interesting scent. This is largely due to taking after their Great Dane parent. Both parent breeds are extremely active, so you’ll be inheriting an energetic pup. Please let me know if anyone breeds golden retrievers and brindle colored Mastiffs. It can be good at sniffing out drugs. Exercise is a must, and we recommend at least a medium-sized yard. This elegant dog requires quite a lot of exercise and would best suit an active home with plenty of space. Before offering a home to a dog from a charity, always ensure that your chosen pup has been health-checked and tested for temperament. Though it may seem like an unlikely combination, the crossing of these two breeds actually produces a very streamlined dog that resembles a slightly heavy Whippet or a somewhat lanky Lab. The Golden Malinois is a unique mix, with a slight stubborn streak. The Golden Shepherd looks much like a German Shepherd in size. Inheriting it’s fondness for strangers, the Goldenpyre is good with people, kids and other family pets if socialized early. They do shed regularly, so be prepared to groom your pup every other day. Adopt * Ash - Hold a Brindle - With White Whippet / Mixed Dog in Seattle Adopt Ash Hold a Brindle With White Whippet / Mixed Dog in Seattle. The Golden Retriever is a wonderful choice of a family pet, especially if you enjoy an active, outdoorsy lifestyle. Brain games can work well for this breed, but that’s not a substitute for proper exercise. They have moderate grooming needs, with brushing a few times a week being all that’s needed to keep pet hair tamed down. The Box Retriever is a bundle of energy! Many Great Golden Danes enjoy dog sports, including obedience. OOAK Custom Dog . The Golden Retriever is one of the world’s favorite family pets thanks to his outgoing personality, keen-to-please attitude, and willingness to get along with other pets and kids. Note that male Golden Mountain mixes are usually larger than their female counterparts. You can expect your Golden Chi to grow to between 15 and 30 pounds in weight, depending on which parent the puppy’s genes favor. Golden Ridgebacks are more strong-willed than other Retriever mixes, so they aren’t recommended for first-time owners. They make great family pets, and do well with most other dogs. The long, silky coat that these pups typically have does take quite a lot of grooming to keep it from becoming tangled and matted, and the breed does tend to shed continually too. Goldmaraners are excitable pups until they hit age 3, so a larger yard is recommended for exercise. We recommend a house with a medium to large-sized yard, or the ability to exercise them for a minimum of 45 minutes a day. Their coats will also be medium length and a little denser. Please contact me we are searching for someone who will help with this breed. Golden Sheepdogs are large, and can get up to 80 pounds in weight for males, slightly smaller for females. Grooming requirements are modest too, and a brush once a week should be all you need to do to keep your Golden Hound’s coat in good condition. If you’re looking for a gorgeous, large dog that’s fairly placid, you might want to check out the Golden Chow Retriever. Over 4 weeks ago on The Goldendoodle is a crossbreed that’s created … It is possible for males to weigh slightly more than this, depending on the parents. We just lost the most child-loving gentle giant anyone could have. Once they’ve mellowed out a bit, they can do with less exercise, but we’d still recommend no less than 30 minutes per day. They can be protective of their family, and their household. Including perfect strangers but friends of the family. Tools. Goldmaraners do well with kids and other canines if socialization starts at an early age. Sign up now and stay updated for all the latest news. These pups will require less brushing than other crossbreeds due to their short-haired Pitbull Parent. Usually, a Golden Catahoula is going to be fine for first-time dog owners, and they make great family pets. They can be slightly more protective of their home and aloof with strangers when compared to their Golden Retriever parent. The breed gets along great with kids and other dogs but can be tricky with small furries, such as rabbits and guinea pigs. The Golden Vizsla mixes the Hungarian Vizsla with the Golden Retriever. Whippets don't shed much, but Labradors do, so the mixed dogs usually shed moderately. The Spangold Retriever is highly intelligent, and so you’ll find him easy to housebreak and train. You’ll want to exercise your Goldenbull at least 45-60 minutes daily to prevent destructive behavior. Because both parent breeds can be vulnerable to hip dysplasia, you should ask to see documentary proof that the breeder has had both parents health-screened for this condition. We’d recommend you have space to train your pup, and also have at least 45 minutes each day for outdoor exercise. X. Irish Wolfhound. The terrier genes in the Dachshund make these pups very prey-driven, which can be an issue with the family cat! The Goldenpyre crosses the Great Pyrenees and the Golden Retriever. Unusual in color, the Golden Bullmastiff Retriever has a brindle, fawn, or red base coat that’s overlaid with stripes of red or fawn. They also like to have a larger yard to roam in, which is recommended anyways due to their size. While this list isn’t by any means all-inclusive, these are some of the most popular golden retriever mixes that you’ll come across. For that reason, this breed is best suited to a family who has experience in dog ownership and training. This breed is easy to train, loyal, and extremely sociable. These dogs are truly stunning to look at, with the round spots of the Dalmatian and the coloring of the Golden Retriever. The Spangold Retriever is the perfect choice of canine companion for you if you and your family enjoy a busy, active lifestyle that involves spending lots of time outdoors. If you are looking for a larger mix, the Saint Bernard Retriever will provide you with both size and personality. Despite their rather intimidating size, the Golden Bullmastiff Retriever is courageous yet gentle, loving and sociable. The Goldendoodle is a medium-sized dog that usually grows to weigh between 30 to 60 pounds when full-grown. Love Your Dog is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. She looks nothing like her Golden Retriever mommy though. Breeds: Golden Retriever & Alaskan Malamute. See more ideas about whippet, whippet mix, dogs. Thank you for the great rundown of these hybrid breeds with golden retrievers. Whippets exhibit a variety of coat shades including black to white, brown, fawn, cream, red, spotted, speckled, brindled and masked. Golden Newfies do very well with other pets if properly socialized. Even if not a proper watch-dog, the Whippet efficiently chases neighbors’ cats and mice around the house, due to his sight hound abilities. A full-grown Golden Mountain mix can weigh up to 110 pounds, standing up to 27 inches tall at the shoulder. The Golden Hound gets on well with kids and other pets. The Golden Chi is a relatively new designer dog that’s growing in popularity. They will rarely exceed 60 pounds, even males. If things don’t work out, you have the option to return the dog to the shelter. When comparing the two initial breeds, you’ll notice that their body types are completely different. Your Goldendoodle could have a cream, orange, dark brown, black, or gray coat. The Goldenshire is smart and relatively easy to train. The noble Golden Mountain mix is a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Bernese Mountain Dog. This mix is a cross between the American Bulldog and the Golden Retriever. Adopt CALLIE a Tan/Yellow/Fawn - with White Whippet / Lab Retriever / Mixed dog in Garland, TX (28903504) spayed/neutered. Breeds: Golden Retriever & English Mastiff. Goldendoodles typically love water. These pups can grow to stand between 19 and 22 inches tall at the shoulder, weighing between 28 and 50 pounds. All rights reserved. These charming dogs are generally medium-sized, inheriting the long coat of the Golden Retriever and the body of the Dachshund. These dogs are large, and ideally, you will have a spacious home with a large backyard or garden to accommodate one of these playful pups. Lucy the whippador at river whippet lab mix looks just like labrador cross puppies dogs breeds and everything about our whippet retriever lab mix puppy dog what a great combo up for meet pepsi she s a whippet black lab mix we rescued 7 but labrador cross puppies dogs breeds and everything about our whippet lab mix for your cause 9 whippet mi cross dogs and why we love them. If you have a large home with plenty of outside space and you enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle, the Goldador could be the perfect pet for you. Breeds: Golden Retriever & Australian Shepherd. According to the American Kennel Club charts, the Golden Retriever is one of the most popular breeds of dog in the U.S., ranking at #3 on their list. Obedient, intelligent, affectionate, and peaceful, this breed excels as an excellent watchdog and may inherit the rectangular body of the Dachshund. The Golden Husky typically has a double coat, so your dog will shed continually. Whippet is a medium-sized sighthound known for its fantastic speed, stout and agile appearance as well as a gentle, elegant demeanor. As puppies you may have to train them out of “nipping” at your heels, as it’s in their Heeler parent’s nature do to do so. Lyric the Whippet Mix Not rated yet I found a small group of puppies, described as petite chihuahua whippet mix 8 weeks old, in a Mississipi pound on a SOS high kill shelter listing animals … Whippet Mix: Bryn Not rated yet I rescued the then named 'Trevor' dog from the local dog pound. Most Golden Chis look more like their Chihuahua mom or dad than the Golden Retriever side of the family. They will be very loyal to their families, and are generally eager to please. By mixing the Corgi and the Golden Retriever, you’ll be getting a medium-sized dog that’s slightly larger than a Corgi, but smaller than a purebred Retriever. The Goldmaraner is a medium to large-sized mix, and can grow to 80 pounds or more in weight. That’s a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Chow Chow. The Afghan Retriever is sporty and energetic enough to join you on hunting trips but is also calm and sociable, making a wonderful family pet and companion dog. Their coats will range anywhere from a light tan color to Golden, and Golden Bullies have short to medium-length coats. While it’s likely they will not inherit any brindle coloring from their Malinois parent, they will definitely come through with some type of black, tan, or gold combination. You’ll also make sure you have the right type of gear, which includes Golden Retriever sized crates and toys, before you bring your pup home. These pups also make wonderful watchdogs, being very loyal and protective of their human family. Although these dogs are usually medium-sized, the breed is energetic and would not be the best choice for you if you live in an apartment without any outside space where your dog could play. Some of these pups have a smooth coat that’s very easy to maintain and takes little grooming.