I think it’s both. In a bowl, mix eggs and milk together with a fork. It's great, so long as the memories are good. Your dog will be happy with either way they are cooked, they are not picky eaters after all. Are you sourcing your eggs from different places? I find the smell nasty, but normally both eggs and dogs only have a hint of it and it's not a real problem to me. I had a total of 3 dogs as a kid and always was the one who bathed them. When scrambled eggs are made right, they're light and creamy all on their own (without the addition of milk, cream or cheese). report. So I'm not the only one,lol Hot items change everyday. To me, all dogs smell like raw egg and all raw eggs smell like dog. Biscuits with gravy, scrambled eggs and bacon, pancakes and sausage, french toast and sausage. :P. 6 0. These are the scrambled eggs that seal the deal on marriage proposals and earn you special brownie points every Mother’s Day. I'm porbably nuts but have you ever cooked or had any food that smelled like something weird or left a weird smell in what you cooked it in? When I smell the pan aroma, I have to walk away for a few minutes and get that smell outa my nose. 5 comments. is it the oil? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the AskCulinary community. Maybe it’s something like that? Want to know the secret to these swoony scrambled eggs? Well how are you cooking them? Now, with properly cooked eggs, you won’t get a major stink.But as you heat an egg over 140°F, sulfur atoms become free … No oils, no garlic , no onions, no avocado, no salt, pepper, or other spices. Have you noticed that wet wool smells like dogs,too? The general rule is to limit your dog to 10 percent extra food of any kind (non-core dietary treats like scrambled eggs). How come every time i cook eggs they smell like wet dog? They are not diseases and won't harm your plants. This thread is archived. April 27, 2008 9:30pm CST. In fact, eggs can even help with digestion problems. Desk staff is great except for Robin, who is polite but not overly friendly. Hot pan, usually cooking spray... beat eggs, put em in.. … By wrdsofwisdm. I smell it as soon as the eggs start being scrambled. Most likely the smell arises from slightly contaminated water which when dried off leaves that smell. 0 2. Eggs can even help settle a dog's upset stomach.. UUGHH! share. Scrambled Eggs Smell Like Wet Dog … Anyone else ever experience this or am I nuts? Brief episodes of phantom smells or phantosmia — smelling something that's not there — can be triggered by temporal lobe seizures, epilepsy, or head trauma.. Lol. They're bursting with goodness and health and nutrition. I had a total of 3 dogs as a kid and always was the one who bathed them. Do Eggs Really Smell Like Wet Dog Or Is This A Pive Aggressive. 59% Upvoted. Egg yolks have trace amounts of iron, and egg whites have sulfur compounds. This water could either be on the dishes, or in the dish washer. So many things can make your urine smell like eggs or sulfur. Phew! That's what the pan smelled like...wet dog! Favorite Answer. Never had a scrambled egg with dogsmell, may be the eggs are bad. Ill still eat them but it turns me off. So many foods can be responsible for making your urine smell like eggs. Breakfast is good. grocery store. Last weekend, I made scrambled eggs and had a flashback of when I was a kid. Title speaks for itself. Perfect scrambled eggs are amazing in their simplicity. 100% Upvoted. Sprinkle salt and pepper to taste. omg..you're right, wet wool does smell like wet dog too, lol! I can hardly stand the smell of fish cooking. Smell like a wet dog to me. smell the odor in urine after eating asparagus. Urine Smells Like Eggs: Causes. If the hens eat rapeseed or soy, bacteria in their gut can make triethylamine, which is fishy smelling. share. Answer Save. Scrambled eggs can quickly move from uncooked to that weird wet dog smell off-gased by overcooking. We ate these quick scrambled eggs for dinner with steamed zucchini and mashed beans. The urine smell could be the result of what you are eating. If just the one, try changing brands (especially to one that is free range/pastured eggs) since it might have to do with the chicken feed. Dogs can eat scrambled eggs! Sulfur is a major ingredient of brimstone, as in "Hellfire and…" That's supposed to reek like crazy and make your eyes water and etc…. These scrambled eggs put all others to shame. Lv 7. First, let’s look at what causes eggs to smell so bad. This is my morning observation for the second day of the year 2020. Its funny how certain smells can take you back to your childhood. Raw egg contains an enzyme that ties up biotin from further use in your dog's body. Lots of pastry, cold cereal, fruit, coffee, waffles and juice. In order to prepare scrambled eggs you need oil, salt and pepper which is not safe for dogs. Failure to do so can lead to infection and your dog trying to express those glands by doing the "scoot" on your carpet. To me, all dogs smell like raw egg and all raw eggs smell like dog. Add sliced hot dog and gently mix the eggs and hot dogs until the eggs are thoroughly cooked. My scrambled eggs smell like wet dog. Isn't it funny how the sense of smell is so powerful that it brings back so many old memories? I have had smells from cooking though that didn't seem quite right. Ill make scrambled eggs, they stink of wet dog. Civility and honesty helps between people. Your dog will also begin to smell something like dead fish. Plus they cost about $1 My eggs usually doesn’t smell like wet dog. I started to use the “individual chunk , rock like things : (not mention the brand) … but they are White and blue specks with a red ball center, very expensive….. save. a dog that is wet. That smell could be due to one of the following reasons: 1. Lv 5. The variables mentioned in the tread have changed (egg brand/source/pan/oil vs butter/adding milk/over cooking vs undercooking) and there doesn’t seem to ever be one thing that’s the same about stinky eggs. 8 bad house smells and how to solve my dishwasher smell like wet dog burning eggs smell like a wet dog my dishwasher smell like wet dog burning eggs smell like a wet dog yarn why does it smell like wet dog. Do scrambled eggs smell like wet dog or do wet dogs smells like scrambled eggs? Omelets on the other hand are a mixture of scrambled eggs, salt, pepper, and other spices. It happens no matter who does the cooking or what they're cooked with. Pour the mixture into the pan and allow to cook for about 1 minute. Not only that, dogs love eating them. 14% Upvoted. You may have been making scrambled eggs for years -- and enjoyed them -- but chances are, your scrambled eggs aren't anywhere as good as they can be. Evil Morty. Asparagus is a good example. 3 comments. chemical reactions take place in the egg whilst it is cooling down. It is better if they are fully cooked and are either scrambled or hard boiled. Curiously, sometimes people also smell like that. Why do scrambled eggs smell so heinous when even slightly burnt? Sort by. You know how not everyone can smell the odor in urine after eating asparagus? Scrambled Eggs Smell Like Wet Dog. Dog's require a firm stool to naturally express their anal glads. The answer of Brandy is definitely not correct! Others have compared the smell to "sour milk, wet dog, moldy hay, potatoes, an old shoe or dirty socks, a jacket that's never been to the dry cleaner, and an oily smell mixed with vomit." Eggs labelled as 'Omega-3' eggs. This is the year, we all say, things will become clear with 2020 vision. Whenever I smell new vinyl my mind instantly goes back to that make up bag. save hide report. If multiple cartons of different brands over time, my best guesses are stuff in your fridge that are impacting the eggs (strong odors... fish... onions... raw red meat?) :))) I wonder if the library administration would ever consider my complaint... lol. You must know that there are other healthier ways of feeding eggs to dogs rather than the scrambled. 1 decade ago. This thread is archived. I removed the eggs from the pan and noticed a weird, familiar smell. It's best to serve eggs plain, or added to y our favorite treat recipe.. Be cautious of dishes like scrambled eggs, require butter or oil and these unnecessary fats undermine the health benefits. Dog vomit and other slime molds are saprophytic, which means that they feed on decaying organic materials. save. Does it happen with multiple cartons of different brands? Relevance. Last weekend, I made scrambled eggs and had a flashback of when I was a kid. 1 decade ago. My best guess is that you are overcooking them or your eggs are on their way out. I guess,that's due to it's animal origin:) @wrdsofwisdm (1069) United States. 22 Answers. 7 comments. Sufferers report smelling hydrogen sulfide (rotten eggs), bad perfume, garbage, a gas leak, wet dog, pungent body odor or spoiled fish or feces. Wet dogs and eggs smell like each other, sometimes. /r/AskCulinary provides expert guidance for your specific cooking problems to help people of all skill levels become better cooks, to increase understanding of cooking, and to share valuable culinary knowledge. Dogs can eat scrambled eggs, however do not mix this up with an omelet Scrambled eggs are healthy for dogs, and contain many nutrients that dogs need. I just hate when a certain smell can ruin your appetite. Fish can be very stinky. The good news is that yes, dogs can eat eggs and yes, they will also receive the many nutritional benefits of this high-protein food. I removed the eggs from the pan and noticed a weird, familiar smell. Dee is the greatest. My problem of “wet dog smell” in a very new dishwasher ended up being the brand of dishwasher soap !!! These are not just any soft and creamy scrambled eggs; these are the softest and the creamiest scrambled eggs of all time. Bad source, bad vendor etc. or perhaps your pan, especially if it’s a cast iron that’s not fully seasoned and “interacting” more with the eggs. Some pet owners like to have scrambled eggs for their dogs so that ask can I give my dog scrambled eggs. Also,the soap at our city library has that peculiar "dog" smell lol. share. I just whisk them with some salt and pepper, and cook them firm. Raw egg is actually kinda oxidizing at the air - a cocktail made with raw egg white smells only after minutes like a wet dog. hide. LOL. Scrambled, poached, over easy – however, you love ‘em, if you toss your eggy plate into the dishwasher without a little pre-rinse, it can cause your dishes to come out smelling like wet dog. Here, the scrambled eggs need to be clean and free of any additives. They're the ones that look like Dr. Oz if you stare closely enough at them. And no, the eggs aren't old or rotten, and I'm not doing it wrong. Your "wet dog" story reminded me of other things not related to food. A mum has told how Covid-19 has totally scrambled her senses so now coffee smells like car fumes, toothpaste tastes like petrol and chocolate … But really, how is anything different than two days ago, when the calendar read 2019? Press J to jump to the feed. The reaction (too complicated to explain in this short space) gives off the same odour as when a … Some things bother me more than other. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. But not every egg “presentation” is ideal for dogs.. Some describe it as "... stinks like a diaper." I have never had scrambled eggs that smelled that way that I can remember. AJ Burnett's performance against the Red Sox yesterday. Having to re-wash your dishes is a huge time waster. They're easy to identify from the other eggs. Hindsight is … That's why I prefer to cook mahi mahi or yellowfin...they don't normally stink. You can minimize your risk of wet dog eggs by … It is also known by another nickname—scrambled egg slime mold—because the fruiting body (the part you see) is light-yellowish in color and looks a bit like scrambled egg curds. Also, while (fully cooked) eggs by themselves are not dangerous to your dog, many of the recipes for scrambled eggs and omelets have ingredients dogs cannot eat. But I might add, passive/aggressive comments as such smell much worse than either the dog or the eggs to my senses. hide. So it is pretty safe to say eggs are okay for your dog to eat. I'm sure you've seen them in the grocery store. report. Diet. I remember having a Betsy McCall makeup bag or Pretty Pac I think it was called when I was about 6 years old. You can get a sulfur smell from eggs, usually if they're boiled. Why did my scrambled eggs smell like wet dog this morning? Sometimes eggs do leave a funny smell in the pan....like fish too that is gettin a little too old.....it takes a little soaking to get them out...but I think for some reason scrambled eggs have a funny odor anyway! Curiously, sometimes people also smell like that. It smells like the leftover scrambled eggs that sticks to the bottom of the pan and begins to burn. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. describe the smell of wet dog...? I find the smell nasty, but normally both eggs and dogs only have a hint of it and it's not a real problem to me. Scrambled eggs are also a fine food for dogs, but you need to watch what you put in them.