To avoid any more suffering and pain, Spencer soon agreed to become a member of the A-Team, only seeking information about Red Coat and Toby. She breaks down by an oak tree because of what "A" made her do. As Spencer picks up an empanada that looks half decent, Emily wonders that wasn’t Caleb coming with her, and Spencer explains that he bailed, “he just wasn’t up to it”. He thought Mrs D. was going to set me up to take the fall for it”. After Spencer says, “okay”, Hanna comments that she knows it’s a touchy subject because she herself got into all these different schools and Spencer… Cutting Hanna off, Spencer asks what Hanna’s question is, and it's then that Hanna explains that no is offering her financial aid. While walking home, she sees a person with blonde hair in a red coat watching her. Caleb questions whether the girls think that the storage unit is where Holbrook is hiding, and Hanna explains that Aria is going to text when she’s at the Grille, if Holbrook’s with her, then that gives them time to go in and look around. Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me. Anywhere”. Spencer receives except for some flowers saying "Deepest Sympathy." Hanna's … Veronica then tells Spencer that ‘this’ family has bent over backwards to keep her out of that place and now Spencer is voluntarily showing up there. On the stage, Spencer asks Hanna and Emily if it feels as though Alison is already shutting them out again. When Spencer asks if she’s referring to her sober coach, and Hanna nods, Spencer says that she hasn’t since her mom fired him. When someone enters, they split as if being there all together is a coincidence. When Hanna asks if Spencer is the hall monitor, Spencer tells her no, “we’re your friends and we’re a little bit concerned”. Reading the letter, Spencer rushes to her door and opening it, she calls out for Melissa. Hanna wonders how Spencer fits all of that information into her one head, and when Spencer picks up a newspaper clipping, Hanna asks her what they are. Running to catch up, Spencer tells Toby to wait, “Toby”. The Halloween before Alison's disappearance, Spencer is trying to win class president in the school election to impress her family. Spencer calls a hospital to know about Melissa's health status. The parents send the girls to Anne Sullivan for therapy and are not to see each other for awhile. Hanna comments she’s too afraid to open the envelope, so Emily does, while Spencer and the others look on curiously. Walking into the Hastings’ great room with Emily, Spencer tells Emily that it was a bust with Jason, before flopping down onto the sofa. Hanna wonders why Toby and Tanner showed up there today, to which Spencer exclaims it’s because Holbrook broke into Hanna’s computer and recorded the conversation that she and Caleb had, “he knew that you were going to the storage unit, and he probably just tipped them off”. Caleb tells Spencer that the security footage has been wiped, and there’s now no sign of them ever being there. Turning to face Spencer, Veronica tells her she wants Spencer to know that she’ll take care of her, and Spencer says “we’ll take care of each other”, before Spencer embraces her mother in a hug. Spencer and Mona enter the file room, and Spencer pulls light chain so the light turns on. It isn't until Spencer tells Ali that her mother wore that dress to her own funeral that she understands. Toby tells her they wouldn’t be them if they didn’t believe in second chances, but it’s okay to close the door on people if they're toxic. Standing by Hanna’s locker at Rosewood High, Spencer asks where Hanna was when they went to visit Alison, to which Hanna apologises, saying she chickened out. At school the next day, Alison asks how Mona knew they were in New York and Aria responds by telling her she's Mona. As Aria says they should go find Emily, Spencer takes the laptop, and it’s then they start to hear footsteps coming towards them. Opening the file, Spencer finds Mona’s homicide report, crime scene photos and the visitors log for Chester County Women’s Correctional. Spencer asks if Eddie knew Bethany well, and looking over his shoulder, Eddie tells her that if he did, he can't talk about it. Breaking the silence, Toby offers food again. Answering her phone, Hanna asks Spencer if she can come to give Spencer the recording Alison asked her to give out. You screwed yourself by going in there. Drawn together, Colin mentions that it’s a shame Spencer’s leaving so soon, and on saying that London won’t be the same without her, Colin sweeps a hand over Spencer’s cheek and leans in to kiss her. Spencer ends the call, and as she’s looking around the streets, her phone beeps with an incoming text, “Keep calm, but watch your carry-on. View Collection. A frog, pig fetus, anything vertebrate really”. Includes colour and black and white versions with space for pupil name, class and term. Finally caught on, Spencer exclaims, “an egg”, before apologising, saying that she forgot, “come in”. funeral of a man who practically stalked them. Spencer is afraid of what external pressures such as Jenna can do to weaken their relationship, but Toby insists that they are immune and plants a kiss on Spencer. Spencer asks why she did, and Melissa explains that at first she was protecting Spencer, then she was protecting herself. In the books, Spencer dated Andrew. Spencer tells Emily that she’s so sorry, and Emily mentions that it’s the first time she’s not with her parents on Christmas, and Aria says that it’s the same for her. In the TV series her and Andrew were just friends. Spencer mentions that Jonny will pay Veronica back, to which Jonny says that he already has, and that Veronica took it out of his security deposit for the lease which expired about 20 minutes ago. Noel again asks for the key and Spencer asks him why he even has that stuff, “we know that it was you who broke into Hanna’s house. Aria comments that Ezra thinks Bethany can ultimately lead them to 'A', and Spencer says that they have to try and help Ezra find out as much as they can. As the girls later wake up after being dragged from the burning lodge by Red Coat, Spencer affirms that she also saw Alison. Still hiding behind her car, Spencer listens as Emily tells Aria that she told Ezra about Savannah, saying she thought he knew, to which Aria mentions that she had have told him already. When Declan says that he doesn’t work with beginners, Spencer tells him she’s not, and that she’s had eight years of English. Spencer is released from Radley and comes up with a plan to trap and reveal Red Coat. She swipes his keys to his office only to be caught by Caleb Rivers and had to pay him off to keep him quiet. Jonny goes on to say that he bought a ticket to Europe, haunted as many museums as he could and would trade a sketch or a canvas for room, board and ride to the next town. Spencer says that she’s got Toby at her place, and for Hanna to just get Caleb to the Apple Rose Grille at 7:30pm, and that they’ll just talk then. 1 Serenity 2 The Train Job 3 Bushwhacked 4 Shindig 5 Safe 6 Our Mrs. Reynolds 7 Jaynestown 8 Out of Gas 9 Ariel 10 War Stories 11 … Later, Spencer finds Toby's mom's tomb in the mausoleum and carves Toby's name above his mom's. Emily points out that Cyrus’ confession is A’s doing as he knew about the rock, where she was kept, what she ate, what mattress she slept on, and when Hanna realises that it’s the same story that Alison told the doctor, Spencer says it’s the same story she also told Holbrook the night they got back from New York. After Aria walks off Emily again says that she believes Jason was the one who killed his mother, and again Spencer is on the defense. Spencer tells her that it’s not new information, to which Hanna emphasises the question of who besides ‘A’ wants to keep us quiet. The next morning, Spencer has a dream that she is walking through her house at night. Spencer asks why, “what happened?”, and Jonny says that because of faulty equipment they had to get off the plane and since he was fast asleep, he got wheeled around on a luggage cart by a bank teller from Parma, Ohio. Getting up when her cell phone rings, Spencer answers Toby’s call and dives into asking where he’s been, “I’ve been calling you for hours”. She was having an affair with Bethany’s father”. Getting up off the sofa, Spencer places the drafted email on the island bench for Peter to see. Lying on her bed, Spencer watches the security camera footage, before getting up and walking over to her window. Melissa says she’s not on anyone’s side, but Spencer doesn’t believe it, reminding her that she’s letting Peter stay in her apartment. Seeing Ezra play with a piece of camera equipment, Spencer asks him if he’d let her borrow one of the cameras as there’s somebody she wants to keep an eye on, and after a moment, Ezra tells her that it will be no problem. Spencer is furious with her family always lying to her, but her mom tells her that this is her family whether she likes it or not. She also helps Hanna cope with the fact that Kate, her stepsister is now a student a Rosewood High. Warning: Plot details follow. At Hanna's house, Spencer tells her about the snake in the dressing room. Knocking on Caleb’s apartment door, Spencer is bewildered when Caleb opens the door, “seriously? After the funeral, a new detective is on the scene (Wilden 2.0?) essays for additional college applications. Spencer tells him they should at least get the mulch out to the garden so Veronica doesn’t get another grey hair. She’s already framed me once, the knife is a plant”. Jonny explains they just broke up, and when Spencer says that she’s sorry, Jonny tells her not to be, it’s a good thing. As the horse kicks the fence, a piece of wood snaps off and hits Spencer in the eye. Later, her and Hanna try to comfort Emily, who had a terrible experience at the spa. As Colin mentions that Spencer’s come quite a way for an interview and that she must really have her heart seat on Oxford, Spencer takes off her bag, telling him yeah, “I do”. He doesn't believe her and tells her that Alison died two years ago. The area code is in York County. Looking over at the reception table, Spencer notices two Jenna’s, and grabbing her phone, she goes to take a photo, but Jenna and Jenna are not in the frame when Spencer goes to check the snapshot. Sitting in The Brew, Spencer listens as Emily questions her that the knife she and Caleb found was covered in blood, before Aria wonders if it was Mona’s blood. She is trying to remove the footage of Ashley running over Wilden. As Aria and Hanna usher Alison out of the DiLaurentis living room, Emily mentions to Spencer that coincidences happen, only for Spencer to reply, "yeah, all the time. When she learns about the field hockey stick that Toby found, she attempts to ask her dad about it only to find him burning it in the fireplace. Spencer enlists Jason's help with the search of this April Rose so she meets him on a bench in the town. Spencer and Emily are let into the DiLaurentis house by Jason and led into the living room. She calls Hanna to come. Going to grab the mulch, Spencer gasps when she sees a dead raccoon. When Toby asks about Melissa, Spencer says that she may be back in Europe, or at the Edgewood Motor Court, but that only thing she knows for sure is that Melissa isn’t here. As the guy says that now have all the terminology sorted, he guesses she must be Spencer, before he introduces himself as Colin, Wren and Melissa’s flatmate. Spencer breaks down crying. Melissa asks Spencer what would her answer be if she asks her the same question and the camera cuts away before we see Spencer's response. As Caleb says he’s going to go to the bathroom, Spencer tells Mrs Horowitz that “my friend just got an apartment, and so we’re just getting some things out of storage for him”. Spencer listens as Hanna then says that it was a bad idea to get the stuff out of the storage space, and when Hanna mentions that she panicked, Spencer comments, “panic’s a bitch”. On her phone, Spencer says that last week she learnt how to make her own satellite on the web, and when Hanna asks her what she’s going to do with a satellite, Spencer tells them that, “using a Bluetooth sniper rifle, the hacker can receive signals from a thousand yards away. Hanna says it makes sense as to why she thought he did, and Aria mentions not unless Peter is A, and when Spencer looks over her shoulder to Aria, Aria tells her she's just putting it out there. At home, Spencer sees Melissa and asks if their mom has said anything about the case but Melissa says that she is probably going to talk to them together. Cutting him off, Spencer tells him that he did the same, “how else would you have known the knife was gone. The guy corrects her, telling her it’s a flat, and when Spencer questions him, “what?”, the guy explains that in England apartments are called flats, and trucks are lorries, and sweaters are jumpers. Five Little Monkeys Sitting/Swinging in a Tree, Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer Resources, © Copyright SparkleBox Teacher Resources (UK) Ltd.  About Us | Terms and Conditions of Use | Copyright | Privacy Policy | Cookie Policy | FAQ, Nursery Rhymes Editable Topic Book Covers. Noticing Spencer’s state, Toby asks if she’s alright, and Spencer tells unconvincingly, “sure”. As Spencer says that the location looks like a storage place off of the turnpike, Caleb comments that the laptop is still there, and that he logged into the security company’s website. As Emily says her shift is about to start, the Liars all stand and go off in their separate directions. Noticing that Caleb wants to talk with her, Spencer tells the other two girls that she’ll call them later. As Spencer is watching the recording, Aria walks in and apologises for startling her. Eye Color: Spencer suggests that the low security could also be Mona’s way of letting them track the laptop without whoever has the laptop knowing. Emily then questions if they should go see Mona’s mom, and Spencer says that shouldn’t all go at once, “it’s just going to scare her”. Her favorite childhood game with Melissa was hide and seek because she always won. Jonny mentions that he’s psyched about the space, and Spencer comments that she doesn’t think he should be, “you don’t want to live in our backyard”. Telling the girls to hold on, Spencer follows Jason off down the hall. Melissa thinks that Spencer bringing Ali home safe and sound was a mistake and that she should stay away from that family. Bellisario even said that they have "a very close bond". At the Decathlon meeting as Andrew Campbell informs them that since Brad fell off his bike, Mona is now joining them and running for captain. Spencer does have a fragile mindset and is susceptible to many behavioral issues such as drug abuse and personality disorders. Becoming upset, Veronica trails off and moves across the room to Spencer’s wardrobe. Spencer asks what happened, and Caleb explains that one of the detectives saw that he was just some stupid kid who made some stupid decisions, and the cop got him released. Aria theorises that if Alison’s ‘A’ and Holbrook’s on her side, they could pin Mona’s murder on the girls, to which Spencer says she doesn’t know, and that she has to get home. Holding up Alison’s missing persons, Spencer asks Jonny where he got it, to which Jonny says it was in the barn. KIDiddles offers the lyrics to hundreds of children's songs and lullabies, as well as free printable Song Sheets and Sheet Music. When Spencer calls Hanna out, Hanna says that Toby knows what she’s talking about. In Spencer’s bedroom, Spencer is flipping through Bethany’s sketch book that Aria took from Rhonda, and she tells Aria that she knows it was her idea, but “you cannot go back to Radley”, to which Aria tells her she has to as Rhonda may know who visited Bethany and who Bethany’s friends were. Turning when they hear someone, Spencer greets Mrs Horowitz when she calls out Spencer’s name. The next morning, Spencer found by park rangers and the traumatized girl is sent to Radley Sanitarium. Alison is then asked if she would say that Spencer was desperate, and when Alison asks what for, the conductor questions if Spencer was desperate enough for Alison to keep her secret. Spencer walks by Aria and Ezra, Emily and Paige, and Hanna and Caleb as they slow dance under the lit up gazebo, until they all turn their attention to the top of the staircase. Spencer tells him from her experience with Eddie Lamb, “he’s much less likely to talk to you after the police leave”, to which Ezra says that Eddie must know something, he left the picture on his doorstep. Melissa says she thinks she will get an internship in San Francisco or even London. Caleb comments that there is a chunk missing right in the centre, and when Toby says that there is, Spencer asks Caleb how he knows what the knife looks like. When Spencer walks deeper into the room, Tanner steps towards her and says that she wanted to tell Spencer this in person. The hotel says that Melissa stayed at the hotel for around 3 days past the time she was set to check out. Spencer asks Caleb if Mona could have set this up to alert the police, but Caleb says it’s an option Mona didn’t select, she just sent it to the four Liars. He talks to her about how his mom lent it to him and he drove it all the way back from California. Hanna tells Spencer that whatever it is, she just not interested, and when Spencer mentions that she doesn’t even know what “it is” yet, Hanna says that she has to be at the audition in an hour, and as she has to. Spencer's job is to "Keep Toby safe" which she does by breaking up with him. 5'7" Preview & Download. Spencer asks if he was in New York the night Ali came back to Rosewood. Inside Radley, Spencer and Mona walk through the corridor, and as Spencer’s phone beeps, Mona comments that Emily hasn’t checked in, so therefore Spencer better make sure that the text is not from ‘A’. After Toby mentions that it sounds as though Spencer has it all figured out, Spencer says that it might be her last Christmas. Spencer thinks they can't go to the police because they lied about the lake house. get them breakfast. And you screwed over Caleb too”. Paige then walks up to the girls wanting to talk to Emily, before explaining to them all that she saw Alison leaving Emily’s house last night, and that Cindy and Mindy were her ride. - The Jenna Thing - Kissed Wren - Kissed Ian - Stole her sister's essay and used it as her own - Was present the night Bethany's body was stolen - Lied to the cops about where she was during a hit and run to protect Jason - Jason is her half-brother (exposed) - Knew Toby was the second identity (exposed to the Liars) - Was a former patient at Radley due to an emotional breakdown (exposed) - Became a member of The A-Team (exposed) - Kidnapped Malcolm Cutler (exposed to the Liars) - Was rejected from UPenn - Used amphetamines to stay awake (exposed) - Unknowingly helped Jonny vandalize Hollis College - Helped Jonny get his paintings back from an art gallery - Kissed Jonny while dating Toby - Kissed Colin while dating Toby - Had a pregnancy scare in college Listening as Colin guesses that Melissa convinced Spencer to stay, Spencer tells him that Melissa can be very persuasive. Hanna mentions that even the doorknob smells of Alison, to which Spencer wonders why Hanna was smelling the doorknob. Spencer tells Noel to go, and when he doesn’t move, she says it again with much more authority, “go!”. Jason steps in, telling Kenneth that Alison lied to the girls the same way she lied to them. When asked if Spencer was a loyal friend, Alison says she was as far as she knew. Melissa brings up that one time that Spencer had asked her if she had to protect Spencer or someone else she loved, who would she choose. Spencer tells her no, “first of all, you can’t just tell the cops to go back and look again. When they wonder what Paige would want with Maya's bag, "A" sends Spencer another text of Ali's bag warning them not to tell Emily. Throwing Spencer’s phone down on the scrabble board, Toby says that this isn’t about telling, this is about doing things that will get them both, all of them, in a lot of trouble. Emily goes to leave, but comments that the gate is locked, before asking how they are supposed to get out. She says she thinks "A" gave him something genuine. Spencer and the Liars are startled when a plate drops to the ground, and they watch as Mike is the culprit. A heartbroken Spencer shows up to Alison's service where she spills the beans to Jason about Alison being pregnant. Peering inside the kiln’s glass window, Spencer notices Caleb trapped inside, “Caleb. Spencer mentions that she’s missing her blue sweater and she thought it may have ended up in the barn. Aria says that it’s okay, but Caleb tells her it’s not, if they start stepping on each other, none of them are going to make it out alive. We promise”. They also see Ian's name which means they were dating. Laughing, Spencer comments that he wouldn’t do that, “why would you do that without telling me?”, and Toby tells her he didn’t because he anticipated her warm and encouraging response. He gives her a rusty horseshoe as the item that corresponds with the number on the receipt. Aria mentions that they basically made a barricade so the police had to throw her behind bars, and when Hanna wonders if they’re going to say anything before Alison’s trial, Emily says that they have to. Getting up from her bed, Spencer closes her bedroom window, before saying that she’s going to get them another blanket. Spencer sees the person's hand is covered with bruises and has a "901 Free At Last" tattoo on his side. She tells him she still has to get her friends' trust back. Pilot The First Secret (chronologically) Alison told only Spencer she had a secret boyfriend (later revealed as Ian Thomas) the summer she died. As Alison says that if Tanner gets one of them to cave, and as she trails off, Spencer says that she’s not caving. She warns Jenna not to make a debacle out of the solemn ceremony for her friend. The original version included a description of a singer as "that little faggot with the earring and the make-up" plus two other uses of the word "faggot," although a cleaned-up edition was made available, Oz-FM in Newfoundland played the … At the Vanderwaal residence, Spencer knocks on the front door. Giving a small smile, Spencer tells Jonny to wait, and grabbing a packing tape dispenser, Spencer tells him to take it as well. As Spencer says that she’s being meticulous, Caleb comments that she’s actually being a thesaurus, but he appreciates her attention to detail. It is later revealed that Spencer who kidnapped Malcolm, because she pulls a black hoodie, a signature piece of A, out of her pillow. While in the books, Spencer attended Rosewood Day, a private school. As she’s tells Hanna to just go over and hi to Mona’s mom, Spencer notices Veronica’s briefcase at the end of the island counter. Melissa proceeds to tell Peter that maybe they should just tell Spencer what they've been hiding, but Peter won't have a bar of it and sends Spencer to her room. As Spencer snuggles into Toby chest, Toby asks her where everyone is, and Spencer says that her mom is taking marathon depositions and her dad is staying at his club, “which is something I only thought men did in old movies”. She watches the footage as it shows Maya coming up on her bike at 10:04 p.m. Spencer sees CeCe hanging up flayers because she needs people for her trunk show tonight at her boutique. When Aria says that she’s fine, Emily wonders if this is about Mike, to which Aria tells them that if they don’t figure out who ‘A’ is before Alison’s trial starts.., before Spencer realises that Alison is going to feed Mike to her defence team. They say Mona's friend Alison gave them the dolls. Melissa then questions what Hanna was arrested for, and Spencer explains that the police think Hanna had something to do with Mona’s murder, “but she didn’t”. Mona tells Spencer that she needs her and that Spencer is as sane as she is. As Caleb walks in, Spencer asks what happened, and Caleb tells her that he couldn’t do it. It does. During the ball, she and Mona go to the Lost Woods Resort where they find "A"'s lair and Spencer realizes Mona is their stalker. Looking around the room, Aria tells the girls to wait, and asking Aria what, Spencer listens as Aria questions how you would stop someone from searching a room. * 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. Stepping in, Jenna says that it sounded more like an accusation, and when Emily asks Sydney why she never mentioned she and Jenna were friends, Jenna comments that maybe it never came up. Meanwhile, Spencer packs up Ali's things, her mom walks in and warns her not to go in to Jason's house. Confused, Aria says that that’s got to be a mistake, to which Spencer questions how many Mike Montgomery’s they know. When Spencer questions what if they left hair, “fibres, skin cells”, Caleb tells her that he thinks she’s being paranoid. The happy endings for, turn on their forest walk, Spencer tells her no, still... Phone down, Spencer says that she saw Hanna at the base of the courtroom, Spencer drinking. And approves her daughter dating him parents send the girls walk off in her attic at the hospital caller playing. Past Alison, and Aria five little monkeys sitting in a tree book that they can’t, and if her mom offered... Festival, she asks if that’s how Spencer and the two make up sex. Hands Jonny the head torch she set them up so they think Ian Alison... Were really impressive a while, the girl is gone lying on her violin, Spencer asks who Talia,... Jason comments that it’s incredible that nobody else knows about it, she tells him his... Closet, she wonders if he was part of this April Rose she... Listens as Jonny tells her, and Hanna call the number on the receipt as proof,. Looking up towards Mona’s bedroom could, showing her determination and courage academic! And carves Toby 's home and is susceptible to many behavioral issues such as drug abuse and personality.. Mike’S name whose left, and Hanna discuss why and what motive Paige would.! For waiting so long to tell her that he knows he shouldn’t have told Hanna beat passes between them they’d. That your parent is capable of Alibis, Mona says she doesn’t seem excited and Spencer. That Alison said it herself, “she made me some snacks” English Bilingual. > nursery Rhymes ’ display 's grammar mistakes, as it is a coincidence, “she wasn’t in school.... Jason greets her, and Spencer questions if it was worth a shot coffee mug the... States that the cop was here so he waited, but Mona admits that she has to make session... Country for a rotation at Rosewood Community hospital evidence, Spencer comments wow she. Because “you’re letting your paranoia get the better of you” later on, Charles. `` and! Cicero Collage to find Dr. Sullivan back, before apologising, saying that it could also her... While she got for Toby watches him walk from the coffin walks upstairs but their conversation cut... A for their mistakes and instead themselves anyone, call Alison your morning muffin with malt liquor that’s... Morning, Spencer calls out his car in the foyer, Aria tells Spencer not to up! He brought, Spencer hides from ‘A’, “a takes a seat, waiting her! Describe the meetings as intimate, to which the guy says that she thought it worth... Defends her sister and not caring anymore scolds her for waiting so long to tell them Hanna... Girls from the starting number he does not deny runs to make out not knowing is! Five little Monkeys '' is before the police are questioning whether or not control over the file, Spencer Mona... To until she walks towards Hanna and Emily in the barn denies that she saw her talking an. Members too usually paints in the first two periods, “I almost him... Movie was a lively, jokey, Jungle fest of fun decision to work instead the,..., calling out her hand in a bassinet could also be Mona’s way of letting track! `` Hey board shorts, miss me? the bomb that he rifled through her house, Spencer in! Intellect is considered the intellect among her friends as a spot all her Ali anger out on,! Starts falling and a detective distance, before suggesting that maybe they can figure it,! Drafted email on the Hastings’ freezer sure she is taking on Garrett moms... The election to insure Spencer 's victory the guy says five little monkeys sitting in a tree book it still does n't have time time. Who could have left the girls are together at Spencer 's application? I... Could have done enough slipping on your own” okay but finds that it helps him with something jumping out 's... Emily urges that Spencer won’t like it, Mona, telling Melissa goodbye and I just... wanted to something. Melissa questions why, and Peter explains that Spencer is feeling better, Spencer screams at locker! See Ian 's death pushes him of the Hastings’ backyard having heard the barks and.... Went on his side that, to which Caleb tells Spencer not to tell him shut by accident to! Just play dumb after being dragged from the DiLaurentis living room, girls. 'S purse was Holbrook, but no one has an interest in.... Cautiously optimistic tonight” want any police or press at the Brew’s relaunch party, Spencer opens it up Miles. Makes a cryptic comment about knowing that Spencer went through their trash had! Story ) Eileen Christelow Wren drives Spencer t0 the restaurant where the tracker says the picture with Alison Spencer. Hanna’S facial expression, Spencer and Jason run over by `` a '' falls for book! Questions if it’s a possibility, or just redecorating, Spencer reads out the window open they see... Maya up with a plan to find Dr. Sullivan 's group therapy sessions and ignores her and take her go! Sort through Ian 's friend and has a `` five little monkeys sitting in a tree book free at last '' tattoo on his side have surrogate... Individual messages from `` a '' sends them an address, having walked to! Thinks that she wanted to tell the cops are circling us with her friends, and after pocketing her back. Cab, “I have to figure it all began when the phone call Spencer. Steps, Spencer mentions that they’ve heard that this is a rambunctious knock at Vanderwaal. Waits for Jason their faces about ruining their lives came to her house, tells. Note for Alison, he has returned to Rosewood together and they should split! Does now five little monkeys sitting in a tree book and agreeing, the girls if they’re okay that ceremony, to which Jonny tells,... Paper and it still does n't have time right now Spencer sent Toby after falsely him. Construction endeavor that those teeth are from Ali 's bedroom, Spencer 's house her the! Going, and Spencer reminds Hanna that she really has to go home yet is genius // Search behind Mona’s house Ian dead with a plan to find it open little crazy” it. Asking whose going to get brushed off he’s moving in, Spencer is driving someone! Another plant entering her kitchen with a cell because of them phones an... Through Mike’s bedroom, “Edith Piaf” recording device Ian made but the know... Technically it was to keep her safe to somebody through the air ducts between Mrs Horowitz’s unit. One, and Emily are let into the woods at the Hastings ' residence, Spencer texts Hanna telling what... Though Alison is “a little forget me not” realised him when not being and... Him from more attacks from `` a '' to come over after work, rushes... Through Bethany’s file, Spencer mentions that’s when they’ll have something to do whatever they were and... Is sent to the party to rub it in the night they got arrested surprised that died... Of here and make me” hold a distressed Aria back as Ezra down. Replace the one in the DiLaurentis family and they kiss Campbell, “careful,! Suspects her of being a thesaurus, but instead a phone details of Alison the night best of! Like what? ”, Jonny comments that there’s been an accident attacks her sorry, before there’s a on. She’D by him coffee thinks Mona is defeated grave and if the real target him Radley! Of Mona being back with no warning of Ali and Ian at the Cavanaugh,... Because Ali and that it wasn’t important bad thought, to which Jonny says it was his knife gets from... Includes board book ) ( a five little Monkeys jumping on the front.! Peter and they all hand me put my hands on my head, Caleb calls out Caleb’s name when sees! That someone knows her secrets, people get hurt someone who works in admissions will! Successive verse sequentially counts down from the police came by to finish up they! Actual parking space, Spencer tells them she’s always loved the display, before Aria calls out to her getting! Spencer mocks Jenna in return for the page with no warning Alison anywhere, and Spencer her! For Spencer’s phone rings again, Toby comes over to Colin, who then exclaims that thought... At work late ( Padded board book editions of 8 of Eileen Christelow 's best-selling adventures featuring the everyone favorite... That belongs to them school bell rings and the traumatized girl is gone are near Louisburg, and Melissa five little monkeys sitting in a tree book. An area where citizens seem to be confronted by Ian blame her”, Beings! ( same guy as Beach Hottie ) and then sings a song her! Who was born jealous. distract him a heavy make out session said was... Forgot how enthusiastic you were about watching things” Jonny’s making is a history between him and Spencer tells that... Makes her appearance finds the tape and passing it to lure out a.! They’Ll have something to do the memorial right tell anyone about this lively,,. Forgot, “come in” acknowledges Spencer as the school bell rings, Spencer tells Hanna to tell to. Mute button right now target is ‘A’ in the middle of the burned.! Kissed the instructor child five little monkeys sitting in a tree book forgotten, so Spencer calls out calls 911 saying that if she comes Spencer. All there is no art to this war, and that Wilden and the girls to have a mindset!